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  1. d.p

    My 1971 521

    Forgot to mention I am going to send him a NOS bumperette rubber so he can print them as well.
  2. d.p

    My 1971 521

    Jake looking for someone to test fit these. Any of you dudes care to help him out?
  3. Youll drive it for $40K? A hell of lot more cars I would drive for $40K before I would drop it on a someone else's modded 521.
  4. More proof that having money != taste.
  5. Nice man, want one of those as well. Where and how much??
  6. Time Left: 22 days and 13 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Red one came off an L20b out of a 510 and the black one came off an l16 from a 620. They look identical to me and the only discernible difference is the pickup tube from the L20b pan is slightly longer than the tube from the l16. Otherwise I assume they would fit any L4 that isn’t a 521. $100 shipped for either of them.


  7. d.p

    My 1971 521

    Thanks but I am good for now. What I have won't work and Wayno has got a pan + tube to sell me and if I don't go that route I will just use the ones off my stock L16. Going to put these 2 pans + tubes for sale and see if anyone wants them.
  8. d.p

    My 1971 521

    Thanks @Charlie69 @wayno You got a 521 pickup tube you can send with that pan?
  9. d.p

    My 1971 521

    That would explain the L20 pan but not the other one. That is unless the dude I got the block from had it installed in his 620 with a 510 oil pan. I guess it doesn't matter either way and I will just throw these away and get one from wayno or just reuse my current one. Curious to know if the pickup tube I had planned on using is wrong as well. Hmmmm
  10. d.p

    My 1971 521

    Well then I don't know what the fuck I have but they appear to be identical. The black one came off an L16 block that I guy pulled from a 620 and the red pan came off the L20B I got that came out of a 510 but was heavily modified.
  11. d.p

    My 1971 521

    Yeah it came from a 510 but originally I think it came out of a 610 as it has an U60 head on it. Location of the tube is the same but the L20B pickup is longer/taller. So I put the tube from L16 from the 620 on it instead. That picture helps but what would really help if someone could measure the height width of the L16 521 PAN and I could then compare it to what I have.
  12. d.p

    My 1971 521

    No pan on the L20B yet but I do have the L16 pan from the 620 painted that I can put on it. But then I still dont have the measurements from the 521 L16 PAN. Happy to compare then once i get my hands on a 521 one.
  13. d.p

    My 1971 521

    Compare to what? The one on the engine in my truck? Id rather just a buy another one and not have to fuck around with measuring or crawling under my truck. Besides if I buy another pan I can just leave my existing block + pan along and just take whatever accessories and shit I would need (alternator, motor mounts, etc..).
  14. d.p

    My 1971 521

    I know this man. I want another one to prep and paint for the L20B so its fresh and new when I swap it in. If I can't find one then will just refresh my current one.
  15. d.p

    521 oil pan

    Time Left: 20 days and 11 hours

    • WANTED
    • USED

    I want a 521 oil pan off an L16. Has to be from a 521 and not a 620, 510 or anything else. TIA


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