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  1. d.p

    Another 521 on BAT

    I bought mine off BAT 3 years ago for $4400. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1971-datsun-521-pickup-2/
  2. Dang. Always wondered what happened to that business. It seemed like they had a lot of good shit at one time. RIP. Ray when you are done with that intake send my way please kind sir.
  3. Who or where did you get it from? That throttle linkage is dope compared to what I got on my duals. Seems like Wolf Creek racing had these at one time? Whatever happened to those guys?
  4. Is that a Mikuni intake as well? I like the throttle setup but have something completely different on mine.
  5. d.p

    70 Datsun 521 newbie

    His truck is green..at lease the outside is. Right greaser2?
  6. d.p

    Another 521 on BAT

  7. d.p

    70 Datsun 521 newbie

    I couldn't care less how long you have your 521 but if the thought that you may own your 521 longer than I do helps you sleep at night then so be it.
  8. d.p

    Just bought a 521

  9. d.p

    70 Datsun 521 newbie

    Happens to all of them.
  10. d.p

    70 Datsun 521 newbie

    A dude made some a little while back but limited run of them. But i think thisismatt bought 2 sets and he doesn't use anything he buys so maybe you can get a set off him?
  11. Man if your build (minus the blue blockers) ever comes to fruition good on you. And the guy I bought my l20b from put a full s2000 drivetrain in his 510 so not totally out of the realm of possibilities.
  12. Yess! Surprised you didn't bend your exhaust pipe in the process. I always consider buying a snow blower but always on the fence whether its worth it down here. Love the hoop height you go there as well. lol
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