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  1. d.p

    Just bought a 521

    No guarantee your kids are going to be into whatever you are. Congrats though, do you know who the dad is?
  2. d.p

    Just bought a 521

    LOL you got me, not going to lie. Dangle some cool JDM wheels in front of me and I can't help myself.
  3. d.p

    Just bought a 521

    5 lug? Duck me that’s for a Traxxas or some shit.
  4. Where is @mainer311to comment on how much weight your adding with all those fittings.
  5. d.p

    NM 521

    This is it. And the ground just has a yellow sheath which came like that when I bought it. I also replaced the T sensor whatever its called with a new one so now those wires are orange/green.
  6. d.p

    NM 521

    I feel your pain man. I probably installed and uninstalled an alternator like 10+ times after I put my truck back together. It ducking sucked big time. to this day I still don’t from memory which wire goes where. I have to look at an old pic to know. Check it:
  7. This is what I ended up with, mounted to the brake line bracket up by the fuse box. Works great.
  8. d.p

    My 1971 521

    These bad mamma jammas.
  9. d.p

    My 1971 521

    Nah is that the same as buyee.jp? I just took a look and couldn't figure out how to search on it. For instance this is the search I use in buyee: https://buyee.jp/item/search/query/6x139.7+15?conversionType=top_page_search&searchHis=1
  10. d.p

    My 1971 521

    I have a wheel fetish. I am going to buy another set of 15s when that perfect set presents itself. They have yet to materialize but they will eventually. Finding a nice set with the right size offsets in 6 lug could be a full time job.
  11. d.p

    My 1971 521

    Anyone run 16" wheels? I really love these but not sure 16" is going to suit my fancy...16 x 8 +0. If they were 15" I wouldn't hesitate and the reason I ask is I have a set of Chevy rallye wheels on tires that get absolutely no use so I figured I might as well buy another set of wheels and be done with those.
  12. Have you been reading the same thread I have? Crash loves to go over the top with his shit.
  13. Man it could go either way with how you worded it but I agree with Mike. Reads like a suicide note. lol
  14. d.p

    Just bought a 521

    You find them on ebay from Singapore? Welcome to my world too but at least I could do it with the 720 leafs off the truck. Not even sure I am ever going to swap my stock ones out for them if I have to do the same shit with them on the truck. On the pass side can you take a torch to them? I ended up torching them, drilling holes through the rubber and knocking them out with a punch and 3lb hammer. Any other method simply they wouldn't budge but drilling holes through the rubber seemed to do the trick.
  15. d.p

    My 1971 521

    Backing out those idle mixture screws seems to have done the trick. Guess I will just need to turn them in when the weather warms up?
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