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  1. d.p

    mrbigtankers 521

    How much that upper mount cost? You have coil overs in the rear too?
  2. d.p

    mrbigtankers 521

    How do you have coilovers with king pins?
  3. d.p

    new member, first post.

    All that build work and using stock hitachi? Why not a weber 32/36?
  4. d.p

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    I don't think those 3 words every apply to a Datsun.
  5. d.p

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    So what you going to do for the rest of winter then??
  6. d.p

    My 1971 521

    Fired the old girl up yesterday and she purred like a kitten after a couple stabs of the throttle. Good to know too because its been sitting for a couple weeks in frigid temps. Warm today and this week so going to try wash the the fucker and tuck it back away.
  7. d.p

    Just bought a 521

    Dang whats all over your plug wires? Oil? Block looks wet too.
  8. d.p

    Just bought a 521

    Word. Now that I don't have a garage I dread working on my truck. I have a carport but its gravel and I swear every time I work on gravel I loose something in the rocks. Plus its a bitch to use a jack on gravel. Hoping to turn my carport into a garage in the near future though.
  9. d.p

    Just bought a 521

    You do all that on jack stands? And I read the drama is getting the pan cover + gasket back on? Could be wrong though.
  10. 320 pickup truck Annapolis MD jut outside of DC. https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/mld/cto/d/annapolis-1963-datsun-pickup-rare-l320/6799513818.html .
  11. d.p

    mrbigtankers 521

    Of course man, when I say work I mean what I do..tires/wheels/mulch/wood/engines/moving little shit that the truck is great at.
  12. d.p

    mrbigtankers 521

    This is true, its got to move to wear them out!
  13. d.p

    mrbigtankers 521

    smh this has got to be the funniest build thread I have ever seen, Kudos to tanker for taking in stride but man I would love to see this truck put to good use. Send it out East and I guarantee it will 'do work.'
  14. d.p

    mrbigtankers 521

    How did you get it in there my dude? 😛
  15. d.p

    new member, first post.

    I applaud you for all the work you are doing on his truck, how much of it does your son actually do? My son's mother says he won't be allowed to drive my 521 because it isn't 'safe' and not even sure he would be into it when he is old enough to drive anyway.

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