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  1. I have come to believe that being paranoid is part of owning a Datsun. It really spices up any long drive when you're wondering what is going to break.
  2. Check this bad boy out, Cadillac of lawn mowers.
  3. Wow man glad it tuned out alright. my biggest, albeit probably irrational, fear is driving my truck a long distance and having it leave me stranded. Last weekend I had to drive 90 miles round trip to get a new lawn mower (toro super recycler) and was thinking that it would suck if I got stranded. Shitty feeling but not sure I will ever not feel that way when driving it.
  4. d.p

    NM 521

    Pretty sure it’s 27mm.
  5. d.p

    My 1971 521

    I can just razor blade through a thick bushing? Thought about getting them on a lathe but my engine guy is a pain in the ass to deal with.
  6. d.p

    NM 521

    Man I got a Weber 32/36 with intake manifold (or not) if you’re interested. It works and I ran it my truck for 3/4k miles. Would eliminate the carb being the problem and allow you to get rid of they host anchor of a hitachi.
  7. d.p

    My 1971 521

    Also one weird thing about getting my seat redone. I sit way higher now, way higher. I bought a needle scaler from harbor freight and it cleaned them up nicely. Now I need to cur the urethane bushings but not sure on the best way to do that? Tried with a circular saw but didn’t end up with a clean cut.
  8. d.p

    My 1971 521

    Truck is noisy as hell already. If these fuckers will get the truck lower than I’ll deal with the noise.
  9. d.p

    Exhaust Thread

    Other video got jacked up...see here:
  10. d.p

    My 1971 521

    Ty... Crappy pic but you get the idea..
  11. d.p

    My 1971 521

    Well seeing as I am not a quitter I tackled the remaining bushies on the 720 leafs. I figured out if you drill through them a bunch of times, cut the bolt ends off, burn them a little then beat the bolt with a 3lb hammer they slide right out. Still have to deal with the leftover rubber but much quicker once I did it this way vs just trying to straight burn them out. But now that they are out I am wondering if I ordered the wrong bushings or I can just cut them to fit? I dont know which is the eye, front or rear but the bigger ones fit fine, the smaller ones are too long and I guess I will just cut them to length? Also the smaller end of the leafs are so much worse than the bigger ends. Just tons of rock hard rubber left in those and a bitch to clean up. I thought about taking a grinder to the insides to smooth them out. Or just jam the bushings in there.
  12. d.p

    My 1971 521

    Coconut hair. Just repacked it, fixed the broken springs and reskinned it.
  13. d.p

    My 1971 521

    Eh I think I am over those leaf's until I find a faster way of getting those bushings out. I have no interest in fucking with them anymore. On a positive note I got my seat done...only pic I have right now but will post more if anyone give's a shit.
  14. d.p

    My 1971 521

    The only sleeve that I can see is around the bolt that goes through the eye. And burning it takes fucking forever with a little propane torch. I literally sit there with the torch on it for what seems like a life time with little to no progress. I think I probably spent at least an hour on the one I did get out. 30 minutes on the second one and I was over it. Does anyone know what job or profession would have access to a really hot fucking torch that I could maybe pay to burn them out for me?
  15. d.p

    My 1971 521

    Thanks man but I think I’m over these fucking things. Tried to get the other end out and it will not give up the ghost. Not even sure it’s worth the effort unless I can get an acetylene torch or some hot shit to speed up the process.
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