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  1. Stolen from Ted's Facebook...
  2. Maybe you should of brought yours...
  3. Phixius

    LaBlue LaGoon

    Spring rate is unknown, I know they are blue...bought 280zx housings with used springs...yes. I used the 15/16th brake master... Didn't do anything with a prop valve. Ride is great until a bump, still needs a notch. what part of rear setup?
  4. Phixius

    LaBlue LaGoon

    The brakes stopped working about 8 months ago... I think it saw it's future and decided to not attend... I had other plans to fix it, (so did hobo) and the 610 was defiled...his thrusting on the fender was....I just can't..... Too graphic....
  5. Phixius

    LaBlue LaGoon

    rear drums decided to not work anymore. So, started pulling axles. this one didnt want to come out. GoT em out and started to make brackets for 280zx calipers on H165 Even hooked the ebrake up. just shorten the linkages.. Found a center console from a coupe? was in a 610 wagon at portland PnP. and a less cracked dash pad. Started on the front fenders for paint two weeks before Canby... weld up antenna hole,hammer dolly, sand sand bondo sand sand. primer sand primer sand. blah blah... paint.
  6. And parking lot datsuns...
  7. Went to canby Saturday. Old school today for a few. Only took pics of datsuns.
  8. Happy 610 day... Only pics I took at canby was during the second thunder storm with hail...
  9. paradime... i like your comment. i also Farted loudly....and mayby shit myself.....only yoiu can heklp.... olz
  10. sorry if repost, even so. still a good conversation... but, maybe times have changed? wonder how may will actually watch and how many will just bitch......
  11. Phixius

    74 610 Goon

    Happy belated birthday bitch... Are you really considering IRS?
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