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  1. Dat Lurka

    WTF is with people?

    Yard job, Mike.
  2. Dat Lurka

    B210 Rollcall

    Im gonna hijack this thread for a second to say I NEED B210 PARTS Somewhere east of the Missisippi So, Green280z if you come across a B210 in GA looking for parts I'm in need of a drivers door, seats, hood, and grill primarily. And if you ned badges for your car I have NOS one that are not for my GX.
  3. Dat Lurka

    B210 Rollcall

    Hell I guess I better post. It's been a while... I've been daily driving my 78 B210GX for about a year and a half now. Constant trips from the Appalachians to the Gulf of Mexico and all over the southeast. I have been a totaly road warrior in this thing for too long now. The body is going on over 500,000 miles. The drivetrain has about 150,000 and I give it hell. Needless to say it is one of the most well rounded and capable vehicles ever produced. The parts are still dirt cheap and pretty easy to find. And Ive never been broke down on the road. I've driven the car hundreds of miles with disentigrated carb gaskets on a rich mix and heeled and toed it to the house. I can drive from Penscola FL to Atlanta GA on one tank with some fuel to spare. I race it, drift it, offroad it, and even fuck in it. I'm quite sure it will outlive me just as it has outlived it's previous owners. I just hope to leave it in better shape than I found it.
  4. I fixed it! Crisis averted. :thumbup: It was a 10 amp fuse labeled electric choke. It had a hair line crack in it. Changed it out and it fixed the idle and the brake warning light. I looked through the book and saw that the brake warning light is routed through here. Still not sure how it affects the idle unless it's also part of the ignition... Carry on
  5. Wow! Thanks for the help! :rolleyes: Still haven't figure it out yet after inspecting the switches and carburetor. It is a dogleg 5 speed (63 series?) and hast two switches; reverse, and neutral. Could the neutral position switch be cause issues?
  6. Okay, so I put my 78 B210 on jack stands last night to check the reverse light switch because it wasn't working after I did the clutch. The switch has a broken connection and needs to be replaced so I just screwed it back in for now. I lowered the car this morning and went to the bank. First thing I notice is the brake warning light is on. I checked the reservoirs and hand brake switch. It only comes on when it is running. On the way there I turned the choke off (manual cable) and when I came to a stop the engine died. I had to run it slightly choked or it would not idle at all. It was running great and the dash light was off before and after doing the clutch. What's happening? Is it gremlins? Could it have anything to do with the other switch on the transmission?
  7. Dat Lurka

    why do we drive them?

    Because I get an easy 34 mpg city, It's got great looks and draws plenty of wanted and unwanted attention, it's light and quick and absolute blast to drive, and my girly likes it a lot.
  8. Dat Lurka


    What is that? A Panther?
  9. Dat Lurka

    What's the fastest you've ever gone in a 510?

    Fun stuff. I spun my Arrow around in the middle of a rather busy intersection in the rain a while back. I went into super conscious mega action hero movie mode and dropped that bitch into reverse and kept it going. Did a full 360 without leaving my lane and took off like a bat out of hell. Was pretty fucking amazing... and stupid. Could have been bad but I wish I had it on camera. Probably blew some peoples minds.
  10. Dat Lurka

    (INSOMNIACS) balls deep.

    You guys enjoy Hatred. I'll get the N64 out the closet and rock some Conkers Bad Hair Day.
  11. Dat Lurka

    (INSOMNIACS) balls deep.

    Or you're a paranoid drug dealer
  12. Dat Lurka


    Hey! those things are pretty cool!
  13. Dat Lurka


    Pissed on a cop car back in high school. I blame the writer of the lyrics of whatever song told me to piss on a cop car.
  14. Dat Lurka

    (INSOMNIACS) balls deep.


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