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  1. Just happened to see this in the parking lot at work in Lynnwood
  2. He was down in Renton Highlands. He had a "garage sale" because AT&T was going to put up a couple cell towers on his property and they required the land around the towers be cleared out, and was selling a few Datsuns. He had a general idea of what he had, but mislabeled a couple. I took a little time off from work and made Brody go down because I figured he might have a gem or two. He ended up having one or two 521s, two '66 520 (we picked up one, and Skip picked up another, plus a partial of a 3rd I think), and goon_box picked up this 411. If I recall correctly, he might have actually paid $700 for it at the garage sale too. This was the thread that he had started for it on here when he got it. Part way down someone else posted a quote of a few more pics of what it looked like and it's "storage shed" that it lived in since sometime in the 80s I'm sure. It was a little while ago, but if I recall correctly, the guy bought it new, then his daughter or son drove it for a while, then it got parked out back on his property. He had a grip of Dattos, and let his grandkids destroy another 411 or 410 a few weeks before the garage sale because he had no idea the attention or money they would fetch. Before goon_box came to pickup the 411, the owner, Art, had dragged it out and was trying to get it running for him. I posted a video of it finally running while we were there figuring out how the hell to get our 520 home.
  3. I was wondering if this was the same one we saw at the place we picked up our 520 a whole back now. It is indeed. Looks like a nice little score. Can't wait to see what you do with it!
  4. Hahahaha. Initially I was like, "Oh, cool..... a dude with a ponytail digging my truck and waving at me" Then I realized it was you :lol: God, that traffic fucking SUCKS!!
  5. I happened to see your pics on Instagram and LOVE the shell on it. This is a clean little 521 that you managed to get your hands on. Can't wait to see where it goes as you keep working on it.
  6. Why should I lower my seat? I don't hit my head. Lowering that seat is the absolute lowest priority on all of our Datsun to-do lists ;)
  7. As Jon has proven to us all, it's doable as a tall person, but the stock bench seat at stock rail height just seems to not be enjoyable for anyone with a semi-taller torso.
  8. You're not alone in the department of ergonomically incorrect. Brody has a love-hate relationship with my 521. He can't see the upper half of the cluster, and hits his head often on the roof over bumps in the road if he's not paying attention to duck a little. He looks like Mr Incredible in his itty-bitty car when he drives it. It was made for shorter, stumpier folk like me :) Glad to see you're back and in another 620 KC that you can love again. :thumbup:
  9. What time is this happening? Want us to bring anything in particular to eat or drink?
  10. http://community.ratsun.net/topic/64573-new-datsun-510-windshields/ Not sure if he still has any on-hand, but might be worth a shot
  11. haha, she is super sweet, I'm just saying, you never know what a dog will do when sensing hostility like Nana's ;) She is actually playing in each of those photos... she's just big and looks psychotic a lot
  12. I hope she bites your pecker and chases you up a tree :D
  13. Ah, yes, a cat makes more sense! We will see what we feel like doing when it gets a bit closer :)
  14. I saw Steve ask about bringing his dog to the last one..... you said as long as he didn't eat your dog. What kind of dog do you have? Just curious if it is going to look like a tasty snack to our big girl if we bring her along.
  15. Neither. Q-Tip iii (And those aren't 'i's, but upside down exclamation points)
  16. Of course it was Viking Ed! He was actually the only Ed that I ran into this trip! :lol: I thought the matching beard braids were cute :wub:
  17. And Ed was JUST about as drunk as I expected he would be ;)
  18. Stick with the internet...... it's all true
  19. That's a bummer about the window. Hopefully something comes up for you. If you find anything online that is in our area, let me know if we can help get it out to you. It was great meeting and chatting with you this weekend!
  20. I can't remember the last time that i laughed as much as I did at this shit. I had such a blast this weekend..... finally met many for the first time face-to-face, and was finally able to get to know some others better after having only really met in passing before. Thanks to all for the good times!
  21. What a way for this project to wrap up! Rick, you are very welcome for the hat and shirt. I wish that I was able to afford to get shirts for everyone who had also donated time and services toward parts and via PayPal as well, but the least that we could do was help Al get it done for all those who made it out to his place to help get that beauty to where it is now. Everyone who lent any sort of helping hand toward this project deserves a hand shake and thank you. Rick, welcome to the 521 crew. I can't wait to see this at our local meets!
  22. Hey Nana, suck it! ;). Thanks Busta :)
  23. Haha, I knew I could count on you to post a pic!! :fu:
  24. DatWifey

    my new 521

    Jesus, will you just stop it! You're making the rest of ours look bad ;)
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