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  1. My friend has one. He even has Special leather gloves he wears while driving it. He looks like a fat guy riding in an easter basket. But yours is cool :thumbup:
  2. Been rockin this all morning. http://youtu.be/c6rCZbnCXTE
  3. 1982 Toyota Corolla Mini Stock dirt oval race car. It has a stock 1.8 3TC. Seat Belts up to date (Jan 2013) New starter and battery. Rebuilt Holley 7448 carb (needs to be dialed in) Comes with extra manual transmision (has automatic in it) and a spare 1.6 2TC Engine (complete but head is off spare engine). $1200 http://sacramento.craigslist.org/cto/3789337824.html This was the first thing that caught my eye.
  4. Where do you park it so I can come steal your Chrome Rings :-) jk Nice score.
  5. 1971 Nova 396 turbo 400. lost my license for 4 years because of that car :devil: Check the White Reebok's and Pegged pants. lol
  6. Nice 510. Interior looks to be fairly clean too. Now just ditch those rims and you will be on your way. :thumbup:
  7. Road Trip!!!! Sacramento to Yakima. Now if I can just scrape up some money for gas :-(

    1. Draker


      Sell me your warez... and on the cheap!

    2. Wormdrive66


      Wanna buy a Marshall Stack? On the cheap?

  8. Yes it is, just the bolt on model but still a nice player. The first guitar I ever bought.
  9. Here are a few of my toys. \ This was my Butt Rock band in the 90's, good times.
  10. Guitarist/noise maker. Been playing for 30 years or so, been in quite a few bands over the years. Punk, metal and stoner rock. Don't play in bands much anymore. :-(
  11. My childhood friends mom had that exact year. We would roll it down the driveway every night and just beat the crap out of it. Smokey Burnouts, Lawn Jobs, Nuetral drop, 4x4....... It never broke. I like what you have done so far, looks cool. I like the Big wheels ;-)
  12. Saw them in 84 and it was the last time I ever entered a Mosh Pit. Then I saw them recently as kind of a....(oh yea these old farts should be funny) But Holy Crap they were brutally heavy and played like they were 20. The place was one notch away from becoming an all out Riot. Sad Day for Metal :-(
  13. Looks like it was just a fuel filter. Reason #953 why I love my datsun? truck fixed $3.99

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