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lee enfield .303

mosin nagant

k31 swiss

m96 swedish mauser

winchester lever action 30-30

lamberg over under shotgun

excel 12ga

very short unknown 12ga

ruger 10/22 with thumbhole stock and green mountain fluted bull barrel

old winchester .22 rifle

ruger.22 pistol

colt .22 pistol

lama minimax .380

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Guest DatsuNoob

so u use it like a bat?



No, but I have shot bats with it. They come out @ night where I like to go camp. Nothing special, Mossberg 500 Boomstick, I have Supreme Elite slugs in it right naow w/28" barrel for optimal zombie killingz

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I'm Canadian eh, so i don't fear my neighbours thus feel the need to be prepared to maim or kill them. I only need the high power air gun for the Squirrels messin' with my buildings, and the "freezer filler" for the annual deer burger/ maple syrup flavoured moose breakfast sausage.

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AR-15 collapse stock, 16" barrel

Kimber 1911 45 Cal

Mossberg Shotgun

Remington Shotgun



Springfield XD40

Sig Sauer 9mm


That Sig Sauer 2022 is a 9mm and is just plain awesome. I would use it as my ccw but it is just a little too long. Besides my XD is a 40 sub compact. If you get the XD gear holster you can carry two additional magazines.

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