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  1. They say dogs look like their owners… Those who’ve met me can attest.
  2. John… I’ve worked with a lotta members of the Fucking Bunch of Idiots. If we’re ever in person ask me about some of them. I’ve got hundreds of stories. Including two where agents “accidentally” shot themselves.. with… their own service weapons… while “cleaning them”. I’m confident in saying your run of the mill Wyoming small town Detective is orders of magnitude more competent than the FBI. In Law Enforcement the FBI is commonly referred to as the place people who fail the mall security test.
  3. It’s good to see this thread helped a man find true love.
  4. Well, yes and no. Turnbull is an “approved” restorer so they can make a gun worth substantially more money. For instance I know of several WW2 firearms sent to then that were acquired through the Civilian Arms Program. They were 1911’s and M1 Garands in “field grade” condition. Turnbull restored then to “excellent” condition and made them all parts matching to the original manufacturers. This made the asking price 2-4x higher. It wasn’t a cheap endeavor but they are absolutely beautiful pieces of history. However, in this case I don’t think that 1911 is a good investment firearm.
  5. https://nypost.com/2021/04/22/usps-reportedly-tracking-americans-social-media-posts/ aaaaand now the post office is tracking my dick pics. How about you get my Costco catalog here on time and stop giving me junk mail first, then focus on my internet shit posts.
  6. Humorously, they called us Wire Dawgs in the service. Since I liked wiring up hidden harnesses and quick disconnects when I was around the car scene that’s what I did.
  7. The first school shooting, and attack I’m aware of was the 18 May 1927 Bath, MI shooting and bombing by Drool Cumhole. Maybe I’m misremembering the name of the sick fuck who used surplus WW1 munitions to murder 38 children. 6 adults also died, plus, in the classical mass murder cowardice, Cumhole took his own life by shooting his truck which was laden with explosives. In response to this teachers started teaching weapons safety in schools and guns were common on school grounds until the mid to late 1990’s. We had very few school shootings from 1927-1995. Cowards won’t attack armed targets. Now that schools are “gun free zones” the schools are perfect choices for mentally ill cowards. aaaaaand here’s a 1911 to drool over.
  8. Thanks again guys. I actually know what I’m getting into with this. I’ve got a college degree in electronic systems, and probably 5,000 hours hands on building wiring conversion harnesses. I get teased about the harness in my truck every time people that know my work see it. The last few I did were full military spec with the all-purpose weather resistant plugs and all weather wiring. These were for buggies that are used for rock crawling competitions in my home town. Talking to @banzai510(hainz) I’m sure that’s overkill on this truck, but getting some solid Painless Wiring kits and all weather splices will do the trick here. I really appreciate the Vintage Connections tip from @yenpit and @KELMO. I’m sure I’ll need to blend new and old here as much as possible. I’m going to draw out a plan for a harness then order all new wiring and connectors to the degree I can. Then, this winter, I’ll tear this puppy down and freshen everything up.
  9. I name them all “layer 1”. Or switch the names, background being the “lighter foreground” layer, etc. So you’d have to guess which is which, just like Christmas. Oh, and adding layers with very detailed names that don’t change anything in the image. For instance “model makeup enhance”, and make no changes in that layer. Honestly I haven’t been paid for design... in this millennium. That’s how good I was. I retired my design software when graduated high school.
  10. It’s good to know if my retirement doesn’t work out I have a future in graphic design and lay out.
  11. You made it a good 15 years longer than me. This whole COVID vaccine shit is nuts. I was driving the other day passed the COVID vaccine station and there were three tour busses filled with migrant farm workers from Mexico there all getting shots. All under order of WA State Gov J Inslee. Washington citizens who want the vaccine can’t get it, and non-citizen workers must get it before they can work... outside... what a time to be alive gents.
  12. Doesn’t count if you’re not at a WABToW Sanctioned Event. Sounds to me like that was just an amateur bout. You need to turn Pro first. You need to win the Canadian Triple Crown, then you can compete against me at Worlds.
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