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  1. Do you still have your 411 wagon Redeye? The crap you were going through with that transmission was crazy
  2. Soundline

    L20b, Weber 32/36, 93 Octane Timing Help

    Wow... so I am stupid... there’s a fourth option of them both being correct. I just pulled out my other gauge and the previous plugs were gapped between .036 and .046. This might also be some of my problem. That’s a pretty wide variation. Well see. With the collective assistance of you guys and Gato I’ll get this beast on the street.
  3. Where would you find parts like that for a 411? I’m bitching about 620 parts but you probably have to dig the ore and plant some rubber trees...
  4. Soundline

    L20b, Weber 32/36, 93 Octane Timing Help

    Interesting, this is exactly what I was looking for. Now back to the series of issues I’ve walked into.... because... I did something that’s probably stupid. I pulled the plugs and they’re a different model of NGK than what I put in. I’m headed out to a friends place now and I started thinking, “why” are they different? 3 options, all equally likely. I bought the wrong plugs, he bought the wrong plugs, or we both did. I’m putting in NGK BR6ES 4922 gapped at .028. I pulled that number from the FSM... but it’s not the stock L16, it’s an L20B... He was running BPR6EY (unknown) gapped at >.030 because that’s where my gauge stops. My educated guess is .035 - .040. Fixed the cracked fuel line, new Accel cap/rotor and NGK wires. Radiator should be done today so I’ll get it all back together and see what happens. In the meantime, check my math and heckle away. Thanks guys, seriously.
  5. Soundline

    L20b, Weber 32/36, 93 Octane Timing Help

    I’ll check the compression while the radiator is out and take it from there.
  6. Soundline

    DREAM build! 1972 Nissan Skyline GTX "HKOSUKA"

    A man chasing a dream is always in a better place than a man chasing an investment. You’ll finish this, and it will be incredible.
  7. Soundline

    Radiator options

    The “original” radiator that’s in it is out of a different truck. I’m going to have them both recored so I can have a spare. I just need to build brackets for it.
  8. Soundline

    L20b, Weber 32/36, 93 Octane Timing Help

    The distributor has a wiggle in it. Another Ratsun member hooked me up with a fix for that. I ordered the gasket and I’ll swap distributors when it comes in. Testing this... my radiator finally let go. The tank separated at the top of the core. It’s being rebuilt so I’m going to have to wait until that’s done. In the meantime I’ll run new fuel lines because there’s multiple issues going on here. I really appreciate the help and suggestions here Gentlemen. I’ll be looking at those carb pieces after I fix the rad, distributor, fuel lines, and I’m getting new plugs and wires. That way I’ll limit the issues as much as possible.
  9. Soundline

    L20b, Weber 32/36, 93 Octane Timing Help

    Actually the engine has been cutting out and dying under throttle. I’m changing things in stages starting tomorrow to see if I can identify the problem. I think the cracked fuel line was part of it and so was having the wrong distributor. So I’ll start there and work my way forward in this thread. I’m assuming low octane might be a cause. Given the choice I prefer 93. But... I’m a car dork. So correct me if I’m being fucking retarded.
  10. Soundline

    74' 620 Lower your standard build thread

    Thanks buddy! That site is a gold mine. I could recreate the stock vinyl cover basket weave style in brown for a few hundred dollars. Or I could do a green croc skin... either way I’m leaving the canvas base I have on there now. This build could be fucking crazy.
  11. . That is correct. I can carry into a bar but if I start drinking then I should secure my weapon. Normally when a group of cops/agents go drinking the DD stays bone dry and carries to protect the rest. This situation is absolutely shameful, he needs to do some time on this one, and be relieved of his watch permanently.
  12. My bad, the report I heard was that the shooting caused a fatality. So reckless endangerment, still a felony because a bullet wound is a serious bodily injury.
  13. Watch your back in White Swan. There are a couple Datsun’s around there though, so he might be right. I’d suggest you not drive anything to fancy there. I’m in that area pretty frequently, and I’ve seen a couple. I also saw a house where a guy had chainsawed a hole in his bathroom wall so his horse could drink out of his bathtub. Yes... that’s a serious, and literal story. I have a picture on my shitbox on my computer desktop at work and I’ve already heard a number of stories and been told about other Datsuns owners on the Site. I think they’re trying to make a showing at Hot August Nights in Richland this year.
  14. My books don’t cover this, so I’ll toss myself to the mercy of the Ratsun tuning Gods. I have a stock L20b out of a 77’ 620. Stock heads, rods, and stuff... It’s got a Weber carb on it, one of the Spainish ones. The distributor is a points type converted to a Pertronix. I’d like to run 93 Octane and I’d like to know if those things change the timing requirements. I dunno what the carb is jetted at, or if this changes things.
  15. Soundline

    74' 620 Lower your standard build thread

    The canvas, batting, and jute I used are el naturale. The foam isn’t... but I couldn’t find any that was. To offset that I’ll see if I can import some chromium tanned leather. And some mercury set felt... just for effect.

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