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  1. Actually, that quote should be attributed to Ben Shapiro. Stop being anti-Semitic and attributing the work of a Jew to a man of Italian decent. That’s incredibly racist. You know who else stole ideas from the Jews?
  2. The life insurance policy company requested a cause of death autopsy. there was a rider on the policy that would change the payout amount. I don’t really know what they’ll do with that. There are well established protocols for performing an autopsy on someone who died of contagious causes. I’ve been in a number of them. It’s a little more PPE, and a bit more paperwork, but that’s it. Overall deaths in the county they lived in are down 12% so he has time... he’s just lazy. You can request it in WA State, but they’ll typically blow you off. You can then file a formal request with an attorney. ‘In Kingman I thought they just chucked everything in the hole in the middle of town?
  3. I actually know two people who have died from COVID. (May peace be upon them). it was a tough way to go for both of them. A husband and wife. They had a good run though, Cal was 96 and Erma was 94. They both had cancer and dementia, but COVID was the cause of death (COD) on their death certificates. I do know no autopsy was performed to establish exact COD for either. The county medical examiner said it was “too risky” to attempt to establish their exact COD, so he listed it as COVID. i dunno if they do this commonly in the county they both passed in, but I know that medical examiner well and he’s a fucking moron.
  4. I only jump into these threads during US elections. The only news I trust is RNN. The Ratsun News Network.
  5. Huh... looks like we’re all still alive. therefore, Covid is a hoax.
  6. And if it weren't in Bonners Ferry... My parents lived in Laclede, ID... Very interesting area. I'd be interested in any US made products so I don't get COVID-19.
  7. Soundline

    My 1973 620

    It's come together very well. I like the entire package.
  8. Do you still have your 411 wagon Redeye? The crap you were going through with that transmission was crazy
  9. Wow... so I am stupid... there’s a fourth option of them both being correct. I just pulled out my other gauge and the previous plugs were gapped between .036 and .046. This might also be some of my problem. That’s a pretty wide variation. Well see. With the collective assistance of you guys and Gato I’ll get this beast on the street.
  10. Where would you find parts like that for a 411? I’m bitching about 620 parts but you probably have to dig the ore and plant some rubber trees...
  11. Interesting, this is exactly what I was looking for. Now back to the series of issues I’ve walked into.... because... I did something that’s probably stupid. I pulled the plugs and they’re a different model of NGK than what I put in. I’m headed out to a friends place now and I started thinking, “why” are they different? 3 options, all equally likely. I bought the wrong plugs, he bought the wrong plugs, or we both did. I’m putting in NGK BR6ES 4922 gapped at .028. I pulled that number from the FSM... but it’s not the stock L16, it’s an L20B... He was running BPR6EY (unknown) gapped at >.030 because that’s where my gauge stops. My educated guess is .035 - .040. Fixed the cracked fuel line, new Accel cap/rotor and NGK wires. Radiator should be done today so I’ll get it all back together and see what happens. In the meantime, check my math and heckle away. Thanks guys, seriously.
  12. I’ll check the compression while the radiator is out and take it from there.
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