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  1. metalmonkey47

    DATSANITI - '80 210 Wagon VQ35 Swap

    Nice, that explains all of your issues. Glad that's all it was.
  2. metalmonkey47

    RIP Dave aka Pumpkin210

    Wow I just created an event in the calander, not even seeing you already did it. I'll make sure we pin an event in the Ratsun FB
  3. metalmonkey47

    DATSANITI - '80 210 Wagon VQ35 Swap

    You can disable it in tune, but it would be near $300 to do that. Fortunately it takes less than 10 minutes with the ECU on hand to do that.
  4. metalmonkey47

    DATSANITI - '80 210 Wagon VQ35 Swap

    P1610 is a NATS immobilizer issue. To get rid of that, just have an UpRev tuner flash the ECU and disable NATS altogether. It will never be a problem again. Also, you can kill ASCD, fuel level, and all other useless stuff you don't need. Fun fact: The biggest and best UpRev tuner is just west of Atlanta.
  5. metalmonkey47

    RIP Dave aka Pumpkin210

    Dave was having complications stemming from a cardiac issue that came about several years back. He had posted on Facebook just a week or so before that the doctors only gave him a year left. He was never very vocal about it, he was always a positive dude in any situation.
  6. I just made a thread about this, of course it hits the insomniacs group first. RIP Dave. We'll miss ya bud.
  7. metalmonkey47

    RIP Dave aka Pumpkin210

    To those of you that have been around long enough to remember him, Dave Patterson aka Pumpkin210 who used to frequent Ratsun up until a hiatus a few years back passed away earlier. When I joined Ratsun a long time ago, he was one of the first people I met. Nice dude, sad to have him go.
  8. metalmonkey47

    L20B power needs

    210hp is great. Was that at the wheels? Or on an engine dyno?
  9. metalmonkey47

    DATSANITI - '80 210 Wagon VQ35 Swap

    That would be ideal. They don't seem to mind vibrations much, but just a little bit of moisture can ruin them. They're a real pain in the ass to diagnose when they die. You get 0 signal to the ECU, sometimes it just kills the ECU fuse but most times it destroys the circuitry.
  10. metalmonkey47

    DATSANITI - '80 210 Wagon VQ35 Swap

    Just FYI, the diff you have is a viscous, sadly not clutch type. You got a great f'ing deal on it too. That relay / fuse box is the IPDM, (Intelligent Power Distribution Module) so protect it with your life. You'll want to make sure it's safe from moisture/water, they're very easy to kill and everything in the car relies on it. They're also very expensive ($600+).
  11. metalmonkey47

    L20B power needs

    9000-10000 RPM is useless anyways, unless you're building a dedicated race car. It's going to need a very special, very large cam to make any usable power that high in the powerband anyways, and the result is going to a really shitty and useless midrange. I spun LZ up to 7500 RPM a few times, but it was far from the average L. It had a fair sized cam, but still managed to run out of air pretty quickly. Z20E Block Z20 Long Rods w/ ACL Rod and Main Bearings Mahle Pistons (9.5:1 since it was originally meant for boost) BBC Rod Bolts ARP Head Studs NISMO Head Gasket Nismo Dual Valve Springs L28 Valves w/ Nismo Aluminum Retainers A87 Peanut Head (intense porting and head work) Racer Brown .475 Cam It was pretty asthmatic, breathing through a Weber 38/38. I had Z-car SU's for it, but never got the opportunity to throw them on. Made 103whp, but had timing issues (started cutting out at the top end)
  12. Don't you hate it when you're reading a sentence and it doesn't end how you testicles

    1. datzenmike


      Just rub it out and read again.

  13. metalmonkey47

    ZCON 2018 - Atlanta GA

  14. metalmonkey47

    ZCON / Z Nationals 2018 - ATL GA

    Not sure how many of this crowd are aware or have been to either of these two events, but both are coming up and tied together this year. If you aren't familiar, ZCON is a huge event that is thrown together in a different place every year, last year it was Austin Texas. This year it's Atlanta GA. It's an all Z event, Nissan brings out a few odd balls every year, last year we had a few C110 Skylines, S30's, Prince R380 and other awesome datto's. Part of ZCON (it's a week long event) is Z Nationals. Z Nationals is an event hosted by Z1 Motorsports. Z Nats celebrates Nissan and Infiniti alike, with lots of support from Nissan. It's a very Datsun friendly event with Nissan bringing out a sem-truck full of cars from the Nissan Heritage Collection, including the BRE 510, Bob Sharp ZX, 521 Truck (fresh resto) and a ton more. It's a 2 day event with an HPDE track day at Road Atlanta the first day, followed by a judged show at Coolray Field. http://www.zcon.org/
  15. metalmonkey47

    How many posts until I am not a newbie?

    Why does it matter? Stick around long enough, piss enough people off, or say something funny/stupid enough and you'll find yourself with your own custom label.

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