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  1. Very interesting. I've had similar experiances with other brands of wrinkle black, I 'was' going to use it on my motorcycle frame (cafe project) but was unsure how it would turn out. Everything I tested came out like crap, yours seemed to turn out really well. I'm going to snag a can of the Krylon stuff and give it a shot when we have another hot Atlanta day.
  2. What wrinkle black did you use on the valve cover?
  3. Time Left: 11 days and 17 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    1 Set of BRAND NEW Genuine Nissan short stalk fender mirrors. I've had these on my shelf for a little while, but after selling my 240Z won't be needing them any longer. They are still in original Nissan boxes (shown) and can ship anywhere in the US.


    , Georgia - US

  4. That's a VQ40/GTR oil filter. All I use on a VQ. It'll be interesting to see how she does.
  5. It almost reminds me of the Infiniti Iridium Blue that they use on the new Q50 and Q60's. I planned on using that blue on my Cafe Racer.
  6. Awesome, this is turning out great.
  7. So I had dinner with John Morton and his wife last night. Talk about serious fanboy moment.
  8. You bringing that thing to The Mitty at Road Atlanta this weekend? I hear John Morton is going to be there with Nissan again.
  9. Thanks for sharing a pic of the hood bumpers/stoppers, didn't realize they were still available. I'm ordering a set right now. Any other odds and ends still available from Nissan that you might have PN's for?
  10. Cannot believe no one has responded to this yet. That 'thing' on the side of the cylinder head that you call a regulator is a mechanical fuel pump. If you're installing an aftermarket electronic pump and regulator you can remove that pump but you'll need to make a block off plate. Also, if you're removing the carb and intake manifold you might as well go ahead and drain the radiator of coolant at that point. The thermostat housing is not part of the intake manifold assembly BUT if I recall properly, the intake manifold on your '74 is watercooled and will have ports on the cylinder head for coolant. You'll be loosing coolant either way.
  11. wow, this car is now nicer than I ever thought it would be. Good job PPK
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