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  1. metalmonkey47

    Car Porn

    Hes a local, has a bunch of really cool cars and organized a local vintage car meet. Also an incredible artist.
  2. metalmonkey47

    Car Porn

    You guys will probably like this. A friends LS 350Z race car that he just finished. _DSC7487.jpg by Matt Yates, on Flickr Z Nationals / ZCON 2018 by Matt Yates, on Flickr Z Nationals / ZCON 2018 by Matt Yates, on Flickr Z Nationals / ZCON 2018 by Matt Yates, on Flickr Z Nationals / ZCON 2018 by Matt Yates, on Flickr Z Nationals / ZCON 2018 by Matt Yates, on Flickr Z Nationals / ZCON 2018 by Matt Yates, on Flickr Z Nationals / ZCON 2018 by Matt Yates, on Flickr Z Nationals / ZCON 2018 by Matt Yates, on Flickr
  3. metalmonkey47

    Which engine for my 210...SR20DE vs KA24DE

    KA > SR all day. Parts are available at any parts store / dealer, easy to find, cheap to acquire, more displacement = better NA capability etc.
  4. metalmonkey47

    Canby 2019 can't wait

    Bummer. I've been looking forward to the year that I finally get the opportunity to make the cruise cross-country to Canby, I guess things just weren't meant to be eh?? Always seemed like a really fun inclusive event for all Datsun owners, sucks to know it's over. I guess all good things have to end at some point, right?
  5. metalmonkey47

    2.3l ford ecoboost in a dime

    I don't know about the Ford Ecoboost, but I know the GM Ecotec has been used. _DSC5141 by Matt Yates, on Flickr
  6. metalmonkey47

    limited slip diffs?

    This is VERY IMPORTANT. Even now, Nissan still uses the R200 in the 350Z, 370Z, G37, G35, FX35, etc. They are very different than the R200's that the Datsuns got, totally different ring gear offset and bolt pattern. Many people confuse them with the older R200 from the Z32 NA which was very different. The new Infiniti Q's use an R190. IIRC, the R200 has a 200mm ring gear, that's where the name comes from.
  7. metalmonkey47

    R200 LSD options/setup

    I've driven on a few Tomei R200's (for the late model cars, not the early diffs) and loved them right out of the box. They're pretty tame for a clutch type, especially when compared to a more aggressive NISMO GT PRO that make the car sound seriously broken when making low speed tight turns from axle binding. One of our guys here at Z1 has one in his 580whp 350Z, which is an absolute machine. Amazing how easy the car is to control on power when compared to the stock worn out VLSD, which is scary inconsistent. We use Red Line Slip Friction Additive which helps smooth it out at low speed and eliminate all of the annoying chatter. If you want the more streetable option, the 1.5 way is the way to go, since it is has less aggressive lock-up characteristics on decel/braking which gives it a bit more neutral feel and better control. Clutch Type Diffs: 1-Way: Weird setup, from what I understand they behave somewhat like an open differential. Supposed to be nice in FWD applications, doesn't seem like there would be a benefit in our applications. 1.5-Way: Less Aggressive Decel, Best for tight courses where you make quick left to right transitions, like autocross for example. Much more forgiving than a 2-way differential, usually my go-to choice. 2-Way: Full lock-up during decel and acceleration, good for road racing at high speed, not as good for technical courses with tight corners. Great for producing oversteer because of its lock-up characteristics so drifters love them. (Spoiler alert, I work for Z1 so feel free to PM me with any questions.)
  8. metalmonkey47

    Genuine OE Short Stalk Fender Mirrors


    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    1 Set of BRAND NEW Genuine Nissan short stalk fender mirrors. I've had these on my shelf for a little while, but after selling my 240Z won't be needing them any longer. They are still in original Nissan boxes (shown) and can ship anywhere in the US.


  9. metalmonkey47

    DATSANITI - '80 210 Wagon VQ35 Swap

    ^^THIS. Hopefully I catch this thing at C&O one day. I was out of town yesterday and would have missed it.
  10. metalmonkey47

    DATSANITI - '80 210 Wagon VQ35 Swap

    This is damn near my favorite Ratsun build to date.
  11. metalmonkey47

    Anyone I know still around

    Well hello
  12. metalmonkey47

    Metal's 350Z Daily

    Finally something worthy of an update to this boring thing. This car has finally been pushed over to 176,000 miles, and last October ran around Road Atlanta again for Z Nationals / ZCON 2018. Decided after last year, I needed much more brake and more tire, so I installed 14'' brakes from the sport Infiniti / Nissan's. Way more effective with a proper pad. (Carbotech XP12's and XP10's). Also threw a fresh set of Nexen Sur4G tires on it for good measure. Best the car has ever felt on a track. Needs a bit better suspension under it, the BC Racing coilovers don't cut it and the stock VLSD is practically done. I'm seeing a Tomei CLSD in the near future with a rear gear change.
  13. metalmonkey47

    DATSANITI - '80 210 Wagon VQ35 Swap

    Sadly, the valve covers aren't serviceable (meaning you can't buy replacement spark tube seals.) When you replace them, don't buy the cheap aftermarket valve covers. They have a tendency to leak just as bad as the ones you remove. OE or bust.
  14. metalmonkey47

    DATSANITI - '80 210 Wagon VQ35 Swap

    Spacers and studs are cheap man, go for it! I may have some 25mm spacers I can donate.
  15. metalmonkey47

    DATSANITI - '80 210 Wagon VQ35 Swap

    When/where is the first event you'll be using this at?

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