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  1. Looks good chris. I would keep those parts and just give them away, they will go quick. Check your PM.
  2. They are all gone. All hotwheels are being sold on ebay now. Nobody wants to pay 5 - 11.00 for shipping and the cars I already shipped out I practically gave away. I dont mind losing money but I am not going to give them away. They are being sold off in huge 36 car lots on ebay.
  3. I have the following Moog suspension parts brand new: (free shipping is for the US only) NOTE!!!! IF I CHARGE YOU THE FULL SHIPPING FOR ANYTHING OUTSIDE OF THE US!!! (2) K9107 front lower control arm bushing 7.00ea box shipped K9215 front strut rod bushing 7.00 shipped Right or Left tail light gasket repro 70 - 73 new 10.00 shipped Right & Left repro tail light lens' 70 - 73 new in plastic 30.00 + free shipping SOLD (2) K9011 front ball joint 40.00 for the pair + free shipping SOLD Right & Left tail lens gaskets repro 70 - 73 new 20.0 + actual shipping SOLD Right tail light assy, good condition no gasket, bolts, harness, or bulbs. 25.00 + actual shipping SOLD Experimental Engineering T/C Kit 20.00 + free shipping SOLD L Series wedge 5.00 + actual shipping SOLD
  4. I am selling off most of my hotwheels, all except my signed BRE and my batman stuff. Prices are cheaper than ebay. http://community.ratsun.net/topic/54140-hotwheels-galore-510s-ae86s-zs-treasure-hunts-and-super-treasure-hunts-etc/
  5. Ill still hang out and you have my email address so you can just contact me. I think you have my phone number as well. I didnt need the money from the sale, I am only selling it because it is a constant reminder of my failure to finish this project. Plus it would be nice to clear out all that space. I could finish it over time but I know I couldn't drive it due to the pain, so I lost interest in it. It is never any fun working on something for a few hours then deal with the days of pain you suffer from it.
  6. the only way you are going to do a 4500.00 sr build is if you are using junkyard parts.
  7. Hotwheels doesnt like Texas. No new BLVD's out here. I did score a flintstones car though.
  8. Its on ebay. I doubt I will get my reserve but who knows.
  9. If I do keep it then the plan is to drive it on occasion and then break it down and then paint and body. I am not going to send it out, I will do it all myself. The color would be 463 or 554 or 562 or 609. Kind of like a light blue.
  10. I am still working on it but I am in a lot of pain. I figure it will be a better sell once the electrical is done and that is not that far off from being finished.
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