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  1. erichwaslike

    411 front disc brake conversion

    roadster and 411 use a drastically different spindle and brake setup
  2. erichwaslike


    I really hope you have some smarts when it comes to steering design and know how to set it up to eliminate bump steer and not get funky Ackerman angles
  3. erichwaslike

    411sss dual carbs on 1300?

    No they will not, j13 and r16 have vastly different intake port sizes, shape, location etc... Search for mg 1800 parts for intake, the j13 is a licensed copy of the mg motor
  4. erichwaslike

    Need a few reference photos: bucket seats, shelf, carpet

    I have an "extra" shelf. I've also got a glove box I could duplicate if you're interested. I've got a stock pile of 411 parts
  5. erichwaslike

    411 dash

    I'm the one Mike was talking about. If you look at my build thread you can see the dash restore I did.
  6. erichwaslike

    Project Datsun RL411 (The resurrection)

    I've got a stock tank for this... Not to mention a lot of other parts. Let me know if you'd like to run the stock setup.
  7. erichwaslike

    2015 CANBY TRUCK

    ive got a bumper. is there anyone down this way that i could pass it off too. i just dont have any good brackets
  8. erichwaslike

    2015 CANBY TRUCK

    so i just found out about this since i havent had internet other than my phone for about a year now. havent logged in for along time. i will definitely be there to buy atleast a few tickets. great work guys!!!!!! wish i had known before i could have sent something up. is there anything else needed?
  9. erichwaslike

    Picking this up

    Is that noiin's car with the caved in roof?
  10. erichwaslike

    Fender lights + other stuff?

    k now i need a clock again to go with my gauges on the fridge lol
  11. erichwaslike

    Fender lights + other stuff?

    no i keep them on my frigde... too good for my car lol
  12. erichwaslike

    Fender lights + other stuff?

    im over the dash clock, now that i have a set of sss gauges lol. wouldnt mind having a clock but not on a search like i was before
  13. erichwaslike

    RL411 water pump hub/shaft swap question

    the issue on the 411 isnt the aluminum part itsself, the hub is specific to the 411 and the h20 wouldnt have that hub on it most likely
  14. erichwaslike

    oz411 build thread

    welcome back. i have tons of spare axles. if you want a real one ever let me know and its yours, just pay the freight to aus from ca,us
  15. erichwaslike

    Buying a 411 Project

    im actually looking for 2 but if you want to sell that porthole one pm me a price on it.

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