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  1. squatches

    How-To: 280zx Rack & Pinion Steering in (1977-1980) 810

    Are you asking if it will allow for lseries rear sump pan? Or a diff engine?
  2. squatches

    810/ 280zx crossmember

    it should,I have the zx power crossmember in mine but I'm not running lseries so I can't confirm it and don't have an l engine to set in and see.
  3. squatches

    Datsun B210 Head Studs

    Nissan can still get them. I'll get the number in morning.
  4. squatches

    How-To: 280zx Rack & Pinion Steering in (1977-1980) 810

    the zx crossmember will bolt up to the 810, it moves the engine mounts tho not sure how much didn't measure or carevas I'm doing an engine swap anyways.
  5. squatches

    84 maxima sedan

    it does it at the on position. im thinking at some point some one may have messed with some of the wiring because the dash lights go on and off randomly sometimes aswell
  6. squatches

    84 maxima sedan

    they only move once when ign switch is turned. and is there any way to test the module? i need to get a manual for this car.
  7. squatches

    84 maxima sedan

    checked the wires under dash at the column and around the switch didnt see anything, its really random when it does it. it also shudders randomly to im going to dig a little deeper into it when i have a day off.
  8. squatches

    84 maxima sedan

    So i just traded my rusted out s14 for an 84 maxima and I'm trying to fix all of the small things wrong with it. does anyone know why the windshield wipers would be coming on when i go to crank it. they do it every other time i i turn the ignition switch.
  9. squatches

    71 510 wagon

    would you be able to get a press in there to do it with out bending the metal? and there was nothing going into it before i relocated the fuse box its just a gaping hole. theres also a few other odd holes i found i haven't seen in other 510s.
  10. squatches

    71 510 wagon

    its odd it is the same size as the hole where the wiring harness goes thru and theres no rough edges on it like its been drilled out.
  11. squatches

    71 510 wagon

    cleaned up the engine and engine bay some, put a header and exhaust on and cleaned up the car outside of the car.
  12. squatches

    1979 Datsun B210 - Build up

    that 3tc looks real familiar lol.
  13. squatches

    89 rx7 gxl

    I forgot about the ls but its not quite as bad as the jz series yet, ive always wanted to throw a boosted Miata engine in an rx7. do a t28 with 1.8 block and 1.6 head, I used to run 20 psi on my old Miata before I wrecked it it was a scary ass car. sadly this is the only vid I have of it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMLsCE5R_Ts before wreck. after 2 trees, windshield replaced and front end pulled out some.
  14. squatches

    89 rx7 gxl

    eh I could careless about the this motor belongs in this car and shouldn't be touched deal. I see it as getting the car you want with the engine you want. if it has more hp/torque, will sit further back in the bay, has more readily available parts, easier to work on, I see it as a win. only motors that I cant stand being swapped into anything is a jz series, every fanboy is doing that to everything.
  15. squatches

    89 rx7 gxl

    VFAD? I think that only comes on the rx8's, it had a tube that went to the open part of the grille or bottom of the hood if I remember right and would open with a vacuum actuator at a certain time. I think the turbo models got a variable air resistor to help with fuel mixture tho. its been a long time since ive played with rotaries and this one is getting sold once I cut all the wires out of the emissions harness that I need to stay in the car.

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