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  1. I took the long way, through the countryside, to return the van to the shop yesterday. Apparently, I'm good for about an hour and a half at a stretch. It isn't the seat, or the seating position, or the ride, or the noise... it's the blast-furnace air coming from under the doghouse roasting my right foot! I envisioned a heat shield which could help, but didn't attempt to implement it yet. Stay tuned.
  2. Well, I guess bitching about the post office in a random, backwater web forum gets stuff to happen! The plexi sliders and pop outs arrived today! I took a picture, but it's just of the package sitting in the back of the Smart waiting to go to the shop. Once we have the plexi bits for the actual side windows, we'll show y'all what's up with them. And in other news, I added some lightness, and a support rib thingy, to the dash while waiting for John to arrive. Once he did, we grokked the thing and came up with a plan for the face... and then implemented that plan. John has the
  3. A coworker just bought a 2017 Ecoboost Mustang. She immediately had a zorst put on, because she's cool like that. I had her blip the throttle for me this morning and it does sound sweet. When she drove off, I could hear the turbo spooling up, kinda like you hear on a diesel... but better. Anyhoo, hearing her rumbly zorst made me miss the Dajiban. I intend to drive it home from the shop tomorrow night. That's it. Just came in here to wash my head at y'all. Carry on.
  4. I couldn't remember if we have mentioned our plans for the door "glass." I went back a few pages and didn't see it. I'm wondering if I should consult with John about letting any cats out of bags here. Bah! It's my car! So, we're planning on replacing the roll up and triangle vent glass with a single piece of plexi. With that plan in mind, I ordered a set of plexi sliders and little round pop-out vents from an outfit in Jolly Old. They have cleared customs and left Chicago on a USPS truck this morning at 0240h. So, with them coming via the post office, we may see them sometime in the mid
  5. The shine would be easier to clean, and a more matte finish will show leaks. Then again... The shine would be easier to clean, BUT a more matte finish will show leaks. Coming from the race car world, I would opt for showing where potential problems are. (Of course, I pushed for dove grey for this very reason.) Coming from the car magazine world, I understand that John might be more inclined to go the other way.
  6. Oops! Disregard! I just went back to look at a picture and it totally negated my suggestion. If anyone read it in the minute it was up... well, we'll just keep it between us, shall we?
  7. It is in the back of the Smart as we... type. Yeah, old Sam is a bit bi-polar. He's starting in on one of his socialist rampages again. He and this Nancy bitch he hangs with keep trying to get the keys to my gun safe.
  8. As discussed in the Chickenhawk thread, I bought an intercom for it... and then realized it may get used once or twice. Ever. Then I realized that since it is portable, I could use it in this vehicle as well. Do I need an intercom in the Dajiban? Psh, no. Of course not. But it is kinda cool. And it lessens the amount of dumb I exhibited in buying it... the intercom, that is. Not the Dajiban. Y'gotta have a Dajiban.
  9. The zorst tip arrived today. I think it will meet with approval. And in other news: I'm kinda dumb. No, really. I had the realization the other day that 99% of the time, this car will be driven by me, alone, all by myself. I went and spent part of my third Kung-Flu check on an intercom which may get used once or twice. Then I remembered it is "portable" since it is powered by a cigarette lighter socket. If I install a cigarette lighter socket (rather than hard-wiring it, like I had been planning), I can use the intercom in the Dajiban as well! This lessens the amount of du
  10. I agree. You should stick with the 351 so that when I put a 360 in the Dajiban, I'll be back on top of the shop car's displacement pyramid.
  11. In this car's previous life, it was quite loud inside. Yes, we have ditched the solid motor mounts, and the zorst will no longer be in contact with my right heel at all times, but I still feel like it is going to be a bit on the noisy side in the cockpit. With that in mind, I have been mulling over the installation of an intercom system. Well, the third stimulation check has cleared into my account so... guess what! I'm thinking of these headsets, and this "make-the-headsets-work-together" thingy. Of course, I see that the "MTHWT" part isn't available on the 'Zon right now, so
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