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  1. So, the short wheelbase of the Smart was beating my guts to death*. The van, while almost as rough riding, is so much easier on me due to the longer wheelbase taming the "Bucking Bronco" effect. It was so much better that several times today I caught myself saying, "Damn, I love this van!" *See, my spleen is a bit... what did the doctor call it? Oh right, "Fucked up!" It's to the point that two weeks ago I tried to bleed to death internally into my abdomen. The doctors are still trying to figure out what's going on... besides short wheelbase, lowered Smart Car beating it to death, of course!
  2. So after sitting parked for three weeks because of... reasons, I'm going to try and drive this to the shop in the morning. Wish me luck!
  3. The 235s, as John mentioned the other day, are mounted and ready. The second 215 and the "Tuna" lug nuts are in the van. Also, there is a set of Solex Locks for the doors and trunk in the van... all the way from Austrailia!
  4. "It's probably that the "free candy" sign wasn't big enough!" is what you meant to say.
  5. Nope. If the sensor fails, the fan will be rewired to come on with the ignition and run constantly. Then the sensor will either get replaced with that plug I stole from the other VW radiator, or sit there in the bottom of this radiator, thinking about what it has done.
  6. And now I'm going to order one more 215 and two 235s! Oh, and a set of "Tuna" lug nuts, whatever the hell THAT means.
  7. Because I'm me, I went tire shopping this morning. Well, whodathunkit? The Geolandars in 235/70-15 are actually a wee bit cheaper than in 225/70-15. They're 1" taller than the 215s on the front, so we would be introducing 1/2" of rake... which I'm ok with! I'm voting "In for a penny, in for a pound" on the rears! Tire discuss it this evening... oh wait. I guess that doesn't work like the "wheel/we'll" synonym joke.
  8. I mean to post this yesterday but... didn't. Deal with it. Anyhoo, when I got home from work Sunday, the cats reminded me that I forgot to get them more wet food. I had to go back out for it. I decided to take the van. Of course, I also decided to wait until just as the sun was going down to do this. Yeah, you know what happens just as the sun is going down in suburbia on October 31st? Kids are being walked up and down the streets, begging for candy door to door. Halloween! So, with lots of pedestrians about, most of them children, I had to idle the van down the street and thread my way through them. I got more than a few weird looks from parents. I wanted to yell out the window, "Look Karen, I've lived in this neighborhood longer than you've been alive!" but I held back.
  9. YOU DID WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Just kidding. I knew this was happening. I also think all four is the way to go, but I'm not the one listening to a router squeal away at the metal. And, of course, 225s on the rear really makes my dingle tingle, so doing only two is acceptable as well. Wheel discuss it tomorrow.
  10. Today's progress report is up on the instant grams. Basically, I installed the MSD Blaster II coil, and used a BSP to NPT adapter to install the oil pressure sensor. After that, I got tucked in to wiring the stuff that the under-hood relays are going to power. And yes, that headlight connector is too short to reach a headlight. But to quote Captain Lincoln F. Sternn, "Relax Charley, I got an angle."
  11. He's using the "Royal 'We'" there... HE did all that beautification work y'all see there. Mainly because he doesn't trust me to do cosmetic work!
  12. Ugh, I can't wait until the red Blaster II coil is in it. That old thing in there is driving me cra-cra with its grottiness.
  13. Ok, John. You were right. The blue wire to the water temp sender is too long. I'm going to shorten it.
  14. This is sooo much better than the "Spaghetti Mess" I would have made by cannibalizing a set of bespoke V8 wires, running whatever hodge-podge lengths that kit had, and letting it flop wherever it wanted to flop. I'm super grateful to John for a) "taking the tools out of my hands," thus forcing a prettier solution on me, and 2) "taking the tools out of my hands" by building the wires.
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