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  1. This! But at least they have shitty TV commercials. On the plus side, the replacement pump did arrive yesterday. It is exactly the same as the pump I got Friday except it has a little wiring pigtail to convert the wrong plug to the right one (I hope).
  2. RA says they shipped the replacement pump. FedEx says the shipping information has been sent to them but do not acknowledge having my package. I'm not feeling warm and fuzzy about this.
  3. So... I ordered a fuel pump assembly from SuckAsshole... oh, sorry, I meant RockAuto. Paid extra to get it here yesterday so we could install it today. Well, once again, they have royally fucked me by sending the wrong part. Oh, it's close to being the right part, but the critical electrical interface (AKA the damned plug to connect it to the van) is wrong. John made contact with them and setup a replacement, which was good as I was way too pissed off to do it. It was supposed to ship as soon as the part I had was scanned at FedEx, but what I'm seeing on the website is "Item is at warehouse. Should ship Monday 10/19. You should have it Tuesday 10/20." So basically, since I have no delusions that those dumb-fucks are going to send the right part by Wednesday, and I have to work next Saturday, the van is dead in the water for another week and a half. Fuck RockAuto.
  4. I have too much mechanical sympathy for things that I built/own. Burnouts, donuts, drifting, and such are just not my cup of meat.
  5. This is not a thing which I recall happening.
  6. I'm sure we'll give that a go. Have to limp it back to the shop first. There IS one section of Interstate 20 with no right shoulder though, so I might just puss out and call another tow truck. Meow.
  7. Well, it left me stranded this morning. I took off a little quicker than usual (AKA didn't warm up as long as normal), and it coughed a little on throttle tip in. About a mile or so later, just before I turned onto the access road to get on the freeway, it just fell down and died. It gave a few half-hearted attempts at firing on the first few cranks of the starter, but just spun and spun after that. AAA towed me back to the house and, for shits and giggles, I tried the key again. Oh yeah, you guessed it, it fired right up. I left it in the driveway and took her car to work anyway. The tow truck driver suggested fuel pump, while John suggested fuel filter. So I figured, "Ok, I'll do the easy one first." and change the fuel filter. Yeah, Dajibans don't have an external fuel filter. There's a filter on the fuel pump, but not one inline. Yay! I guess we'll be dropping that Hugh Jass fuel tank in the near future. Sure am glad I put 35 gallons of gas in it recently.
  8. I horked up the piece we made Saturday and had to start over from scratch on Sunday. Luckily, the piece of 3/4" square tubing leftover after making that bit was enough for two more cross pieces. A little cutting, drilling, zooking, and bolting later... VOILA! An Jump seat! My head rubs the ceiling unless I slouch, but I think the two girls it was built for will fit fine. John will be doing some serious Quasimodo contortions if he wants to ride back there! Also, I decided to drive it home tonight... I love this thing! If/when we finger out the CEL, it will be the most awesomest Dajiban I have ever owned. There are a couple (wildly out of focus) pictures of the mood lights in action after dark over at the Instant Grams... if you're into that kind of thing.
  9. We got them in today and... It. Does. AWESOME! Video on my Instant Grams. We also got the plastic over the cockpit installed. That was a bit more faff than expected, but it is in now and I couldn't be happier. And the last thing we accomplished was beginning to install a jump-seat. I may go to the shop tomorrow and work on that a little more. We'll see.
  10. We did a test with the stain on Wednesday... it was not as purple as I had hoped, so we're shelving that idea for the time being.
  11. John, looks like the mob has spoken. I guess we're staining it purple!
  12. Fair enough, had not thought of that angle.
  13. Is the width good? I mean, in for a penny, in for a pound. Do we want to look at widening the barrels or replacing them with other steelie barrels in a better width?
  14. So... should we stain the wood purple or leave it natural? I've already bought the stain, I'm just wondering how many folks I'd be pissing off if* I go through with it. *And that word is, of course, pronounced "when"
  15. Just went back for a re-read of this thread... I hate it when these predictions come true.
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