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  1. I need a A12 flywheel if anyone can bring one to Canby... i'll bribe a Canadian to bring it north.
  2. I also have roadster R16, A12 and J13 rads in good shape... will look at them and see what pipes to where
  3. ...so back to this... A12 and an A series 4 speed is what i'm thinking of going with... 1. I need a shorter filter or a remote filter, correct? 2. new tranny mount( seems easy enough) 3. 65 tranny cover 4. do I actually need to relocate the alternator? 5. do the motor mounts line up? 6. Oil pan cut and reversed - correct? 7. A series drive shaft... do i need to make a hybrid one(take out the U joint and mate the J series shaft to it?, or will an A series one fit directly to the rear diff if shortened?
  4. P5L0-240727 !?!?!?! You have 510 P5L0-240727!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! that is amazing... that is the very 510 that John Morton and some Playboy Bunny conceived the second coming of Christ in!!!! AND Wait! there's MORE!!! Jimmy Hoffa took his last ride to the cement factory in the trunk of this car, John Lennon thought up the lyrics to "imagine" whilst fondling Yoko in the back seat of this car, Steve Jobs lost his virginity in this car, this car ran over Donald Trumps baby hands back in 1972, ensuring that they would never grow into real hands. This car was used as a stunt double on the Dukes of Hazzard, as a test simulator for the Space Shuttle program, and was the inspiration for the TV show "Friends". On a lesser note, this car was once rumoured to be dating Pamela Anderson,, and if you look closely frame by frame, you can see it lurking in the BG of the infamous Paris Hilton Sex Tape. This 510 is the most amzing 510 ever... after the BRE 46 of course... i mean com'n... some things are sacred after all.
  5. I have a matching one in my back yard if you need 2 and i also have bezels and housings.
  6. I have the top tranny already hooked to a J13.
  7. i have 1 out of a 1965 320, which i think is the original 320 tranny, the second one is out of a 68 521, which is quite different in shape.
  8. 73mm bore on the j13, 78mm bore on the J15... same stroke... hmmm
  9. i want to see if you can fit J15 pistons in one. Apparently it's supposed to be the same block. Just don't know if its just bored 40 over to make the 200cc .. or bored and stroked.
  10. the larger factor actually is that i don't have an A series tranny. I have 2 J floor shift 4 speeds. I'm not going to really rebuild the J13... no machine shop... just strip it down, clean it up and refresh all the gaskets.
  11. I'm going to dig into my other J13 a bit more. it was a runner, but it freaks me out because it has a wood tree know for one of its frost plugs... going to pull that out first and see if i can get a real frost plug to stick... if it does, i'll do a gasket and seal refresh and drop that in... I have a new j series carb and a new distributor coming, so as long as it has decent compression and nothings stuck, it will do for the 80 miles of driving it will have this summer on the TV show. i have a J 13 with 2 floor shift trannys and a J13 mated to the 4 speed column shift. going to use one of the floor shifts as I have the 65 tranny pan.
  12. yah... might go back to doing a quick rebuild of one of my J13's. i do have a 65 tunnel.
  13. have a nice A12 and need to get my 320 running asap... can fab anything sorta... just need a plan stan!
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