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pic's of your 1200


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Lauran, you really need to add some text to this first post. Is it stock or have mods? How long have you had it? Where did you find it? What are your plans for it? How did you come to own a Datsun? More pictures are always welcome too



Whoopsies! It's pretty much stock with just mild upgrades. I bought it 2 years ago from a tow yard. When I bought it it was a mess with lambo doors and air bag suspension. Originally wanted to put in a larger engine and a 5 speed but never got around to it so I just drove it around stock, actually am looking to sell this right now and have just placed an ad!

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You might guess by my Ratsun name that I have a thing for 1200s and yes, you'd be right...

The 1200 Coupe was my first car and will always hold that special place that first cars occupy.  I had more fun and got into more trouble with this car than any car since.  :thumbup:


1974... Stock except for wheels & Spook. 12" US Mag Slots in front and 13" ET Mags in the rear clad in RWL tires.



1975... Same wheels, now with Michelin XZX (F 155/12, R 165/13 - crappy tires BTW).  Added spoiler in rear, bigger carb jets, lighter distributor springs, Cyclone Tri-Y header and 1.5" exhaust with 30" glass pack.







1976... Autocross pic.  Wheels now Motor Rim & Wheel Octavos with 175/70-13 (Vredestein Sprints I think). Other modifications include Koni struts & shocks, rear stabilizer bar and Nissan competition clutch.  In this configuration, the car handled great and was a hoot to drive.  All the while returning 44 MPG on  the freeway.



1977... No mechanical changes but changed paint, added sunroof, Vitaloni Baby Tornado electric mirrors  and cruise control.



Hopped you liked this brief walk through the mid 70s. B)

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Any from the 80s or 90s?  ^_^

Wish I did... Wish I still had it now... Who new they would be so Cool!  I was young and foolish.  I could only afford one car.  I had to sell the 1200 to buy my next car, a BMW 320i.

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