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  1. This builds getting off the heasy. Updates soon.
  2. I have 4 total Hasegawa kits. 2 built and 2 yet to be built. They are my favorite. I also built a Doyusha 1/24 Coupe vintage from the 70s
  3. So a fairlady roadster clutch? Did you confirm this fits an A12 flywheel?
  4. Time Left: 1 day and 10 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    1980 Datsun 1200 ute. Datsun B120. Sunny truck. Imported legally. Right hand drive. A14. 4 speed. Lots of new parts. Fender flares. 15x8, 15x9 Shakotan Price negotiable.


    Phillipsburg - US

  5. In actually an architect. The rear is a H165. 5 speed 60a. The previous version of this A12 turbo motor which had around 140hp did fine on the 4 speed and the H165 it had. The problem qas the clutch slipped bad. Im using the same rear but 60a 5 speed this time around
  6. $800 blows the budget. But sharing the link and the rest of the advice is important and appreciated
  7. The SPEC stage 2 looks nice too ?
  8. Thanks DF. I also found this one. I was thinking of buying it after the holidays https://californiaclutch.com/product/nissan-stage-2-clutch-kit-package?v=7516fd43adaa
  9. I parked my 1200 in a fuel efficient vehicle spot once. By today's standards its pretty fuel efficient so i think it qualifies ?
  10. njoz1200ute

    Got a 1200 again

    Is the KA swap as much of a headache as many people have rumoured? Did you make your own harness or is there one available to buy?
  11. What clutch do you all reccomend on a high powered A12 turbo motor? 200hp shooting for ?
  12. Got the A12 on a stand ready to strip down for cleaning and paint
  13. Porsche 914 seats fit well. I had a set for a few weeks but traded them.
  14. The rota wheels ended up being too wide in the back. Not sure i will end of using them. This body is way too nice to cut up for fender flares. In other news, the A14 engine is gone. This build will now be A12gx turbo EFI. Stay tuned. No pun intended
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