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  1. @pnwtristin is his IG so hit the sap up
  2. nice build! one of the perks of lockdown plenty of time to get to the back burner projects
  3. i mentioned your engine issue to my mitsu guru and his response: Very odd. I have to wonder if they did porting on the oil pressure bypass? Second I'd look at the cylinder walls and make sure a piston pin hasn't walked (uncommon but I've seen it). Another thing is the balance shaft delete. If they didn't use the oenophile 1.6 style stub shaft it can cause issues. The oem style has and oiling groove the knock offs don't have.
  4. just passing along the sad news, this ka24de-t coupe was totaled a few years ago. met the current owner who bought it as spare parts
  5. hey we are definitely low on bitch moan & wines this year. not a good sign :rofl:
  6. got mine one of my favorites of all time major props to kaidohouse
  7. man they need to beef up security to keep the panhandlers out
  8. epic when the announcer was in the middle of warning people: "Everyone Needs to Behave... There's Unmarked Police Patrolling the Perimeter!" but was interrupted by a goofus in a z32tt doing a wacko loud reckless 300ft burnout
  9. @mike you realize when you write "jccs" the "s" stands for "show"? :rofl: anyway see you guys here
  10. @riaan140z contact these guys http://lescollinsracing.com/engine/projects-engine/lz20b-rally new chain + gears, etc. have to be fabbed up, and aust. is the place to have it done
  11. not naming any names butt a certain individual is having a lot of fun at other people's expense
  12. if you're anti-globalist then drumpff is the only choice (assuming he's as good as his word) interesting quote i found adding more depth to our understanding of the neo-liberal deception re: TPP (if all ratsuners don't know what TPP is then we're doomed)
  13. i think mike's all roused up because he sorta resembles finicum if anybody's can pull themselves off this topic for a few minutes, check out the indexed/cataloged 32,000 private hillary emails just released by WIKILEAKS https://twitter.com/wikileaks
  14. behold the rise of facist amerika https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgWogXHbdbE
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