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  1. I can see this being true , but the first time out stop light racing and they spool the turbo up to take off , parts may start going towards the ground. Whats the point of building a 200hp motor if your going to be gentle with it. If I'm making power ,I'm using all of it .
  2. Way back in the day I maybe made 100 hp and could break a 60a, ( usually the rear end first ) . My buddy has a quaffe tranny behind his roughly 180hp a15 track 1200 car and his friend has one behind his 200ish horse power 510 .....and the 510 has broken it twice now.( My buddy is now scared to take the car out now because of how much the tranny cost and watching his friend break his twice)
  3. Which A series tranny can even hold 200 hp, assuming it's making in the neighborhood of that in torque. Would a 63a even handle that without blowing up? What rear end is being run? 190H?
  4. I think Im getting close to that at least....I don't even look at the receipts anymore.....close my eyes and spend
  5. Well, I just realized I hadn't updated the page forever( busy with work and stuff) I have been super lazy on working on the car, but have a bit done .I wet sanded the car and buffed it ( scariest thing I have ever done to a paint job). I got the car fitted and and started to putting it back together. I ordered a new headliner, and tried my hand at that . Im still not done ,but have 80 percent of it in . I had to stick in the windshield by myself ,so that was a joy and I decided to pull my heater box and my dash and clean and reassemble. I spent a small fortune on sound deadening and i hope she will be nice to drive.
  6. https://www.motortrendondemand.com/detail/1972-datsun-510/0_nv4qbp87 You probably wont be able to view unless you are a member of Motor Trend on demand ( they are now owned by Discovery/Velocity)
  7. I was just flipping through my Motor Trend On demand and saw there was a 510 on the front ... I started to watch a quick bit of it before work and they said they were going to a 510 farm in California ..... he roles up to 510keepers house
  8. It looks like a member here made a brief appearance on the show . I just saw 510 keeper sell Mike a car ... not sure if it’s been mentioned yet
  9. Short box unicab.....nice
  10. A guy I buy parts from came into a bunch of old car magazines. He' been clipping them out for me , cause he knows I like Datsuns.
  11. That's nice ....My first one was that color ...I almost painted mine that color .
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