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pic's of your 1200


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Pictures of 1200's? Well, this one's my street hack. I don't own any other registered car, so I need to look after it. I bought it on e-bay & had it trucked to me about two years ago & fixed up all the things that needed fixin'. The car under wraps in the garage is a friends Datsun 1200 race Coupe.

So there you have it. I own a KB10 & a KB110




It needed a complete cooling system overhaul [all new stuff including radiator] & complete brake overhaul. It has lowered King springs at the front, but the new gas shocks push the front back up again. Bummer.


I have another set of wheels [no-namo Watinabe wannabee's] & will fit some better [bigger] rear tyres at about the same time that the rear springs get reset for a little height reduction. All four shocks are as new, but are gas types & more suited to competition, [rough riders] so these will all be replaced, ... with Koni's if I can find some. The fitting of non-gas shocks will lower it another 1/2 to 3/4 inch by itself & if I can get Koni's, I will set the ride quality just where I want it, ...... nice & smoooooth.


It's currently a dead stock 1200 with auto, but the plan is to replace the motivator with the A15 in my shed & a Jatco 4N71B trans. The overdrive will help the cruise & the auto will be a contrast with the 5 speed in my 1000 coupe. Hey, I'm old & I need a little comfort sometimes.

The A15 will get the factory twin Hitachi setup from the GX model. [please don't call 'em SU's] This induction still produces good vacuum, which these autos need & the A15's half inch increase in stroke over the 1200 engine should produce the torque that autos like too.


By using the engine crossmember from a 1974 & later model 1200 Ute I can install the A15 without engine mount mods as these later 1200's all used the newer type engine & the crossmember was changed to suit. Datsun interchangeability, now you gotta love that.



Now for something that's really different




There would be only a handfull of these in existance on the planet & both of these were owned by the same person at the time the pictures were taken. The red one has since been sold & is up for sale once more.

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a Ute is just the newer version of the NL320!


The NL320 'IS' a Ute.


The word Utility, usually shortened down to 'Ute' is used to describe a body style in the same way that 'Coupe' or 'Convertible' are used to describe particular body types.


Utilities have a one piece boody from the rear of the door opening to the rearmost part of the body while pickups have a separate & detachable 'pickup bed'


The Ute was invented here at about the same time that Pickups were invented in the US, namely the early to mid 20's & the earliest Utes were ragtop models & are rightly known as 'Roadster Utilities' while the hard top verson was not seen untill 1934. These are 'Coupe Utilities' & sales of the Roadster versions went into decline from the day that the Coupe Ute went on sale. The last of the Roadster Utes were seen in the year that the second world war broke out [1939]


The US didn't see a real Ute untill the Ranchero of 1957.

So what you have is a Datsun NL320 Ute. Good score.


The car under the wraps is nothing out of the ordinary, with its A14 engine, although it is in the shed while waiting for a heart transplant. The A14 is being 'freshened up' but it's a slow process since his 1200 four door sedan, as well as family life seem to suck up all the available resources. [money]


Here is the car under the wraps. It was his daily ride for many years untill it was developed to a point where it was not practical to drive on the street & it was relegated to competition duty only. The paint job is more recent & looks great. The yellow 1200 coupe on the other side runs a very competitive L20b


The blue four door is his current street ride. The three blokes scratching their heads are trying to figure out how an original 1200 engine can be made to run so well. The one at the back is phoning a friend to get a clue.

The Datsun 1200 four door Sedan was not sold in the US, & we never got the two door.



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Hi KB10-man,


It's amazing the things I learn here. I didn't realize your progress on your 1200, or your part in Benny's blue/silver race coupe. You don't talk about it much on http://datsun1200.com (or maybe I didn't hear because of the noise there).


Your 1200 coupe is looking really good. Those watanabe/minilite-style wheels are the classic never-go-out-of-style types. Do you have a picture with them fitted yet?


How come your Datsun 1000 Coupe is not registered for street? Is it still at the Datto Doctor's place?


"Datsun 1200 Coupe, the next best thing to a Datsun 1000 Coupe". I am not very good at making up slogans. That reminds me there is a Datsun 1000 Sedan for sale in Vancouver.

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Most of the work on the 1200 coupe was done in the first year when my son had it. I did the work, but he had the car.

The new wheels have not been fitted as I want to powder coat them & fit new tyres, & that has had to wait while the bank account slowly healed after the high cost Xmas period. I also want to further upgrade the whole suspension at the same time so I am keeping an eye open for the right shocks.

Next on the list would be the S13 front brake upgrade, but I don't know about the H165 rear end conversion. It might not be warranted, even though I now have the missing bearing caps for the alloy H156 Diff Carrier. If I do use it, it would be for the larger drum brakes & I would be looking for some alloy drums for it [Z car?] Gotta keep that unsprung mass down a bit.


The engine & trans swap comes last.


The only role that I have played in Benny's coupe is to photograph it, so he gets all the credit for its construction & appearance.

My 1000 coupe is still with the Nice Car Doctor at the Car Hospital, but will hopefully be home again within a month or so.


Datsun 1200, your first 'good' car. [how's that sound?]

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Yes, in "slang" Aussies use it to mean any kind of truck. However, technically it is a knickname for the Coupe Utility body style, which is a truck with cargo bed integral to the bodywork. The type was invented in Australia in the 1930s, long before the El Camino and Ranchero.


Here's an article on the 1956 Ford Mainline Star, a year before the '57 Ranchero: 1956 Ute

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