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  1. Yes, it is the short one, I realized that I hadn't listed the banjo bolt for the Sentra caliper, as SOMETIMES they are missing from the calipers when I have ordered them from RockAuto in the past. I appreciate you adding this brake info to your site as getting the right part the first time makes these swap/upgrades that much easier!
  2. The banjo bolt for the Sentra Caliper used in this brake upper grade is a RAYBESTOS H5381 {#463560E00A, 46462SE0000} $3.15 OR NISSAN 463560E00A for about $5.85, both available from rockauto.com
  3. You can download the suspension manual here for free: http://datsun1200.com/modules/mydownloads/ I think I MAY have a set, of copies, of the prints, they are full scale like 3x5 feet, I will start search and destroy mission as I have hidden them from myself! I will message you when found.
  4. 1200's do not have fuel pump in the gas as a stock location, this is wiring for gas level sending unit... leads to gas gauge in the dash instrument cluster. Stock fuel pump location is on the dizzy side of the engine block, is mechanical and is run by a eccentric lob on the camshaft. UNLESS.. it has been replaced by an inline electric fuel pump, and then there will be block off plate where the original pump mounted.
  5. The 728 cylinder head came on the "FU" engine, small round port, open chamber head, engine produced 65hp and all came with 63a 5 speed transmission in the B210 coupes. It was an economy engine built for good mileage not performance. Compression ratio of 8.5 to 1 and pistons had 5.37mm dish. So this narrows your engine down to a B210 from 77-78. My Datsun 1200 had factory rating of 69hp
  6. The casting number on the cylinder head will tell you about when the engine was made and what model of car. The cast # in located under the valve cover at #4 cylinder. IF it has H72, it is from a B210 75-78, IF it has H95 it is from a Datsun 210 79-82
  7. Speedway Motors: https://www.speedwaymotors.com/RideTech-59070175-Coil-Spring-7-Length-175-Lbs-In-2-5-ID,338696.html
  8. Craig: I may have a set of A14 210 steering arms. Email me a picture of the ones you have and I will attempt to see if these match with the larger tie rod tapped hole... if you wish to avoid future confusion and/or find/hunt for a limited part.
  9. Since you are going KA2.4, you MAY want to talk to other 1200 owners who have gone down that path, it tends to be a bit nose heavy, but great in a straight line. The amount of torque that engine puts out, you may be looking to put H190 rear axle assembly under the car, unless you are considering a narrowed Ford with more gear ratio options. Good Luck!
  10. Datsun 1200's, both coupes and sedans, imported in US and Canada had factory front disc brakes. If you have been on the 1200.com site there is a whole section on front disc brake swaps. Listed in there is a bolt-on Datsun 210 79-82 (model310) front brake swap Most of the brake swap do call for larger wheels, most require 14" or larger wheels. Klotz and I came up with front swap using 240sx rotor and Sentra calipers, for A engine series powered cars! (A12 thru A15) IF you are planing on a larger engine, the 280zx front strut/brake swap in highly recommended, this is/was done by many Canadian 1200 owners, as the 280zx struts were plentiful.
  11. Would a engine bay wiring harness in fairly good shape help?? I MAY have one, let me know it's a need, before I start unloading totes. Getting organized is looking great, not wasting time digging through unmarked boxes, helps keep you on track- looking good. Plus it's easy to get caught-up in silly season, the first of the New Year is close at hand- resolutions?? Maybe not that committed.
  12. Sometimes grouping the bits of the project into jobs that kinda sorta go together : Perhaps start with the pulling the dash, installing a stock 1200 tach is MUCH easier with the dash out of the car. Then the rest of the wiring. Same with the front suspension and camber plates, install lowering blocks on rear springs, have it aligned- drive the car! I try to keep the jobs to what I can do in three days- drive the car! The five speed swap in a bit more involved, and yes it is tempting to replace the pedal box with the dash out but the car is down for longer and easy to get bogged down. You may also consider installing the clutch master cylinder bolts through the firewall with the dash out, so they are there when you need them. Familiarize yourself with the bolts that attached the pedal box, take pictures with the dash out- its helpful when under the dash later. If it's not the way you want it- then you are not driving the shit-out-of-it, & that what 1200's are all about!
  13. http://motormasterpowersports.com/atv-utv/staked-in-u-joint-430-9 Check this out these from Rockford Driveline.
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