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  1. Morrisun

    Rear disk brakes

    Since you are going KA2.4, you MAY want to talk to other 1200 owners who have gone down that path, it tends to be a bit nose heavy, but great in a straight line. The amount of torque that engine puts out, you may be looking to put H190 rear axle assembly under the car, unless you are considering a narrowed Ford with more gear ratio options. Good Luck!
  2. Morrisun

    Rear disk brakes

    Datsun 1200's, both coupes and sedans, imported in US and Canada had factory front disc brakes. If you have been on the 1200.com site there is a whole section on front disc brake swaps. Listed in there is a bolt-on Datsun 210 79-82 (model310) front brake swap Most of the brake swap do call for larger wheels, most require 14" or larger wheels. Klotz and I came up with front swap using 240sx rotor and Sentra calipers, for A engine series powered cars! (A12 thru A15) IF you are planing on a larger engine, the 280zx front strut/brake swap in highly recommended, this is/was done by many Canadian 1200 owners, as the 280zx struts were plentiful.
  3. Would a engine bay wiring harness in fairly good shape help?? I MAY have one, let me know it's a need, before I start unloading totes. Getting organized is looking great, not wasting time digging through unmarked boxes, helps keep you on track- looking good. Plus it's easy to get caught-up in silly season, the first of the New Year is close at hand- resolutions?? Maybe not that committed.
  4. Sometimes grouping the bits of the project into jobs that kinda sorta go together : Perhaps start with the pulling the dash, installing a stock 1200 tach is MUCH easier with the dash out of the car. Then the rest of the wiring. Same with the front suspension and camber plates, install lowering blocks on rear springs, have it aligned- drive the car! I try to keep the jobs to what I can do in three days- drive the car! The five speed swap in a bit more involved, and yes it is tempting to replace the pedal box with the dash out but the car is down for longer and easy to get bogged down. You may also consider installing the clutch master cylinder bolts through the firewall with the dash out, so they are there when you need them. Familiarize yourself with the bolts that attached the pedal box, take pictures with the dash out- its helpful when under the dash later. If it's not the way you want it- then you are not driving the shit-out-of-it, & that what 1200's are all about!
  5. http://motormasterpowersports.com/atv-utv/staked-in-u-joint-430-9 Check this out these from Rockford Driveline.
  6. I have wanted to stagger the rear shocks and decided that this year was as good as any. As stiff as the rear springs in Smurf are they do tend to "wrap-up" at times. Staggering the shocks should eliminate this condition, after this much work, I will find out- soon. Cut brackets, the U channel was mostly for locating but decided to leave it place. Mocking up parts, using left side lower shock mount on the right side so shock would be in front of axle housing. Part of the floor cut and bent-up for welding in of sheet metal box. Shock support bracket welded to orginal shock cross member, sheet metal box and u channel welded to the floor pan. Going to autocross race in Astoria Oregon with NWAA on August 10th & 11th, should be a good test.
  7. Sometimes picking at a scab is not the best thing to do.. Panel had been welded in, beat in & filled with plastic filler. Surgery, off with the old and on with some better old?? Lots of careful cutting and fitting on both replacement panel and the car. Time for some help Back together. Trunk floor replacement & fuel cell install to come...
  8. Datsun A series engines A13, A14, A15 & A12A all used metric flywheel bolts, the A12 used 3/8x24 UNF thread bolts. Lynchburg Nissan has 2 sets, http://datnissparts.com/set-of-6-flywheel-bolts-datsun-a12a-a13-a14-a15-b210-210-b310-310-n10-12315-h6200/ $42.00 OR if these are gone... NEW bolts: https://www.ebay.com/itm/DATSUN-1200-Ute-Flywheel-Bolts-6-Pieces-Genuine-Fits-NISSAN-B120-A12-A14-A15/371334150791?epid=1840354823&hash=item56753d7a87:g:jCYAAOSweW5VYXoJ $62.00 My experience with the B models of cars, the pedal boxes are the same. Remove the MC push rod and return springs, remove the bolt securing the pedal and install the manual clutch and brake pedal, make sure to install thin bushings and spacers, on the mounting bolt in correct order.
  9. Here is a link to your conversion: http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=Manual_transmission_conversion has some good info/parts needed list Factory flywheel bolts are no longer available, Bproject, ebay has them link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/DATSUN-1200-Ute-Flywheel-Bolts-6-Pieces-Genuine-Fits-NISSAN-B120-A12-A14-A15/371334150791?epid=1840354823&hash=item56753d7a87:g:jCYAAOSweW5VYXoJ $62.00 free shipping 2-3 weeks! Starters are basically the same, no difference between manual and automatic, however SOME of the A15 engines used a gear reduction starter. (Good idea if building high compression engine. Cross member link: http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=Gearbox_Crossmember#B310
  10. That's Nelson drooling...I sold him some 1200 parts including a quarter panel for his coupe.. the pressure is on, less than 25 days to the next show, will he show??
  11. https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/d/blaine-1971-datsun-1200-coupe/6887269946.html For only $17,500 Canadian $$'s, great looking car!
  12. I bought a 1971 coupe from David a couple of years ago along with a 1200 sedan. I took everything! Thanks to both David for the parts and Rick; Powerhouse for the heads-ups and the parts score.
  13. Datsun B210 and 210 rear end assemblies, will fit right under Morris Minor, I have a 510 wagon rear end under my 1959 Morris Van. These rear ends are almost the same width as the stock Morris Minor rear ends, as BMC used the same rear ends for the traveler, pickup, van and 2 & 4 door models. You can use reducing bushing (will need to make these yourself) into the B210 spring pads and use the stock MM u-bolt plate on the bottom.
  14. Morrisun

    pic's of your 1200

    [ 1st Annual Datsun Garage New Years Day Cruise Stopping for race gas fill-up, for the 510! It was a bit on the cool side, all of us running sidedrafts without water heated manifolds, my SU's were not too happy, but still good fun. Fog but no rain! Talk is of doing this each New Years Day... weather permitting, it is southwest Washington!
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