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pic's of your 1200


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13 minutes ago, KELMO said:

1200 Sedan, my first love.



Didn't have a dog back then, now I got 4 (dogs and Datsuns).


I can relate, Bro!  I paid $1000 for that Coupe. Drove it daily for three years, and the only time it broke down on me was when the fuel line clogged up.  100lbs of compressed air fixed that, and drove it two more years until I sold it. 

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I was 18 or19 (ish) without a penny in savings and my Honda 550Four crapped the bed. Worked at a Mercedes dealer and it was on the back lot. $300.00 +TTL and they took $50.00 per pay check until it was paid off. Drove for 3-5 years and sold it to a buddy of mine for $50.00. He found the coupe body, transferred the power train and drove it for 2-3 years. Would have been '93 or 95 when he parked it.

Fast forward to 2005, he asked me if I wanted it. Dumb question. Towed it home, hooked up a battery, our some gas down it's throat, boom started.

Now in 2018 it is the grey coupe. So, technically, the same car (mostly) that I had first purchased.



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And that is why I have them on both cars.(imagine proper emoji here)


The 14's on that car I have had so long I can't remember where they came from. The 12's on the green car I got from Morrisun. (98% sure about that)

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Here's an old 1200 that my buddy used to road race with, later on was used for Solo2 (autocross) racing. OMG the car was so light and nimble, a set of race slicks lasted a long time. Last I heard about the car, the next owner still had it.

LSCC super weekend_1200.jpg

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I use Imgur.

Load your pics, before you load resize to message board size. Then go to your images, pick one and hit the BBC code to copy and paste into your response.


It works well for this old guy (OG?). There are other ways but I find this to be the easiest.


Now, git off my lawn.

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1 hour ago, graveltrapp said:

No, it was stock when I got it off a guy 7years ago in Bellevue Washington, he had it for a few months.

since then, I put an A15 with the GX head, intake and exhaust and a dogleg,,, rips pretty good now.


Ah got it. I tried to buy one just like this from a guy in Beaverton. It didn't work out.. but it was a nice car. A14 60A 5 speed. It needed some work, but it was a great car. 

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