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  1. I was fortunate enough to find some factory wing mirrors at an affordable price, just by being at the right place at the right time.Install photos:
  2. Back in May 2020 I was able to get the dash installed. In this pandemic I was able to get lots of work done on the car being in self-isolation.More pictures and updates to come.Regarding the dash, I had years ago installed some LED lights and they are working great. I also highlighted the round gauge bezels with some gold.I am not planning on using the radio for either a radio or CD player. I have some radio delete plates I custom 3D printed that I am going to install similar to what I did on my previous Project Avocado 1200 coupe.
  3. Mine and many non usdm models have staked u joints which are non serviceable
  4. Poor black betty getting no love. I will start working on you soon, I promise.
  5. Your work is highly commendable, good job on the car, keep it going.
  6. I got shafted today by the driveshaft shop. They informed me my u joints are non-serviceable, which was apparently my bad luck as Datsun/Nissan did this to a fair few model cars including my Datsun B120. Need to have it all remade custom. Or get another one from Australia which probably also has worn u-joints for around the same price, LOL
  7. Next order of business - seats. Seats seats seats. I have been through 1,2,3,4? Sets of seats trying to get the right fit in my 1200 ute/sunny truck. Nothing seems to work as well as stock seats and I cannot find stock seats in the USA unless people are junking them from their imported car which usually happens on the other side of the country and shipping is cost prohibitive. I could have brought seats back with me from Aus, but they wouldn't have fit in my carry-on LOL. 1st seats were stock USDM coupe seats which were way too thick 2nd seats were ebay cheapies which were too skinny 3rd seats were Sparco sprints. Didnt like the fit 4th seats were Porsche 914. Sit way too low and weren't that comfortable. 5th set of seats and what I am sticking with are a new product from Sickspeed. I really like them. They are obviously a copy of Bride seats but in a funny way I kind of like it because of that fact. The are Sickspeed Suzuka seats reclinable. They also come in a fixed back - which I was considering but in the good ole General Ree I had reclining seats and it was handy for storing stuff under and behind the seat such as jumper leads, etc... So with the 5th set of seats come the 5th set of seat rails, custom made. I am getting good at it by the 5th time. Measure, cut, weld, prime, paint, assemble, curse when they dont fit. Resize, repeat.
  8. usually they can't comprehend RHD at the gas station. In my state they are full service. But for my own sake I'm gonna always fill up across the state border so I can pump the gas myself and not have it spill all over my interior by some other idiot.
  9. I got a motorcycle style push to lock type fuel cap. Otherwise you are right it would stick up and cause the door not to close. This one is okay though since its relatively flush.
  10. For budgetary and time restrictions I have decided to put the turbo and accessories related to turbo on HOLD.Therefore i decided to go back to a carburetored setup. Twin Dellorto DHLA 40. Purchased a manifold setup from Japan.Before the pandemic I was able to get the following completed:Radiator swapPurchased modified and installed headers. The headers needed adjustment to clear the intake manifold and the left engine mountRadiator hoses installed. I went with a metallic bendy hose setup and painted them copper to match my headersHeater hoses installed.Headers wrapped and painted with high temp coatingRadiator fan test fitted.Decided to omit Engine FanCustom fuel filler started. The previous owner welded over the standard fuel door for that "shaved" look and I wanted to respect and maintain that. Rather than put the fuel filler on the inside of the tray or hide it somewhere else on the car, I decided to hide it in the door jamb. Yes it will make fumes. No I don't care. Make all the bad comments you want about it. This is the internet after-all.Pictures:
  11. Time Left: 5 days and 15 hours

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    As title suggests. Will pay postage to new Jersey 08865 zip code


    Phillipsburg , New Jersey - US

  12. I recommend Molotow chrome pens. I use them for my scale modelling all the time, expensive, but well worth it.
  13. I'm still plowing forward on the 1200 ute project aka sunny truck whichever you prefer. So i have not had much time to play around with Black Betty. I did manage to get it fired up and drove it about 40 feet into my storage area. Thought I would splash up a few Friday piccies.
  14. Once I have my 3rd built I will definitely post pics!!
  15. I would love to buy one of those 🙂
  16. Here is a picture from the day I picked her up. Drove 14 hours round trip solo to get the car. That was a crazy day. And here is the 240z that I let go to get the 1200. Too far gone for my skills and wallet.
  17. So I made the mistake many Datsun owners do, I bought another project car while I am already working on a project car. But I call it forward planning 😉 Its a 1970 1200 Sedan, I nicknamed it "Black Betty". Shes rough but shes got some balls. This is the 7th?? 1200 I have had over the years. Starting to lose count. The ole ball and chain lets me only own 2 at a time. I gave up my 1971 240z for this car. But I would rather have a 1200. Not sure I was meant for the "Z" world anyways. This one has a CA18det engine swap, first time owning a swapped 1200. Pics to come.
  18. Admin any chance of moving my thread to the 1200 section like Drake the Pickle??? No one comments on here from the 1200 crowd 🤥 Feeling lonely.
  19. Car looks great Draker, just read the whole thread. Keep up the good work!
  20. The Hayashi racing A-series ones are even better! Bit pricey though but I know the maker of these personally and could get you "mates" rates.
  21. I have only 4 tubs in the garage. and 4 in the basement. What a n00b I am. 14 is my life goal.
  22. This is the stock H165 for the Australian market B120
  23. Well you could be the one to finally post PICTURES of the finished product. Lol
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