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What have you done to your 1200 lately


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well im just looking for something with a lower profile than the the stock l18s carby. I'm planning on some sidedrafts but i thought that if the efi is pretty common i might go that way but i love the sound of dual sidedroughts so i'll just stick to tracking some of those down. The carby situation is all i have left to solve in order to get my l18 in my 1200 but funds are going to beautify the exterior first so the carbs will have to wait.

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Smurf is alive!



Rebuilt motor bought from DRIVEN- thanks Jess, it runs great! And to Dave Chick for installing my motor while I was a little under the weather. Installed 5 speed 210 that I purchased from Pumkin. Ready for Blue Lake!

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Been wanting new sway bar frame mounting bushings and found a company with choices by diameter of your sway bar, After making sure that I did have HD 20mm Datsun 1200 sway bar, I ordered 20mm prothane greaseable bushings and straps.






Cleaned the sway bar greased the bar and the bushings, with grease provided in the kit, after fitting them in place first.






Installed the straps and started the bolts back in on each side and tighten them down.




Had to drill out and tap blind nut to larger size because nut was stripped on passenger side and one bolt on the drivers side broke loose, but only for about a full turn. The other bolt came right out so shot a little PB Blaster up in the hole in the direction of the other rusty bolt and SLOWLY work the stuck bolt back and forth until I got it out WITHOUT breaking it off in the blind nut. Mo' better than drilling and tapping! Link to EnergySuspensionParts.com I used 191163 Kit with shipping was $18.05


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Bought some rims for it. The black centered ones are 13x5 and the back two are a matched set of 14x5.5. Went staggered in the dia. so I could lower the front and hopefully keep my turning radius and then run a taller tire on the rear for better freeway RPMs with out having to much sidewall. Wish they all had the aged white spokes, I'd run them that way if they did.



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