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  1. Would you be willing to ship to 98037. I don't have the cash to drop on these at the moment but I could save. they would be great on my car. Just need adapters. Let me know.
  2. Oh here's some pics of the new ride BTW if anyone wants to follow my build I will post the link to it here. Here
  3. I actually didn't. He is kind of a tool in my opinion which is weird being that he is from Canada. He kept calling me bro... anyway here are the photos.
  4. The car sold today for 23 cold hard American Benjamins. I'm sad to see it go but I'm glad it is. BTW I don't need another GT (that's the model your talking about) my dad already has one I'm going to be helping him work on. see you Datsun freaks in another life! Maybe I will be back some day.
  5. I knew you would understand when I told you what car I wanted. I can dream right....
  6. HEY! I'm not a quitter I just figure I have had enough fun with this car and I want to get the car I am really after. I would have more than one car but I still live at home and my mother does not approve of more than one car. My dream car is an Opel Manta and that is what I am after now. I love this little 1200 and I have to say it is hard to sell it but I have had 2 Opel GTs that both were wrecked by my sister and I have to say that Opels is where my heart lies. I am glad I have had the experience of restoring this Datsun and it has taught me a lot. I appreciate all the help I got from you guys here. Now someone hurry up and buy it!
  7. no bites..... these wheels are in great shape and have brand new tires a steal at $475!
  8. stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil available!
  9. I don't really want to separate them but if they don't sell soon I would want 25 bucks shipped for the center caps even though I know they aren't work that much. Like I said I don't want to separate them.
  10. bumpity come on guys shoot me an offer these have brand new tires and everything!
  11. check the back of the wheels they should have Enkei cast into them. If they don't then they are reps
  12. I am selling a set of 4 real Enkei 92s with the center caps. These wheels have almost zero curb rash and all four of the original center caps. The tires are all weather have less than 500 miles on them so they are pretty much brand new. I am asking $475.00 or best offer. I can also separate the tires and rims. If you just want the rims I can sell them for $330.00. here are the specs 14" diameter 6.5" width 3.83" backspacing 4x114.3 bolt pattern +15 offset 175/65/14 tires almost brand new call or text me (425) 232-5929 texting gets quicker replys I don't really want to ship them but can if you really want them. -Aron C.
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