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What have you done to your 1200 lately


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  • 3 months later...

Sometimes you buy a 1200 hoping that it could be road worthy again, and then...


under the tin...tar


Under the front tins..3 tabs shingles??



Left rear rocker


Behind what was left of front core support


The left front "frame horn" just a bit of rust through!


The final pile...the roof at the back had rust through the C pillar on both sides, saved the running gear, front suspension and glass- too bad!


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My B120 is in about the same state of rustiness. I'm going to be chopping the front end off and tube chassis'ing it using Datsun 620 front suspension, then fitting an L-series 6cyl from a mate's 260C. The trans tunnel and some cuts from the firewall will be used to repair my 1200 SSS replica, and cuts from the LH inner fender will be donated to my mate's KB110 project. We don't waste a thing around here haha!

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Fixed these haven't worked since I bought my 1200 five years ago



Was bolted on the wrong side of the core support. No wonder I couldn't figure out which wire it went to. Moved the horn to the other side and now it works.



* Front right turn signal (wires hooked up backwards)

* Side right turn signal

* Front right running lights (bulb glass was shattered)

It has the wrong front combo lights, they should be JDM but they have three filaments in them. The wiring harness only has provision for two (there's an extra wire coming out of the lamp assembly that doesn't connect to anything).


Cut the wiring harness open and FINALLY found the water temp send wire (Yellow/White wire). Turns out it was taped up inside the harness by the previous owner. Gauge still not working though...


Connected the engine block breather lines. No more hole in the side of the block, but now the PCV is connected. The header comes down right in front of the block hole, so stock breather tube won't fit. Created one out of copper pipe that does a 90 right when it comes out of the block.


Removed the NISMO fuel pump, engine compartment now looks much cleaner.

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well lately i was trying to get the car going so i could at least drive it to the datsun matsuri event in Kelowna but that didn't work out. I ran into a few snags with a seized slave cylinder. When i got that fixed i tried to bleed the clutch that didn't work. It turns out that in my fury of pedal pressing to dislodge the seized slave cylinder i bent the rod leading into the master cylinder. Now that needs to be addressed.



I'm also trying to track down a set of cheap tires for my new 14x6 EK 32s The 225's that came on them when i bought the set are way too balloony and don't even come close to fitting. I'm trying to find some 165/55/14

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well i have a couple of parts cars so the slave cylinder was free and is already on, i just need to get the master cylinder from the parts car on too. It seems those tires that i was after are pretty hard to find so im gonna have to look for something else.

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Yeah I need to chop up some 1st Gen Civic springs for the front to get rid of that silly positive camber though. I had the front up on jack stands earlier that day so it settled down about an inch after I drove it around and put it back in the shed. I put some coupe vent scoops on it a couple of weeks ago. This is just a car to recycle some more parts with haha will only take it to All Jap Day in Brisbane on the back of the trailer once a year, 'not for road use'.

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Finally got my new coupe windshield delivered to me from my in-laws in AZ to UT. Had it installed professionally the other day, didn't want to mess with it myself. Now I could pass the UT safety inspection and get non-vintage plates. Up in the air on that one. I was told I could buy an old 73 issue plate and regester it with period correct plates.


Still need to install the new rear window weatherstrip to fix the leaks.


Also added the import (or whatever they are called) front signal/marker lights. The ones with the seperate clear parking light and amber turn signal. Had a broken lense on the originals and they were full of rust.


Bought a factory console but need carpet first. Need the trim plate, shift boot and clock for it. May put a custom gauge in it instead.


Lots on the summer to do list, but not enough time.


FWIW http://www.prosourceglassintl.com/ has new windshields at various warehouses accross USA. Last I heard for the coupe and sedan. I paid 210.00 for mine about 9 months ago.

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This is more what I what to replace-


Was shocked that this bushing that fits at the top of the steering column, sorta hidden by the turn signal switch, was still available. The one in Smurf was gone and 1200GUY made one out of soft plastic which works well. So there are a few of you out there with steering wheels the move all over the place-other than left or right, here's the factory solution.


I chiseled what was left of the old one out-must take special socket for install and removal list price $39.00

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There called castellated sockets or perhaps a special spanner wrench would work. Where to get either of them, haven't a bloody clue! Factory manual shows the bushing in ST-21, but no factory tools are listed in that section. I have tried needle nose pliers, snap ring pliers and...After 40 years they become-difficult!

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How about making a miniature c-spanner like you use for coilovers? They are far from difficult to make, making the one for this job will be fiddly as hell though.

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  • 5 weeks later...

Stuck a battery in my coupe washed it and took it for a spin. Man this thing never dissapoint's it always run's awsome. But then after I got it home I noticed the fan belt is cracked realy bad and the parts store is closed. Guess I can't drive it to work tomorrow dang it.

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