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What have you done to your 1200 lately


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Having a truck frame underneath it will do that.   ^_^


My '66 SPL-311-U weighed about 250lbs more than a comparatively equipped MGB unibody. When I did the 302/C4 swap in the Roadster back in '72-'73, the weight jumped to 2,400 lbs. with a full tank of petrol. It was a fun car, kinda miss it.    

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I was relieved that after Installing the new 2" level blocks, all of the previous issues were resolved. No more drive line vibration and no clunking at takeoff. Took about an hour to do both sides. Later this week I will swap out the shocks and change strut oil until I make some arrangements to cut down the tubes and buy the shorter inserts

Old wedged blocks that were causing the problems. I need to Trig. them out but it looks to be about 5'




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graveltrapp where did you get your blocks? i think i started rerading about this problem on another thread but dont remember where i saw it? perhaps datsun1200 forum? ive got simular problems and have just been ignoring it... i was looking at 2" angled blocks by a certain company a few months back and apparently they were  know for defective parts ie warped fragile wrong angle degrees?!?!?!

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Got tired of changing lanes when hitting a bump in the road so removed and painted LCA's and steering arms. Replaced LCA bushings and ball joints.



Had the tension rods shoulders machined back 0.600" this added 4.5 degrees of castor to the struts.


Changed out the strut bearings at the top of the sturts-olds ones felt like they had gravel in them.


Installed these springs in the rear and lowered the back of the car 2.25", so the back sits 1' lower than the front.



All of these small changes made a big difference in the way the Smurf drives, and the traction in the rear of the car is better, it launches MUCH better and very stable, I know this because took it through autoX 4 times today and it was so much better driving a car that stayed under control! AND it does NOT wander when I hit a bump!

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Yesterday I pulled my door panels off and cleaned, lubed and sprayed undercoating inside my door skins. My locks feel like they are off a Lexus now and I don't feel like I am going to snap a key off every time I tried to lock or unlock my car. In addition the undercoating has made the doors sound nice and solid when I close them, no more cheap ass sounding steel. Think I will do the rear seat panels this week as well as the quarter panels to help cut down on road noise.


This is what came out of the door bottoms after clearing out the drainage holes.


Looks like the first time as this looked like Factory plastic. After pulling it down to flood the door panels with undercoat, I put it back just to help keep any moisture away from the door cards.



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Also today I mounted a mini chin spoiler I have had sitting around, It needed a little trimming but went on pretty easily. I wish I would have bought the larger one now that I see it on the car. Next time. I also decided that after the spoiler had been mounted that I was not happy with my grill all black so I began to strip the center, upper, and lower cross sections, I think it looks better. And because the project ball was rollin I decided to overhaul the center Datsun emblem, it had lost most of its color and shine so I took some 00 steel wool to it and it shined up like new. I then took it inside and ate something and proceeded to repaint the red, blue, and black sections with some modeling enamels I had and it looks bad ass. I will snap some photos tomorrow once it has dried and I mount it.




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