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What have you done to your 1200 lately


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Huge step forward over the past couple of days. I dropped the fuel tank and clean out the remains of the last tank of gas from 1989. One of the nastiest jobs ever when it comes to messing with old cars. I soaked the sludge with acetone for a couple of days and then power washed the inside of the tank. It actually worked great. Nice and clean and no rust. While I had everything apart I changed all the vent lines and cleaned out the hard lines with carb cleaner and compressed air. I am pretty sure the reason this car was parked was that the filler hose to the tank cracked in half and the outlet line from the tank to the hard line was clogged solid with sludge. She runs fine off of a gas can under the hood and should be good to go off of the tank now. I ran out of light tonight but will give it a go tomorrow, if the rain holds off for one more day. Stay tuned.

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last weekend, and fri-sat this week, finally got 175/65's on my 14 inch Delta Monza Black wheels (australian made mag wheels from the 70's, look a little like enkei mesh) and modified some 92 daihatsu charade seats to fit to the 1200 slides. had to make a custom support for the left side of driver's seat from scrap pieces of 1.5mm plate. still need some more to box in one side of it to make it stronger. Need to fit a smaller sports steering wheel or cut some padding out of the seat, bit of a tight fit for my legs haha

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RE: Morrisun post #24 (cause I didn't want to quote it all..I'm lazy like that)


Thats just what I was looking for....got the same problem with the OE reman caliper. Fits the stock steelies that I have, but not the slotted mags. Might be havin to find my core calipers this weekend. Thanks for the idea.


BTW, drove the coupe to work today...does that constitute doing something to your 1200?

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Oval port intake and carbs, arrive today UPS from Northern California!


Heat shield and spare fuel rail.


Yes missing a few bits but, fuel bowl and caps can get- will remove all the smog stuff. This when rebuilt should look good the GX head I picked last month!


This isn't ready to bolt on, but collecting the pieces...

KELMO-hell yes driving your 1200 is doing something, I have withdrawal symptoms going more than a couple days without driving the SMURFIN8OR! Looking forward to Canby this weekend and seeing some 1200's!!!!

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Changed out the trans fluid yesterday...Sta-Lube 80w90 api/gl4. Think I'm gonna go drive it now.

I need to plan for Canby next year..with or without the car...would be a long trip to trailer/drive it....hmmmmm.

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My 1200 coupe had the battery in the trunk when I bought the car a year ago-not a good idea for daily driver, it was always in the way. Battery fumes not so good! And the orginal battery box was gone, so time for a move.


Base was heavy along with welding cable running forward to the starter.



Solution: Mount one on the right front frame rail. Horn? Who needs two bloody horns!? Will relocate later.


Odyssey PC680 Battery. Weighs 15.5 lbs.


Got this finished Saturday morning before leaving for the Canby Meet. Next: Time to ditch the stock 35amp alternator for a 70amp.

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In the last pic you can see gap between the battery and the metal box. The box in mounted to the frame rail with 4 sheet metal screws, then a spacer I made goes in so the heads of the screw don't wear through the bottom of the battery. Sometime back smaller batteries, to use in our little cars was dicussed on the 1200 site. CCA- cold cranking amps 220 was about as low as you would want to go, this battery has that capacity. It's about 7.25" in length, 3.11" wide and 6.67" in height.

KELMO, I see a couple of sedan windshields available down your way, be cool to snag one and trade for a coupe windshield, if you need one!

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A new battery needed a new alternator so from stock 35amp to an RX7 70amp. The stock one wasn't up to the H4 headlights-will install headlight relays later! Not quite a bolt in but close. Picked up an alternator at a garage sale-Mazda repair shop for $40.00 tested. The two upper holes were drilled in the stock bracket to set the alternator lower on the engine block and give clearance between alternator and lower radiator hose pipe that sticks out from the block. Also removed weldin blind nut(could have just drilled to through bolt size).


RX7 86-88 S4 alternator the field plug from stock 1200 alternator plugs in.


Bolted together, thru bolt and spacer.


Fitted 33.5" fan belt to give space and needed ajustment as new belt stretches. Lines up really nice. This alternator is a little smaller in diameter then a stock 50 amp off of a 210 A15.


Removed voltage regulator and put in jumper wire. Charging 14.2 volts.


The turn signals blink at a normal rate even with the high beams and heater on, MO' Better!

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The jumper is between WB > WR, white w/ black stripe to white w/ red stripe. The charging light is lit when the key is in the ON position, and goes off after the engine is running. When shutting the engine off and it's dying, the charge light comes on briefly. Yes it works.

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I was trying to find a windshield for the other Kelly on here that has a coupe in Utah but that ended up being a wash, where are you seeing sedan windshield down here...could be I could snag em. I think I got one of the last new ones in captivity for my coupe a couple years ago.

Like that alternator set up you got goin.

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Guest DatsuNoob

Well, I sort of did something to the 1200 this week... :lol:


Didn't like the flares I had (made for a 71-73 Corolla, never quite fit right), so I ordered a new set from BProjects in Japan (awesomest vendor of 1200 parts ever!!!). They came in yesterday.





Looks like this on the car:










Will try fitting them up next week. Initial test fit looks very promising. :)


Dude that looks soooo friggin ill. I love it!

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The avatar shot if from the deep river site on Hwy. 4, a site we don't have access to any more. Something about storing logs on a log storage site... Go figure. The car was set up with too much understeer, a great way to cause spins.


The sig. shot is from SmackDown last year. Driftin with 45 WHP...

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Took a conner a little fast on Firday night and heard some bad noises under the hood of the SMURF, motor mounts what motor mounts!!






The screw that holds the upper and lower half of the shroud it what cut the fan blades, have a couple that look like this in storage, that's how this happpens!


Nice to have these sitting on the shelf.



Looking good, still need to replace the fan... maybe an electric fan.

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Yeah.. i took my babe to little ride, everything was fine until some porsche dude shows up , he teases up long time and gets me to redline :angry: .. i was like WTH hey ho lets go.. 50->70->90->110->140->150(km/h! not miles) and skoaaarrrr kratschhh skriii.. what happened hmm .. well i fucked up my dogleg tranny :blink:


anything good? yeah i smoked that porsche until that gearbox game to end :D

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Yeah.. i took my babe to little ride, everything was fine until some porsche dude shows up , he teases up long time and gets me to redline :angry: .. i was like WTH hey ho lets go.. 50->70->90->110->140->150(km/h! not miles) and skoaaarrrr kratschhh skriii.. what happened hmm .. well i fucked up my dogleg tranny :blink:


anything good? yeah i smoked that porsche until that gearbox game to end :D



Good work....You successfully just raised the price of 5 speed boxes by about $100.....<_<:angry:


Just got my bonnet back from my girlfriend's place. All masked up ready to be painted:



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