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  1. nice flairs.. i think i wtb in the future!
  2. i think prius or vw has like a pull down screen thing.
  3. you can put a trunk cover in the back if you need to... something like this
  4. the 44 looks nice, but where did you get the tilt column
  5. IMO resto white for the sedan the race car should be Black and Yellow
  6. its almost Dec!!! any progress on fuel cell??
  7. i say put chin spoiler on!! well at least for photo time
  8. 90-93 honda accord seats! where did you get your center console from?
  9. those seats are super nice
  10. i like the truck but where is the pic with the Ol E'40s
  11. 831Sunny

    My new baby!

    nice find really clean
  12. I likely both!! front air damn is so nice
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