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What have you done to your 1200 lately


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I rebuilt my rear brakes this past summer, new wheel cylinders, drums and brake shoes. They worked very well. After about three weeks I began to get a thumping noise from the rear of the car but only when I applied medium pressure on the brakes. If I applied light or heavy pressure very little or no noise occurred. Today on the recommendation of a local repair shop owner, I ground a bevel on the leading and trailing edge of the brake linings of each shoe, about a 45 degree bevel. Reassembled the brakes after lubing the backing plate where the shoes ride and made sure the wheel cylinders were able to slide as well-they were still lubed from original brake job this summer. Went for a drive-WOW great braking and NO THUMPING, light, medium or heavy pedal pressure, no noise!!

Sometimes it's the little things that can ruin a drive!

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I put my left door on this weekend.

now all I need to do is fenders, hood, grille, cowl grilles, headlights,front marker lights, turn signals, door trim panels, wiper arms and blades, glove box, shift boot, get tires, alignment, and maybe one or two other things :blink:

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1200 suspension change over.


1972 coupe body with less than 40,000 miles on it.


Installed front and rear suspension from this orange one on to the red one- now I can roll it around!




These two bodies have serial #'s about 900 #'s from one another.


This great Portland weather made it a fun job. Time to cut what left of the orange up!

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All I've done is installed the stereo, reinstalled the dashpad and glovebox (new, yes they are still available). I also painted the glove box door, anyone tried to order new ones?


And I reinstalled the blasted inside rear view mirror. I bought one of the new ones on fleabay from singapore a while back. It was good, but it seemed like it was bowed or something, cause the rear view didn't look quite right. It seemed like if I looked long enough I would get sick. :blink: Anyway I get moved up here to Utah and have a good freeze and it cracks. Another couple days and it cracks more. Instead of buying another I had a glass shop cut a piece to put in it. The edges aren't perfect, but it is nice to have again.


Now if I could just get a windshield to me I could pass the safety inspection for new Utah plates. ;)

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I replaced my worn out tension rod bushings as these were the cause of the mechanic not being able to align the front end. Now the 1200 doesn't change direction when I hit a bump!


These bushings are still available thru Nissan dealers. The ones on the right- just a bit worn!

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So, I had to drill out the broken bolts since the easy outs were smarter that I am. All worked out quite well (thanks in part to having a level in my drill) and tapped the holes....maybe next weekend I can put the fenders on :D

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Well, I sort of did something to the 1200 this week... :lol:


Didn't like the flares I had (made for a 71-73 Corolla, never quite fit right), so I ordered a new set from BProjects in Japan (awesomest vendor of 1200 parts ever!!!). They came in yesterday.





Looks like this on the car:









Will try fitting them up next week. Initial test fit looks very promising. :)

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Driving the 1200 home on Friday the right front brake rotor was sounding a little on metal side, I knew it was bad and in need of a replacement- the grooves were deep in the rotor. Checked out the brake pad -what brake pad?? the one on the inside was gone. This weekend was time to da job! Had what I needed, New rotors, factory rebuilt calipers, semi metalic brake pads, hoses and new wheel bearing seals. As I was installing calipers I noticed that the yoke stuck out pass the wheel mounting surface of the hub, about 1/2".


The old caliper assembly was about flush.


Putting new pads in would move the yoke out away from the disc about as far as possible. So removed caliper bodies from both yokes and switched them. Still ground the yoke back on angle about 3/16" to get clearance between wheel and yoke. I checked the clearance many times not wanting crack my Watanabe wheels (not easy to come by 14" yah- old school) Pics of the gap.



I like the hot pink for showing the gap, as the pads wear the yoke will closer to the disc and away from the wheel


Should be ready to make the run to Golden Gardens in Seattle on Sunday, should stop just fine. Now if I get that GX head on that 1200 block with the flat top pistons by....the Blue Smurfin8or.

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