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What have you done to your 1200 lately


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Swapped out my 14" slotted mags to my 12" steelies as I had a little steering wheel shake between 50 and 60. Put the steelies on so I could still drive it while trying to get a tech in the shop to balance the mags (cost me a set of wiper blades). Car rides much smoother now and got me thinking about looking for 12" mags.....if I find anything, I'll report back here.

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What have you done to your 1200 lately...


Not really what I've done to my 1200 lately, but I did bring it home this weekend!  It's been in storage for the past 3 months while I've been working on the roadster I recently purchased.  So, I finally got rid of the parts car that came with the roadster which made room for the 1200 at home again!  I've missed having the 1200 here! 











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How much did that drop it? Guessing about 3/4"?

Not as much as I was hoping that is for sure! About 3/4 is right. I will install the collars and lower the perch after I get the tubes cut and new inserts for it. Two weeks i hope. Also installed new pads up front and the calipers are now hitting the wheels, so back off tommorow and get out the angle grinder and remove some material.


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Cut the tunnel, floor, firewall, and front end out of my parts B120 to repair my grey B110 4dr. Cut the crap off the 620 frame that's been sitting in our yard for 10 years. Got an L26 and auto from a friend's parts car (260C) for free, got 200B (810?) parts to convert it to 4-speed manual off another friend for $100, prop shaft from a CA20S 910 sedan from another friend for free. Started chucking it all together, not for road use obviously, just a toy to hopefully show up all the Holden Commodore (poor man's Buick V6) owners at our local burnout club when it's finished. Here's a few pics from my facebook album, add me and follow my progress (Sam Meloury), hoping to finish it by June this year:


620 frame with crap attached, think they were building a dwarf sprint car


L26 when I got it home


620 frame nearly stripped


L26 and manual box in


B120 stripped


620 frame cut, was planning on totally stripping the whole underneath of the B120 out and using the complete 620 frame but it was badly rusted around the rear spring mounts


1st mockup, wish it wouldve been practical to have it sit like this :-)


Final mock up


Butt plates welded to the front of the rear subframe


Sun starting to rise :-\


Front body support welded in


620 frame welded to B120 frame butt plates


Guard mock up, suspension set to highest setting, camber and or guard modification needed to clear the tires.


Rear loaded with spare wheels and tires, shock absorbers bottomed out :-D

Please note, photos 18/01/2013 and 19/01/2013 were taken of work performed non-stop from 5pm 18th Jan till 830am 19th Jan...last time I'm going to do that haha, I went to work at 5am on 18th :-S

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Wow,,,, I think the heat , cutting torch, welder, 5 cars, and lots of space has made you crazy.

Just kidding,,,,kind of  :geek:  wear your safety glasses!..... and I thought cutting my springs and strut tubes was a project.

Keep us in the loop and send a link to this

"burn out club" Love the gilmer drive whining. Kind of like fight club only more expensive to join

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Damn, I broke the first rule...

Its a last minute word of mouth thing, usually about 100 vehicles attend, about 95% are just standard daily driven vehicles or sub $1000/wrecking yard specials, 2.5% are professionally modified vehicles, and the last 2.5% which I'm going to be part of (lol) are backyard hack 'n' weld vehicles. The last event we had was actually properly advertised and was to raise funds to go towards a local 12yo male motorcross rider's medical bills after he had a bad spill in one of his races. Here's a few shots of our facilities.









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That is some serious tire destruction. You guys need to have the tire manufacturers come out and do some case studies.

Maybe invite the local loony bin as well as it looks like some of those dudes will need a ride back "home"

looks like lots of fun. just not with my cars, but I would like to hear some sound and video maybe from the next meet.

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And to think it was nice clean concrete 2 years back lol

I tried to find pics of my mate's 720 with L18 that we flogged till it was running on its own oil without plug leads attached lol Got video of that on my facebook page.

He took a B210 sedan last year, road car, went well, never blew a tire all night until he turned into his street on the way home lol. He's building a 620 at the moment for the next meet. Looking for a Ford inline 6 of some sort for it, but keeping the J15 till then.





Roof cut, radiator mounted, ready for international farmall 3-wheeled tractor grille


Roof half done, tray is going to be shortened, dropped and narrowed

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After lowering the rear 2 inches I began to have terrible rubbing, I tried the bat but had little success. So I rented a roller off of Craigslist and gave it a go. Although the roller looks simple enough, the 1200 had such small factory wheels (12") that the roller would not correctly fit the hub so I had to improvise. The roller started acting up just as I finished the second wheel so I was not able to do the fronts. I may try the bat again up front as the fronts are only one layer of sheet metal whereas the rears consist of two sandwiched making it very hard and unpredictable.



Here you can see how I had to mount the roller do to the dinky wheel diameter.




Here is what I had to work out.



Folding back after the heat gun and roller had its way.


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Been wanting new sway bar frame mounting bushings and found a company with choices by diameter of your sway bar, After making sure that I did have HD 20mm Datsun 1200 sway bar, I ordered 20mm prothane greaseable bushings and straps.






Cleaned the sway bar greased the bar and the bushings, with grease provided in the kit, after fitting them in place first.






Installed the straps and started the bolts back in on each side and tighten them down.




Had to drill out and tap blind nut to larger size because nut was stripped on passenger side and one bolt on the drivers side broke loose, but only for about a full turn. The other bolt came right out so shot a little PB Blaster up in the hole in the direction of the other rusty bolt and SLOWLY work the stuck bolt back and forth until I got it out WITHOUT breaking it off in the blind nut. Mo' better than drilling and tapping! Link to EnergySuspensionParts.com I used 191163 Kit with shipping was $18.05


I might try this out Doug, not a bad price. My factory bushings are OK, and not cracked, but are different widths for some reason (both have same NISSAN parts #'s) :confused: .

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What have you done to your 1200 lately...


Not really what I've done to my 1200 lately, but I did bring it home this weekend!  It's been in storage for the past 3 months while I've been working on the roadster I recently purchased.  So, I finally got rid of the parts car that came with the roadster which made room for the 1200 at home again!  I've missed having the 1200 here! 












That is one sweet looking coupe!!!

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