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  1. Going to run PIR on Saturday in the Miatsun. SCCA event. Will try and make it Sunday with the Blue Lady, unless I'm in the running for a podium finish, which is highly unlikely.
  2. I got there as it was winding down. Must have just missed you guys. I was down in Laughlin so must have passed you going the other way at some point.
  3. The Carolla nomination was made totally in jest. Mike, not so much. The only asian tranny Carolla could identify was the one that he hooked up with at Jimmie's bachelor party up in Vancouver, eh. Or maybe not, depends on how drunk he was.
  4. exit64

    Back window

    Got one. Shoot me a PM and we can hammer out the details.
  5. Bummer. Talked with him a few times about an OS for the Roadster. Always nice and informative. Godspeed.
  6. I nominate Adam Carolla, a true Datsun guy if there ever was one. Or datzenmike for having thick enough skin to have to wade through fucktard shit posted on here every day.
  7. Did you check for carb icing? That would make it run as you described.
  8. Just like picking a scab, feels great at first and the next thing you know, blood everywhere. Been there more than once with the Roadsters and about to start another one.
  9. Should be there with the Blue Lady this year and the Black Bird for Canby. So much to do and so little time.
  10. Look in the tech wiki on www.311s.org. All the diagrams for every year are there. I print the color ones two feet wide and put them against the windshield when I am working on wiring.
  11. Look at the Archlight stuff. Built in Bend,OR. I am a partner in AdamsandHood.com, and we have a 5x10 with an 85 amp unit. Cuts 1" like butter. Also have the pipe roller attachment and the engraving option. Great customer service. Never misses a beat and makes us money all day long. Check out our website. We are already looking for a 3rd full time fabricator and about to out grow our current shop space.
  12. You hippy's and your drums...
  13. Check that firewall for cracks around the brake master. Weld it up if it needs it and even if it's good buy a brake brace from one of the vendors on 311s.org. Money well spent.
  14. Oh no, don't get me wrong. Total fan.
  15. I went and saw the podcast at the Aladdin Theater last year. His guest was Lars Larson. Are you kidding me. Of all the interesting people to choose from, that's who you get, and for the late show to boot. Carolla was fucktard drunk and Larson could only give a two word reply to anything. Here's some advice. Lay off the Mangria. That shit can't be good for you if you're drinking it 5 or 6 nights a week. And quit blaming Les for everything that goes wrong at the track. You want to play Speed Racer at least show up for practice and the drivers meeting. Just how long before you stack up one of
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