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This is for the old timers.

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I think it was called kerosene....



There were fire extinguishers too. Big long brass cans you had to turn upside down to make them work. I later found out they had a weak acid solution and baking soda inside that mixes and foams when tipped over and pushes out the hose. Good times!!!

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My grandfather always had these on the farm, glass bulb fire extinguishers.




They were filled with 111 trichloroethylene.......

Which is toxic, and when combined with aluminum, creates a very powerful explosive.


But as long as you were not trying to put out an aluminum fire, worked pretty well.

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Eating spam right now. Musubi for the win.

...that's what I'm saying. Love the food in Hawaii, mixture of Japanese, American, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese and Filipino, you get a blend of heaven. I remember awhile back when we went to Hawaii, McDonald's serving spam and eggs.
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The meaning of the universal Morse code*distress signal* SOS is "Save Our Souls", therefore the military is making a dysphemism using the acronym SOS. A variation on the literal meaning used by WWII vets, "Save Our Stomachs". 


Personally I LOVE the stuff if it's not from a can. 



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