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  1. I want to go in October. Can you make it a "Corona" virus Octoberfest?
  2. My 1979 Chopped 620 deluxe daily driver.
  3. My 79 daily driven chopped kingcab.
  4. I have a pair of 620 leaf springs you can have. I am locally to you also. I live in Van Nuys.
  5. Actually, I changed the 3" block to a 2" block to give over 3" travel for axle. The top of rear tire sits in wheel well about 1/4". Rear driveline lined up better too...no humming
  6. Yes MA709 is what I am currently have on my truck, they are for a ford capri, but datsun 620 is basically a small car...lol. They are a little cheaper than Gabriel, but still offer lifetime warranty. Check with your parts house an see if they have lifetime warranty in Canada. Sorry for confusion on which model number form Monroes. The correct model is MA709
  7. It will bottom out, depend on how much travel is used. I I say I have about 2" before hitting frame. I might c-notch in future, but for know it is ok for me. I will try and post pictures later. Or can see at Eagle Rock swap meet in So Calif this coming weekend.
  8. I went with 4X4 leafs, 3" lowering blocks, and order Monroe MA709 from Orieley's Auto Parts (comes with Llfe-time warranty) and about half price compared to Gabriel highjackers. I think I paid about $53. I also removed bump stop off axle. Rear rim size is 17" with 245/40/17 tire. I adjust air to ride with tire level with fender height. The air shocks mad a Day and night difference in ridability and comfort for my ol' Ass. The Monroe MA709 were shoert enough to allow enough travel for shock to do it's thing. I think I am running air pressure around 40 # psi
  9. Are you still doing suspension mods on 620 (air or coil overs) I live in Van Nuys

  10. Thank you for the kudos my dear friend. Everything in your article is correct except for a few small details. As long as you use all factory installed a/c component for 1979 620, you only have to purchase a York to Sanden adapter to mount directly in place of the York compressor original mount location. You can re drill holes on adapter plate to line up Sanden compressor with pulley with original pulley tensioner that covers the timing belt cover. As long as you have complete system intact, all someone has to do is update York compressor to a Sanden compressor. I completely dissembled my ent
  11. I don't get it. Who cares what association to one has with a group or name. Is it wrong for some to organize a meet with people who share a same interest and love for Datsun's, or am I missing something?
  12. knoriega

    1971 PL521

    Birdman Can you tell me what shop name and address you used? Thank you
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