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  1. Yeah, I thought I recognized that guy... Hope y'all had a happy V,D.
  2. paradime

    Bent oil slinger removing timing cover

    That thing looks pretty trashed. Why mess with trying to bend it back and hoping it works? I would take the time to get a new one just to remove any doubt.
  3. paradime

    How to remove a bed?

    If you buy a new one from Tempurpedic, they will remove the old one free of charge.
  4. If you've got to beat the shit out of yourself to get off, it's natures way of telling you you don't deserve to reproduce.
  5. For a week my wife was back East because her mother passed away. It wasn't unexpected but still hard. For a "gift" she brought home a bottle of Ghost Pepper sauce and I just tried a drop on my finger about 15 minutes ago.... WFT is that shit ¿!? WHY does it even exist? Is my wife trying to kill me? I mean I'm just now starting to feel my tung again kind of hot. Bad ghosts bad.
  6. Catchers built up a tolerance to heavy blows to their face.
  7. This illustrates how you can be called safe and still fail in the attempt.
  8. The mother of that litter must have been one of those Russian atomic bomb sniffing dog. Obviously found a few.
  9. paradime

    Not a 510, 620

    Wow, some much good stuff pilled up in one place. This truck is in great shape and should be the perfect platform for the build you're doing. Glad to hear you're sticking with the L. You made the right move there.
  10. Yeah well, I've been told spelling does matter... maybe a few time in fact. BTW KO, that looks like the Lorence Welk ink shop's work to me.
  11. Although I unde Although my statement was a massive simplification, the short answer is yes. At some point the clitoris is no longer considered a vestigial penis and becomes a dick. Maybe not a full fledged spunk shooter, but an intersex male organ call the penis, tally whacker, Jonson, shlong, or trowser snake. And no, I don't have the official length where that happens, but I'm pretty sure 6" is well within the dick zone.
  12. Urologists agree, Mike's litmus test is slanted to favor old school Canadians with a fetish for catnip and Asian women.
  13. I posted this in Plane Porn, but I think it applies.
  14. Mike, you are the King Rat, but the field of urology is not based on the "thinking" of Datsun enthusiasts. That being said however, urologists do produce manuals and like auto mechanics they use specific terminology to describe parts abnormal developments. In the case of a hermaphroditic (now referred to as intersex) abnormality, where do you think the "male" sexual organ grows from? If you're sinking into your office chair thinking it might develop from the clitoris of the "female" sexual organ, you'd be right. I'm not sure how it works in Canada, but I assume you have the ability to look this up in urology manuals as I did. And if you feel ashamed for doing so, you can clear your history. Although I appreciate your willingness to defend your thinking about the 1st lady's junk, as an American I think we should be accurately respectful. 🇺🇸 🤣 🇺🇸
  15. Wrong again, but you never disappoint. Hermaphrodite is used to describe any person whose physical characteristics do not neatly fit male or female classifications. It describes a wide variety of combinations of what are considered male and female biology and may include, for example, ambiguous-looking external genitalia. Penis: part of the make external genitalia. You're entitled to your way of thinking, but in my book, if it dangles 6" the damn thing's a dick penis. I'm sure we can dig up some picts of hermaphroditic junk to illustrate my point. 🤓
  16. His grades improved because he was banging away on those extra credits.
  17. Wrong. Once it gets that big, it's considered hermaphroditic and therefore called a dick Penis. I looked it up. Another fun fact: There are more ways to shuffle a standard deck of cards than there are atoms on Earth. 80,658,175,943.878,571,660,636,856,403,766,975,289,505,440,883,277,824,000,000,000,000 possibilities to be exact. Or calculated nCr = n! / r! Where ! represents factorial, n represents the number of items, and r represents the number of items being chosen each time. or 52!/52! * (n-r)! Now, if 10 players dealt and played a hand of 5 card stud every second, it would take them 14.3 billion years to play all the possible different games. And that's if they didn't stop to get more beer and pretzels. Bored....
  18. Soul Train flash back with the 1st lady free ball'n in white slacks... We've come a long way baby.
  19. Oh Come On! It's called tripping for a reason.
  20. Judging by the size of that big black foot long lens.... Yes
  21. Clearly dude's MPS'n. Somebody get "MA'AM some chocolate.

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