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  1. Took the day off and vibe'n my Spotify playlist Hart Of Gold.
  2. True that. but the standard wasn't having a Candy Crush on them. It was "Is there one world leader's wife that isn't trans ???????" At minimum, Kim The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man's little Yellow Marshmallow Peep doesn't appear to be hiding razor stubble. Ya know though, Kim ante exactly what you'd call "manly", and come to think of it, he's always looked kinda shemale-ish to me. 😱
  3. While the fight over foreskin rages on in the age of sexual ambiguity, maybe it's time we separate fad from fiction. a. Wind tunnel tests have shown that a uncircumcised penis has 322% greater drag coefficient than it's circumcised competitors. b. Circumcision has been linked to lower rates of premature ignition, and an overall increase in both power and mileage. c. In nation wide surveys of penis consumers, the circumcised model is preferred by a 3:1 margin. d. 99.99% of all male porn stars feature a low collar v-neck vs the turtleneck counterpart. When it cums to sex though, I say wiggle what you got.
  4. No argument, just presenting my personal perspective. Is it ok for me to express a different opinion without it being seen as an argument? If not, I'll back out and leave y'all to it. To clarify, I see this as the most I, me, my oriented generation inhuman history taking sexual identity to ridiculous proportion. However I'm willing to recognize this observation comes from "I. me, my" own subjective experience. In my life, I've witnessed the ever evolving construct of America's sexual norms. Although watching this evolution makes me more uncomfortable the older I get, I'm not willing to put my faith in institutions past or present to arbitrate or dictate this process. That includes science, religion, the legal system, or prevailing political power. I value my freedom, and like it or not I'm letting these self-entitled, instant gratification seeking, hyper sensitive kids figure their sexuality out for themselves.
  5. Would that include "women" who've had a hysterectomy? I don't think human sexuality is so simple. For instance, the X vs Y chromosome determining sex isn't binary. If you're flat chested and unable to conceive a child, are you less of a woman? Both sides perform the same ritual of parroting their judgmental comedy routines. They're obviously ignorant fruitcakes, because our side is objective, we only use sane rhetoric, and our shit doesn't stink. Please note the use of the sarcasm font.
  6. icehouse is right, 510s are light, so an upgraded R160 will handle 200+ hp. Also agree the VLSD is a POS. If you'r upgrading to CVs there are options for a 3.90 ratio. The DriveShaftShop makes a CV kit with 27 spline stubs for modern Subaru diffs built in. The 2004 and 2005 Subaru STI R180 have a mechanical LSD with 3.90 ratio. That's what I'm running in my SR swopped 510 with 375 RWHP. Cruising at 65 mph its spinning about 2700 rpm. The 2008+ Subaru STI R180 is also 3.90 with Torsen LSD. Might be an expensive bit of overkill, but it's easy install with total confidence. My $.02 worth anyway.
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