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  1. If you're looking for a promoter for this fight I have some ideas.
  2. Tribalism is what robs BOTH sides of their capacity for objective critical thinking. US politics devolved into a cult of personality and in California that's turned up to 11. Here they use ridiculously unsophisticated Hollywood marketing to pull the wool over 90% of the voting public's lazy eyes. It's the other 10% they've fought tooth and nail FTW. It's a game of brand optics. Seeing Gov Grewsom win a 2/3 victory over a weak Rep recall attempt that cost $1/2 billion is seriously BAD optics. After 29 years of Rep governors, it's that kind of stupid shit that handed the state back to Jerry Brown, who turn our states red eye's blue.
  3. Almost as stupid as thinking a candidate like Larry Elder had a snowball's chance in hell of unseating a Dem governor in one of the most liberal states in the US. Not to mention spending an absolutely retarded amout of money trying. The end result is Reps handed Dems messaging validation with a slap down 2/3 victory. Stupid move.
  4. Got it. Maple doesn't take kindly to bending. Willow, ash, birch, hickory or elm all bend well, but you'd never bend a solid piece tight enough for a handle. I'd take Chukars advice and stack glue thin strips around a jig. I've bent super hard woods like Ipe for deck handrails and a white oak rail on my spirit stairs that way.
  5. Look for inspiration everywhere, but always do your thing. I'll admit though, I cringed when you suggested using a store bought shovel handle. This is only my opinion, but the lifeless consistency and brute force perfection of industrial production is the antithesis of objects hand crafted from natural materials. What makes your canes exciting for me is they're found on your walks in nature. Again my personal subjective opinion, for me even bending out a found stick's natural curve would feel a bit disrespectful. I think tuning in to find just the right stick, and celebrating it's perfect imperfection would be a more satisfying challenge. On mater what direction you take, please keep the picts coming.
  6. Yeah, I'm kinda a curious about that myself. It's more than a little weird that GM would us a Gov regulatory agency oil for their prestige models. Time for some more research... Okay, I'm backing out of the thread now, but snickering.
  7. Rarity drives the price for antique tool collectors, the actual value is in the hands of the user, so put it to good use. I believe the basic design of the Stanley/Siegley blades have remained constant and are interchangeable, so you can't rely on the blade for dating the tool. As for the channeled contact surface, so many were produced back in the day, they're still found in the bottom of a box at swap meets. They're kind of like a wheat penny from the 50s, the coin's actual value is in the copper it's make of. I've had decades of experience wood working, from rough carpentry to furniture making, and I always had a Stanely in my shop and in my truck. Like John mentioned, when you're making a living at it, doing things by hand isn't always practical. I only used them when I couldn't or didn't want to run an extension cord to my Makita 3 1/4, or didn't have my shop jointer set up. Although you're only cleaning sticks, I don't think using a hand planer is the best tool for the job. My recommendation for stripping bark is a super sharp 10" draw shaver. If you want to kill two birds with one tool though, that Stanley is the way to go.
  8. Great detail Mike. I LOVE working with natural materials like wood. I have one of those four section aluminum canes for visually impaired that I use as a walking stick. It's shorter than usual, but still lets people know I'm not drunk when I walk into stuff. I don't know if I'd go against a bear with it, but folded up it's about the size of a night stick, so it's a good thing to have on a BART train late at night.
  9. Yes Mike "homeless" means you're out on the streets rather than indoors and is a factor in SF becoming a shithole... and no, not the kind gays are attracted to. Huh, I thought it would be funnier if I rounded up for comedic effect, but thanks for prooving me wrong by doing the math.
  10. Tranny sharing oil with the engine sound like a recipe for disaster. I'll bet they both took the same oil. I had a 73 VW bus with a 2.0L 914 engine that felt like it was on it's last leg, so against all advice I put full synth in it as a Hail Mary. It ran noticeably smoother, 10-15 degrees cooler, and continued for another 6k miles before losing a valve seat. And no, please don't say it lost the seat because I put Synth in it... ;o)
  11. Did a little research and I suspect Mike's suspicion may be correct. All synthetic tranny oils are made with a POLY-ALPHA-OLEFINS (PAO) base, but that's a polymer of 6 different alfa-olefins and other monomers. It's not inconceivable there could be differences in their blends, but there's only a few manufacturers of this expensive crap alternative. If they're US brands, chances are they're all made by Chevron-Phillips. Japanese brands are either Idemitsu, or Mitsui Chemicals, and European stuff would be Rextac.
  12. LA county has an area of 4,751 square miles, and population of over 10 million SF county has an area of 49.6 square miles, and population of 873,965 SF county is a more densely populated shithole than LA by a factor of nearly 1000%
  13. Witty retort, but you do realize you're saying San Francisco isn't a dense overpopulated shithole, right?
  14. No Mike, I didn't say stop, I said correlation. In dead there are other "Crazy Shit" factors contributing to SF's low infection rate.
  15. COVID-19 United States Cases by County Johns Hopkins University Data is updated once per day to allow the system to pull county-level data. Mariposa County 43% fully vaccinated, 639,503 current CV-19 cases Frisco County 73.21% fully vaccinated, 49,942 current CV-19 cases LA County 58.1 % fully vaccinated, 1,400,000 current CV-19 cases Are we seeing a correlation?
  16. I'm with Mike on that one. Also, take the plugs out and turn the crank pulley by hand a few times to make sure none of the valves are stuck. A friend gave me a goon with a blown engine, so I bought an L16 that had been sitting for about 10yrs. I made the mistake of turning it over with the starter to circulate the oil and PING! Goodby #3 exhaust valve. One step forward, five steps back.
  17. No Mike, he's mrbigtanker, so he'll have a whole BUNCH of people in toe. Think of it like this.
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