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Datsoonmik's canby camping pricing thread and bitchfest

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Gato and INDY owe me $10 each. You can donate to Jeff's Ratsun fund or a charity of your choice.. 


So lets discuss the upcoming Canby fees and how it affects people who camp. If you were a camper last year you may have noticed that after paying for your camping spot an extra $10 was charged so you could enter the fairgrounds and actually use it. In earlier years this was all inclusive. In 2015 camping as increased $5 about 25% but included everything else. Last year This 'extra' was an additional 40% increase over 2015.


So if you camped last year and had no problem with this 40% hike which was really just an experiment to subsidize trophies and add more classes tell me why you are paying while walk ins and the people entering the show are not. Explain why DNW shouldn't simply move things back to a 'user pay' set up where you pay for what you want to use? I'd like to hear why you're paying so much for so little. Keep in mind that you have paid to camp but pay 40% more for nothing more.


Well you could argue it's Canby. I support it. I always go. Canby is not the sacred cow it was. You supported it and now it want's even more, and for nothing you asked for?


Now before you answer this I ask a few things.


First, state if you went to Canby 2016 and camp or not, because if you did not, then you have no real knowledge of what happened and while you can have an opinion, it carries less weigh when telling others that did pay that they should have paid. It's a sort of taxation without representation. Non campers telling campers what to pay.


Second. If you didn't camp at Cabby 2016 try to stay on this topic of the extra entrance fee. Don't go off on a tangent.


Third. Examine your motives before posting. If you are pissed off at me be honest with yourself because it shows in your post as rambling and trying to derail a simple question that you can't argue. Convince me this entry fee is justified for the campers. If posting because you didn't like the other thread here's a chance to convince me I'm wrong. You can leave all the other crap at the door. Saying I'm wrong is not an argument.


The questions are (remember this is about campers and camping and even if you don't or didn't go your opinion is welcome, just say so)


Is the 40% increase ($10 entrance fee) in any way justified?

Should DNW modify this to 'user pay'

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It most certainly is. It's a chance to get answers from those who can argue effectively. A chance to convince me I'm wrong without getting personal. It's not about me, it is and has always been about the entrance fee. Convince me it's justified. Go... 

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No one disagrees with you. I don't.


A mutiny not brought to the battlefront though does nothing.

Steve does not frequent here enough to k ow of your plight or concern.




Sizzler doesn't know their steak taste like ass unless they're told by the customer.

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The following link is to the Datsuns Northwest home page. Somewhere on this page is the email of the club president of DNW




Please, Mike, take your issue directly to him. Nothing is going to come of it by going rounds here, again




Also, there is this



From home page of DNW

Happy New year everybody! This months meeting is on January 21st.

Meet up at the normal location, 10:00 AM at 509 NW Everett St. Portland, Oregon 97209
We usually hang out till about 1PM or so. Good times, indoor parking, in the heart of Portland.
See you there




If you've found someone who is as adamant about this subject of fees, and lives in the Portland area, ask them to go to this meeting and go to bat for this issue. To be clear, take this issue to the person who can actually do something about it. 

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I don't think anyone here is asking you to swallow the $10. We all love saving money.



What people are asking you to do is not turn something sacred into a shot show over $10.


Ruining anything Canby over a mere dollar figure is ridiculously childish.


Others have offered to pay your way to just have the insanity stop.



A moderator should not act the way you have. Right or wrong, doesn't matter.

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But it can be discussed here can't it? What's the harm, and it is the title of the thread. See where the chips fall. For those who camped and those who might camp it's topical. A 40% increase for nothing is worth discussing. Several more might then agree and then Steve can have that.


So non camper tells me to pay up? Right or wrong doesn't matter? listen to yourself. It's an attempt to derail. Stick to the topic of the thread.

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