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  1. Don’t be sad Wayne. It’s still in one piece and I’ve acquired more parts for it. The next person will have a better chance of building than I did.
  2. For sale Too many project. Never got to this and ready to move it along to someone new.
  3. Cleaned out the parts car today. Pulled a full trash can of crap off the floors and in the trunk. Blows me away how much trash, vegetation and rusty stuff was just laying around. I always hope that I might find some special treasures when doing a first clean up but nothing too exciting. Did find a factory jack but the crank handle was snapped off. I’ll post a pic of that later for those of you who haven’t seen one of the early kind. Floors are gone just like the 310 but didn’t plan on using those. Unfortunately the fuel tank is trash. Parts I’ll be using are side trim, badges, window channels, roof maybe but yes to inner structure, front bumper, maybe fenders, seat frames, rear window, rear sill, taillights, license plate light, and the list goes on… Now that have this and the parts from the 310 I’ll just be taking the best from both and making one. Easy to take pictures when there isn’t a windshield. Buckets😁 Next post will be after pressure washing the parts car and starting to chop chop.
  4. That would be pretty neat but I’m going for restoration on the 310 and the 311 parts car is going to donate everything it has. Maybe with the 312 wagon I’m not doing anything with. I just revisited the Misinformation thread. A 312 wagon has the same track width as a 411.
  5. I definitely have E1 fan blades for you. The bumper filler might be a part I’ll be keeping but I’ll let you know.
  6. I bought a ‘61 pl311 to use as a parts rig so now it’s getting the deluxe package trim. Haven’t had a chance to work on the bluebird but that’s going to change soon…
  7. HOGIE

    Front turn signal

    While twisting the bezel are you applying outward pressure, pulling?
  8. HOGIE

    Front turn signal

    Even if you get the bezel off in one piece the screw holding the housing on will break or strip. I’d say gust cut the screw off from the inside and deal with it on the bench.
  9. I’ve watch a few of his videos. Good stuff. I’ll be working on the truck lid first. I need to drill out the spot welds holding the inner structure to the exterior sheet metal. The inner structure is a double panel so I’ll likely separate those too. Slow and steady.
  10. The bench seat will definitely be getting spring and cushions upgrades. This is the bench I reupholstered for my NL. A bit more deluxe for the rearend. I’ve been following the rust repair work @Marts310blbrd is doing over on oldschool. He’s done some inspiring work to recreate the factory floor pans. He’s done the hard work now I just have to copy it https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/60267-marts-pl310-61-datsun-bluebird-sedan/
  11. Here are a few more picture.
  12. Here are a few pictures of the floors. The only part of the original floor pans that weren’t patched by a gorilla is the section where the front bench and e-brake bolt to the floors.
  13. Did some digging yesterday to pull all the parts out of the car and clean out the many years of neglect. 2 5-gallon buckets of nasty had collected on the floors but I found this pile of various part. It’s mostly the parts for the 310 but the are some random J13 parts from when they did the motor swap
  14. Carefully there. You don’t want to step on that guys lawn 🤯
  15. These cars are small so it’s less work, right? 😂 I really can’t wait to do all the metal work, body paint and full restoration. I’m ready for the adventure.
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