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  1. You asked, so here’s some guidance. You said your concidering buying and shipping from the mainland so that opens up a lot more options. First piece of advise. Buy something that has already been mostly built. You’ll save yourself a bunch of cash in the long run by finding something that someone else took the time and cash to build and/or resurrect. When selling it impossible to get what’s put into it, your bonus. The more you spend initially ‘usually’ the more you’ll save in head ache and wallet pain later. Second piece of advise. Make sure the truck is complete, because your literally on an island. Shipping parts will kill any build if you buy an incomplete project. See advise #1. Third piece of advise. Shop in Oregon or Washington. Fuck Cali prices. You’ll save the cost of shipping by buying here. I’m not just bias because I live here. We’re flush with truck yo! Last piece of advise. Make your truck like you want it to be but don’t listen to that bs. This place, RATSUN.net, is a great place to find Datsun community and knowledge, but people will tell you what you should or shouldn’t do to your vehicle. Fuck that noise. Good luck. Now get on it! and and don’t forget to post pics.
  2. Put me down for a set whenever you make these. I’d buy a set of vent window rubbers today if they were available, and I’d another set just down the road for my other project. Please someone make it happen
  3. $300 521 in Portland. This will go fast https://portland.craigslist.org/clk/pts/d/vancouver-datsun-521/6783252552.html
  4. Not mine. Don’t know the owner. Located in Eugene. $650 78 4door B210 https://eugene.craigslist.org/cto/d/eugene-datsun-b210-project/6784219635.html
  5. I have one usable bezel and one set( one side) of lenses. I will need to find another bezel and set of upper and lower lenses.
  6. I’m working on the rearend of a NL. I know of one that the quart panel have been cut for tubs. Project abandoned. I’m going the find 312 taillights. Yes later 320 wide trim. I have everything but one rear-side door. Fortunately it just shorter than the L320 door width and I’m going to shorten a piece
  7. I turned the motor over by hand with the spark plugs out so it ‘could’ run, but it’s missing the carb, distributor and fuel pump. Have access to a good J13. This wagon is built like a car. 4 doors, 4lug hubs, sub-frame front suspension with coil springs. I think the rear differential housing is essentially a roadster rearend
  8. I’m inching towards the project. Original plan may have been to big but isn’t dead. New goal is just to bring it back to life: pull the body of the frame, shore up frame as needed, brakes, J13 with stock 312 3speed, patch floors, use NL quarter panels to fix quarters, reupholster everything, find taillights, grill, bumpers. This is going to take longer than a winter
  9. HOGIE


    Little updates on my truck. Sourced parts and rebuild the carb. Runs great now. This summer we drove down to a near by parade/fair and car meet. And the generator stopped charging. Just got the generator and regulator back from the shop. Should be good to go. The line up for parade. Leading the way The line up at ‘show’. I’m at the other end Didnt realize until after the fact how dim those headlights are.
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  11. You driving up with me on Sunday?
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