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Datsoonmik's canby camping pricing thread and bitchfest

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. Hope you cunts out there have a good sleep.

Ummm, Mike, this is kind of a straw about to break a camels back here! Metinks a boundary may have just been crossed, just sayin...............


Mind you, I actually got called worse by someone today (RW loves his job ).


Fwiw, I just got home and its 95 on my fermomater.


Im going to my garage to drink icy cold Straylian beer and to clean up sround my 510 so I can do some work on it.

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Also, see golden rule #2


2. There will be no posts meant to offend or hurt any other member, in a manner which is offensive or inflammatory


Yeah you're all good on pointing shit out when you think it serves your purpose. How about the purpose of this thread? It was started to discuss Canby pricing and all anyone has done here for 5 pages is take a shit. Well I tied just like the official one and you guys don't even car about trying.



Here's my first post...




Gato and INDY owe me $10 each. You can donate to Jeff's Ratsun fund or a charity of your choice..


So lets discuss the upcoming Canby fees and how it affects people who camp. If you were a camper last year you may have noticed that after paying for your camping spot an extra $10 was charged so you could enter the fairgrounds and actually use it. In earlier years this was all inclusive. In 2015 camping as increased $5 about 25% but included everything else. Last year This 'extra' was an additional 40% increase over 2015.


So if you camped last year and had no problem with this 40% hike which was really just an experiment to subsidize trophies and add more classes tell me why you are paying while walk ins and the people entering the show are not. Explain why DNW shouldn't simply move things back to a 'user pay' set up where you pay for what you want to use? I'd like to hear why you're paying so much for so little. Keep in mind that you have paid to camp but pay 40% more for nothing more.


Well you could argue it's Canby. I support it. I always go. Canby is not the sacred cow it was. You supported it and now it want's even more, and for nothing you asked for?


Now before you answer this I ask a few things.


First, state if you went to Canby 2016 and camp or not, because if you did not, then you have no real knowledge of what happened and while you can have an opinion, it carries less weigh when telling others that did pay that they should have paid. It's a sort of taxation without representation. Non campers telling campers what to pay.


Second. If you didn't camp at Cabby 2016 try to stay on this topic of the extra entrance fee. Don't go off on a tangent.


Third. Examine your motives before posting. If you are pissed off at me be honest with yourself because it shows in your post as rambling and trying to derail a simple question that you can't argue. Convince me this entry fee is justified for the campers. If posting because you didn't like the other thread here's a chance to convince me I'm wrong. You can leave all the other crap at the door. Saying I'm wrong is not an argument.


The questions are (remember this is about campers and camping and even if you don't or didn't go your opinion is welcome, just say so)


Is the 40% increase ($10 entrance fee) in any way justified?

Should DNW modify this to 'user pay'


Now read every post after that one.... It's always some bullshit to get around talking about the subject..... and by people that didn't even go to Canby last year.



How about "Datzenmike's, ignore Canby camping prices and hope it all goes away post" or how about "Datzenmikes, Not sure if $10 entry fee or a price gouge to campers post"  or "Datzenmikes, non campers tell Canby campers to STFU post" 


I've no problem with you Q, you're one of the good guys. Hanging around the wrong crowd is rubbing off.

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I started this thread as a place for you to come and get it out of your system, but you resorted to name calling and badgering.


I always point shit out no matter who it suits, I'm on no ones side and hold no affiliations.

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and I tried.


Specifically said to mention if you did or did not camp last year. I don't give a shit what non campers and non Canby goers think They have no stake in this until this years camp out.... if they even go...... only last year's campers. So who shows up????? and starts deflecting the issue?????



I didn't resort to name calling.... flatcat did... post #29. Look it up.... Called me a bitch. (#SMH @ gato )  So fuck him and fuck all who did not help the matter. There ya go. No one wants to engage the topic YOU started. 


So you still have nothing to contribute to the subject? I didn't see you there but you may have showed up. Did you camp???????? Did you pay an entry fee to do so???? If so, we should talk about the fairness of this 40% increase to camp.





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So did you camp?


Did I start swearing first? You think I did. Could you be wrong about this too?


Will you take a good look at my continuing position? and the position of all the arm chair non campers? Did they even try to work anything out?

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Camping or no camping any of us can weigh in on the issue. The problem being, as flatcat pointed out and as have I and others multiple times, you are asking the wrong people, the common member of Ratsun has no ability to change the pricing of anything. If you personally ask Steve of dnw then you might get somewhere with your concerns. So long as you continue to ask us the same questions we will repeat the same answers.

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It wasn't 'who called who what', it was 'who started name calling first'. Look it up, post #85 The point was you started swearing, not me as Q said. You've been blinded by your anger that you can't argue this. So here you go again deflecting from the topic. The topic you guys started. So if you can't answer it why post?  Yes you can have an opinion on camping and the entrance fee, but you never state it. In fact you skate around it. Constantly bringing up irrelevant shit just prolongs this thread. This post would have quietly slid down the page same as the Official one by Steve long ago if not for you and the troll and his 'followers'. Until Steve posts the Canby price list I will continue to post my valid view on it and advise that the entrance fee or what ever you want to call it is removed from the camping. So once again thank-you for giving me the chance to continue. I believe someone sent Steve a link to these two threads, or was that BS too? If so, he already knows and can keep up with it.     



Q.... if you have a view on the topic at hand yes, weigh in. It's STFU, tired of hearing the same thing, talking to the wrong people etc. etc. I asked twice if you camped or were there and you've had the chance to say so, so I assume neither? And that's fine with me but be honest.... maybe if you camped you would feel much different about paying 40% more? Did you think of that? And send lou a copy of this. He's a big non Canby goer with a bigger opinion of nothing. Tell him to get his ass there. Tell him that trading a few parts does not make him a contributing member here.


Leave Rick out of this I did.  

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Post #85





Mike, no one is questioning the validity of your statement/stance being wrong.


We all agreed with you last year in the thread.

I agreed with you in person as you were at my dinner table eating my son's birthday cake.


I'm wondering if it was just you that this happened to and if it was a mistake.



And yes, I did PM Steve to invite him to this discussion.

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PM'ing Steve on this sight will only help if he has email alerts set up to his email.


If you want to reach him the email address listed for the DNW Club President is: kaizen510@yahoo.com


The next time he comes here the prices will have already been decided so all this bitching back and fourth will be for not.


Take appropriate action to handle you issue or give it a break.


I'm planning on going to Canby, but not camping, so I'll only be paying the $15 for two days corral. With that said, of I was going to be camping I wouldn't want to pay an interact fee in addition to the camping fee. That's ridiculous.






And so is all this........

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Do you even read posts or just make a blanket response? I've answered your questions of my stance and on my attendance.


I also never said who started the swearing or name calling.


What I have said numerous times is that proclaiming your grievances to us is not going to help settle it. Email Steve thru dnw and talk it out with him.

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