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  1. No.... a 14x6 +0 would be 10mm more …. so a 14x8 +0 would be 34mm more
  2. That's a different one. This one went to Hector in San Jose. Then it sold to Glen (the vintage Datsun race car driver), but he sold it to "driving while awesome" a couple years ago The one you posted was finished before this thread started … I took this pic in 2010:
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    I will bring all of these parts to the Datsick swapmeet in San Jose on Aug. 11th, at 2455 Masonic dr. San Jose, CA 95125 between 8am and 4pm. Complete S13 CA18DE (non-turbo) swap, with all wiring, sensors, ECU, and 5 speed. $800obo (ready for a Can-am box) Volk square mesh 14x6 +13 and 15x6 +13 staggered set $750. Panasport 16x8 +12 pair needs resto $230(pending). Rota RKR 15x8 +0 and good 205/50’s pair $220. Five 280zx wheels $12.45 each. Prelude seats and 510 brackets $100 -- 610 parts: Gas door for a coupe? $20, oil pan without a pickup tube $20, pedal box without pedals $3.50. -- 710 parts: Any marker light you see for $5, Service manual $5. Emblems $5-25 each. Gauge clusters $4 each. Front LCA's with one bushing missing: $35. Bigger sway bar $50. Less--SR20DE bell housing $40. KA24DE S14 intake manifold with all the bolts $40. S13 Exhaust manifold $5. 720 brush guard $6


    San Jose, California - US

  4. I'm looking for a cheap fiberglass 510 trunk lid.
  5. I wonder if the pedal doesn't go as far down on the infiniti? … and the dirt is making it get stuck too far down for a second.
  6. Anyone else get permanently banned from the510realm today?

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      Great,, i was just about to join too.. 

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      You have been permanently banned from this board.

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      ?????????? WTF 

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      I did, but everything is fine now.

  7. INDY510

    The 620-z

    Holy cow! this is an awesome project!
  8. Ha. I'm doing a similar project with 2006 Miata parts and a 510. The giant brake booster and deleting the ABS system are both giving me headaches. I'm curious to see if the non-abs master helps. What all did you do to the ABS wiring? Are all the wheel sensors still hooked up and going to the ABS computer that you separated from the brake line block? I think I need the wheel sensors for the speedo to work.
  9. This project is looking awesome! Did you decide on what master cylinders to run? I had a hard time finding any sizing charts, but I heard you can contact tilton and get their recommendation for what bore you need.
  10. What kind of metal do you think theses headlight bezels are? I thought they were stainless, but maybe they are pot-metal? What do you use to weld it?
  11. Then cut a bunch of structural integrity out of the evo front end to make the 510 fenders fit: This car was never finished. These are the only photos I have ever seen of it. The owner sold it as an unfinished project in the UK.
  12. There are several major problems with this idea: …. you can see most of them in the following photos of the car mentioned above 1. The wheelbase of an evo is 3.4 inches longer than a 510 2 The width of the evo is at least 7 inches wider than a 510 3. the engine bay and strut towers are wider than a 510's engine bay 4. The rocker panels of the evo are structural, but they stick out wider than the 510 body None of these issues seem as important as what dashboard to use though …. so that should be the first thing to think about Then cut apart the entire 510:
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