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  1. This is how I fixed that spot: I used one piece of cold rolled 16 gauge, instead of overlapping thin metal on top of thicker metal:
  2. INDY510

    710's unite!!!!!!!!

    It's not an LS, but I think this is the blue V8 Hardtop you remember:
  3. INDY510

    Fender Flares

    I think they are Retro-spec flares: http://retrospec-datsun-510.blogspot.com/ but do some research before sending them money (I heard some complaints, and they might be out of business)
  4. Amazing! … I bet anyone who saw it crashed was shocked to see it racing again.
  5. Damn... you guys are impressive. What a transformation (before and after the crash)
  6. If that's a big dent in the driver's door, it's going to Florida:
  7. Ebay and Amazon take forever now … Summit is practically overnight delivery still .. (I don't know about fans, but I doubt they sell ebay/amazon quality) Oh, and this wagon is awesome
  8. You should measure the width of your windshield, because it looks like your roof was widened during the chop and the stock 620 glass might be too narrow now.
  9. Can you use adjustable lower control arms, with heim joints? There are a lot of companies in the US selling those
  10. I didn't realize how different the sheet metal was …. my 74 Hardtop looked like this:
  11. Looking good! …. Hopefully you can find a good 74 rear bumper
  12. VTO wheels from Futo-Fab look like panasports/mini-lites too … I think you can get new minilites in Europe, but they'd be a lot more than VTO or Rotas
  13. No.... a 14x6 +0 would be 10mm more …. so a 14x8 +0 would be 34mm more
  14. That's a different one. This one went to Hector in San Jose. Then it sold to Glen (the vintage Datsun race car driver), but he sold it to "driving while awesome" a couple years ago The one you posted was finished before this thread started … I took this pic in 2010:
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