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  1. I heard that parking lot camping, didn't help the cause haha
  2. Rest in peace Len, May you enjoy the Datsuns up there
  3. Canby 2012 Dave wearing my daughter's chair.
  4. Rest in Peace Dave, Hope you are hood surfing up there, wearing the kids chair, You brought a lot of fun to everyone around you To the family,our deepest condolences I did post in insomniacs about Daves passing
  5. I see that old guy,the one that holds the yellow fruit Was great to see you Andrew,been far to long, good shooting the shit with yah I will make a how to video for the coffee cups for next time Sure wish it was these guys playing last night...
  6. I feel so bad for anyone there, the Carr fire was making its own weather,firentornadoes etc, life has been lost, a couple children included, such a tragedy, my heart goes out to all, this is one of those seasons that has no mercy pretty much world wide.
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