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  1. I’ve watch a few of his videos. Good stuff. I’ll be working on the truck lid first. I need to drill out the spot welds holding the inner structure to the exterior sheet metal. The inner structure is a double panel so I’ll likely separate those too. Slow and steady.
  2. The bench seat will definitely be getting spring and cushions upgrades. This is the bench I reupholstered for my NL. A bit more deluxe for the rearend. I’ve been following the rust repair work @Marts310blbrd is doing over on oldschool. He’s done some inspiring work to recreate the factory floor pans. He’s done the hard work now I just have to copy it https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/60267-marts-pl310-61-datsun-bluebird-sedan/
  3. Here are a few more picture.
  4. Here are a few pictures of the floors. The only part of the original floor pans that weren’t patched by a gorilla is the section where the front bench and e-brake bolt to the floors.
  5. Did some digging yesterday to pull all the parts out of the car and clean out the many years of neglect. 2 5-gallon buckets of nasty had collected on the floors but I found this pile of various part. It’s mostly the parts for the 310 but the are some random J13 parts from when they did the motor swap
  6. Carefully there. You don’t want to step on that guys lawn 🤯
  7. These cars are small so it’s less work, right? 😂 I really can’t wait to do all the metal work, body paint and full restoration. I’m ready for the adventure.
  8. Yes! Dude come see me. The 310 won’t have a dedication space in the garage until frame off happens but I plan to make steady progress with the trunk, doors, fenders and hood this spring. Those panels are really in fair shape so should have no excuses for not being ready to pull the shell by early June/July. If the bolts don’t break I’ll torch them off.
  9. Similar to my WPL312 the floors and rockers are rough-to-nonexistent. But I just bought a house with a big enough garage and a new Miller welder. The trunk lid is at the dip shop now and the sheetmetal is waiting on the bench for the first of many patch panels. The original, numbers matching, E (not E1) motor is in that back seat so I’ll have to figure out why someone decided to pull it out. The existing powerplant is J13 matches to the original 3speed column shift transmission. The J13 may stay where it is but we’ll see if the E will survive. All the glass is intact. Most of the int
  10. Home and gave it a bath
  11. This is a picture from the day I picked it up.
  12. I bought myself another project. Here we go again. Maybe I’ll actually work on this one. We’ll see.... Was tipped off that this 1960 PL310 Bluebird was sitting in a field about 25 minutes away. My buddy knows that I’m an idiot for anything early Datsun. There was no question I was going to buy it. The owner had a bunch of 50-70’s Domestic cars and this was the only Datsun. I offered $800, deal. This is the first pic from the tip off. It’s the ‘standard’ model. No trim around windows or down the side.
  13. Actually not the same. I almost bought one of these but it was too incomplete. Didn’t have the front axle and missing something else important but I don’t recall. Mine is a ‘60 310.
  14. I got my DHL text update for tracking today. Thanks mickey1845
  15. I have NOT received a tracking number. Thanks
  16. My invoice is paid. Can’t wait to get these installed in the NL
  17. I may be a little late but I just filled out the Google Form link. Please send me the PayPal invoice.
  18. I’m in. KA 620 4x4 🤔
  19. Good turn out. 28 Datsuns, 2 Nissans. BBQ, cars and friends. Good to see everyone. Someone will post pictures......
  20. Same. Whichever one is running the best. Might give the NL a break after 325 miles last weekend.
  21. Silver falls 2019 ( Datsun Love ) , New date June 22 , 10 a.m. west parking parking lot , pot luck , hiking event , swimming . 1st time awards for distance traveled , most liked datsun , most orignal datsun , best modified datsun . Caravans will be organized from Bend , Eugene , Portland . Come out and share your datsun !
  22. I love how I was there for only an hour and how many pictures you guys took of my truck. Great venue, I hope to spend more time at next years show. Nice work J!
  23. You asked, so here’s some guidance. You said your concidering buying and shipping from the mainland so that opens up a lot more options. First piece of advise. Buy something that has already been mostly built. You’ll save yourself a bunch of cash in the long run by finding something that someone else took the time and cash to build and/or resurrect. When selling it impossible to get what’s put into it, your bonus. The more you spend initially ‘usually’ the more you’ll save in head ache and wallet pain later. Second piece of advise. Make sure the truck is
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