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4 Door 510 from Finland

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No paint on the bottom yet, and might not be for a while..

I want to test fit all the parts that bolt in to bottom of the car before painting it, just to make sure that i don´t have to drill or weld anything after the painting.


So here's whats has happened.


Found pair of OMP RS2 seats in good condition for only 350 euros, these are not FIA approved anymore but will go for the first two summers for practicing.




Also bolted the trans on it's place so could also test the shifter. I'm happy to tell you that I dont have to make a remote shifter, just dont like how they look..


Assembled rear discs and calipers so could test fit the handbrake wires, just need to buy a pair of seat brackets more so i can where the passenger seat goes before i can install the lever.



These arrived factory fresh from Italy this week, they might be a bit overkill but atleast i know that the car will stop in the future!



Tarox B280 six point calipers. I'm hoping to use wilwood 11x0.81" discs with these, they should fit but if not I will go with 10.75" disc.



So yeah not much but something. I'm looking for a R180 4.11 diff with "K", if someone has one to sell send me a pm or comment here..

Next thing is to order brake disc centers & some other stuff from DPracing and fit the front brakes in, then I'm going to need some rubber on my wheels because those brakes wont fit into

those 13" steel wheels anymore. 


Also trying to start to build the engine soon. 


Thanks for reading my topic, all the tips are welcome!

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Too much time hangin out with local datsun enthuasiasts and my project has gone to next level.


Where to start? Okay, smallest things first so ended up to make the rear seat back rest again. This time from aluminium.


First i cutted the metal plates i made away.



Then made new backrest and parcle shelf from 1mm aluminium.




Next thing is to grind some of the old weldings away and add some primer before i attach the aluminium plates with pop rivets & glue.


Also got the S13 handbrake lever & wires assembled while ago.




Next up, suspension. 

I'm selling my BCracing coilovers (can ship anywhere if interested) and bought these ground control coilovers for the rear.



And I'm looking for 280zx struts for the front, there will be custom made Bilstein coilover race shocks.


And the dessert.. I got my hands on L18 FIA head and intake, im going to fit these Keihin 42 ITB:s to the head with custom adapter.







So the engine is going to be pretty wild the block is going to be drilled from 85mm -> 88mm and I already got a custom crank for it


then I'm waiting for forged rods and pistons. Also bought Nismo head gasket. 


 So I'm selling my BCracing coilovers (custom made for 510, includes 510 struts & hubs with new bearings) 800e + shipping

Also I'm willing to sell the 219 (SSS) head. PM if interested.


More info next week when i get things done!





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