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  1. The work on the GT will soon bee complete, It's now in colour and i just need to bolt it all back together. Once thats done i can turn my efforts back onto the 510 ?
  2. If you can get a way to secure the coil packs on the plugs then no reason you cant go that way
  3. I wasn't as long working on the GT as i hoped, So made use of the good weather I also have this I'm sure i could make it fit
  4. yep that's slimier system on my C32. this kit came from the same car so dizzy and coil is matched I may just stick with points to get it up and running and look to get missing parts or different system in time. Could a MSD control this system?
  5. so do you recommend i get the missing parts and use this? I also noticed i don;t have base plate even if i need to start with the OME L20B one with points (i have a few OEM old stock points and condensors)
  6. No work tomorrow on 510 ? mate at paint shop called say parts on my Primera GT (US G20) are in primer and require my work. So off to work on the GT tomorrow. Not sure if i'm ? or ☹️ I am looking forward to getting the GT back as it was on another place for nearly 2 years and wasn't touched ? It modded pushing out 220HP from it;s SR20DEh and i have a VE in the side line for it ?
  7. ? is about all i can say ?
  8. looks like i got mixed up with a Dizzy from another one of my cars Here is the one i got for the L4
  9. I got the coil with the dizzy :) from the same car
  10. Hi datzenmike No i was saying i have kept the L14 and have a u67 head should i wish to try a turbo option later. The L14 i have has a 210 head and is all still in one peice. The L20B i have a ported and polished new old stock A87 head, The header is from a L18T which i guess is the same as a L16, I wish i still had the L20B one but got lost somewhere down the line ? I did the same with my C32 increased the runners to just under the left hand foot well as i felt it was way to short with the 6 cylinder. It did make a bit of a difference it allowed the engine to rev more free. Nl320what, I'll grab some pictures of the dizzy i have. Would you say this should be the one i use?
  11. Interesting nl320what, Stupidly a few years ago i sold my L18 and scrapped a low mileage L16 :( i have a few things still to decide for the L20B, 1 is the down pipe, do i make it extra long runner and join then say under the foot well, or keep them sorted more like the factory one. I do plan on using a stainless exhaust system either 2 or 2.25mm 2 you mentioned match box dizzy, Is this the one with the little box on the side of the dizzy? I have stripped cleaned the factory L20B one still with points at the moment but was thinking of fitting acu spark or power spark kit. I have one of these in my N12 cherry and it works great. However i have been reading about these matchbox dizzy and i think i may have one (if it is as i describe) I imported it from Australia and i think it came from a series 2 910 whats the thoughts?
  12. if i'm correct, lowish compression and free revving engine, The L13/14 rev much nicer than say a L18/20B
  13. wheels turned up, ? the of the centers missing ? seller is contacting delivery company Doh!
  14. Hi Thanks for the comments, It is all factory un-touched (well until now) In the UK we have only ever had mph. They sure did make a mess, I have ran the block in my ultrasonic cleaner and a friends stream cleaner tank. I was a little concerned in getting the block decked due to pushing compression to high. I opted for using a flat surface and sandpaper to prep the surface before fitting new gasket. I have stuck the L14 away in the shed along with the U67 head that may come in handy at some point. I have a couple modded datsun and wanted one with period modifications, so items that could have been fitted to it when it was newish. Sitting patiently waiting on a set of (in the UK) rare Z 14" rims
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