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  1. Last night i refitted the pedal box and stripped and repaired the steering box/column. Also found the brake booster i have has a damaged seal at the front so i will need to look at rebuilding that. Hopefully get the steering box refitted tonight and start working out the brake line routes.
  2. little update, Please be kind, It's the first time i have mixed paint and used a spray gun. I have to say for the first time i'm please with myself lol
  3. AS my FJ is running S14 ECU and loom with Nistune i had to add the consult port which brings many benefits.
  4. factor interior with the exception of a 180B SSS dash
  5. It really hasn't changed These were taken at the 2017 Ignition Festival Glasgow. The boot (trunk) install
  6. your spot on with the torque figures, during the day there as an issue with the machine, they gave us all a calculation on how to work out the correct values which i cant remember. The graph flow it self though that is correct, Funny thing on the day was they enclosed the air filter in cardboard and the car gained 5hp lol a little video i made I'll see if i can find the video of the actual RR day.
  7. Hopefully i can get an oil strainer to finish the engine so it can be fitted one paint is done
  8. Managed a little more work on the 510 bay Now waiting on the next dry warm day to wet sand and put it in colour :)
  9. sorry the best pictures i have at the moment new intake
  10. Here is my 1983 datsun cherry, 2 owners from new and currently with 29,000 miles
  11. thanks, I can post more pictures up and better copies of the Dyno if you like?
  12. Picture links sorted sorry had issue with my website.
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