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  1. JDM Coupe lights you can buy the gaskets in-between the plastic and metal. I have some new somewhere in a box. Plastic to body, not available yet but I know someone working on a set. ROW lights, Datsport sell them and I read somewhere there is a V6 rocker cover gasket you can use (found it: FEL-PRO VS50086R VALVE COVER GASKET SET (VS50086R))
  2. RandyWanger

    Fender Flares

    I've got someone who can make moulds of mine if you're interested. The ones I have are Refresh60 based on the FIA homologated spec over fenders.
  3. YES! Welcome to the club, where in the UK are you?
  4. This one, now painted grey is for sale. 12 million yen.
  5. What's the part number for the RHD one?
  6. What a nice collection of parts. This will be amazing once all together.
  7. One of my favourite YouTube channels. Would love to watch you restore a 510 one day
  8. What site are you pulling them from before uploading them to datsun510.com? I'd like to find some higher resolution ones.
  9. Awesome, it's like a stock body working version of mine.
  10. I've not been to the ring in years. Last time was over 10 years ago in a JDM DC2. I had tinnitus for weeks after and the car wasn't even stripped out. I'd love to do a road trip in my Coupe, but it's in pieces in the garage. Maybe 5 years time I will. If you ever find yourself in London, let me know.
  11. Love the car! Not many in Europe that I know of. When's the first Ring trip? ?
  12. I know that feeling very well.
  13. Love the colour the header has gone after some heat
  14. My ex JCCA F Class Coupe has them on the fenders: AchFk8mz
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