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4 Door 510 from Finland


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No paint on the bottom yet, and might not be for a while..

I want to test fit all the parts that bolt in to bottom of the car before painting it, just to make sure that i don´t have to drill or weld anything after the painting.


So here's whats has happened.


Found pair of OMP RS2 seats in good condition for only 350 euros, these are not FIA approved anymore but will go for the first two summers for practicing.




Also bolted the trans on it's place so could also test the shifter. I'm happy to tell you that I dont have to make a remote shifter, just dont like how they look..


Assembled rear discs and calipers so could test fit the handbrake wires, just need to buy a pair of seat brackets more so i can where the passenger seat goes before i can install the lever.



These arrived factory fresh from Italy this week, they might be a bit overkill but atleast i know that the car will stop in the future!



Tarox B280 six point calipers. I'm hoping to use wilwood 11x0.81" discs with these, they should fit but if not I will go with 10.75" disc.



So yeah not much but something. I'm looking for a R180 4.11 diff with "K", if someone has one to sell send me a pm or comment here..

Next thing is to order brake disc centers & some other stuff from DPracing and fit the front brakes in, then I'm going to need some rubber on my wheels because those brakes wont fit into

those 13" steel wheels anymore. 


Also trying to start to build the engine soon. 


Thanks for reading my topic, all the tips are welcome!

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Too much time hangin out with local datsun enthuasiasts and my project has gone to next level.


Where to start? Okay, smallest things first so ended up to make the rear seat back rest again. This time from aluminium.


First i cutted the metal plates i made away.



Then made new backrest and parcle shelf from 1mm aluminium.




Next thing is to grind some of the old weldings away and add some primer before i attach the aluminium plates with pop rivets & glue.


Also got the S13 handbrake lever & wires assembled while ago.




Next up, suspension. 

I'm selling my BCracing coilovers (can ship anywhere if interested) and bought these ground control coilovers for the rear.



And I'm looking for 280zx struts for the front, there will be custom made Bilstein coilover race shocks.


And the dessert.. I got my hands on L18 FIA head and intake, im going to fit these Keihin 42 ITB:s to the head with custom adapter.







So the engine is going to be pretty wild the block is going to be drilled from 85mm -> 88mm and I already got a custom crank for it


then I'm waiting for forged rods and pistons. Also bought Nismo head gasket. 


 So I'm selling my BCracing coilovers (custom made for 510, includes 510 struts & hubs with new bearings) 800e + shipping

Also I'm willing to sell the 219 (SSS) head. PM if interested.


More info next week when i get things done!





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It took a little bit longer than next week since the last post but here is little something.


I got the rear firewall ready, it turned out pretty good in my own opinion. If you're wondering what the the thing in the middle of it is it's a straight part in the slanted firewall so it's easier to make the through outs for the gas lines.




Then after checking things what I need to do before i can paint the bottom i decided to make a body rotisserie (I hope that i've done this earlier)



List what I got to do:


-Clean & reinforcement weld the bottom

-Fit the transmission (5 speed big trans from Z)

-Fit the wheels & tires

-Tilton Pedalbox assembly

-New seat holders

-6 point seat belt holders


Then some other updates.


The engine is at the builder right now, it's going to be drilled next month.

I sold the Keihin throttle bodies because they were too hard to fit with the FIA intake. I'm planning to buy Jenvey

Heritage throttle bodies so the engine bay would have a nice classic look. Let's see what happens.


I sold the BCracing coilovers, got the ground control coilovers for the rear and now looking for different options for the front

if there's someone racing 510 and got good tips for the front coils please let me know. 


Then decided to get rid of old control arms and get new one's from technotoy tuning, also the outer tie rods will be replaced with technotoy products.


Here's one extra picture how the garage & 510 looks at the moment.


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Quick update about past two weeks.


Got the body rotisserie ready and lifted the car on it. 99% of the undercoat is gone now, just some small bits in those tight corners.




Found one more rust spot that needs to be fixed, actually it was already fixed but that was like the worst rust repair in man history so had to do it again.

Also started to reinforcement weld the bottom of the car, hopefully will get all the reinforcement welds ready next week so i can start to work with the rust spot.




Plans are still the same, just the money is missing to get any new parts hah!

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Those are some nice beefy welds.  This is a project that I bet will get completed.  Nice work, thank you for sharing.


Yes plans for your rotisserie, please.

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On 10/14/2018 at 9:58 PM, Draker said:

Did you build the rotisserie? 


On 10/14/2018 at 11:31 PM, Charlie69 said:

Those are some nice beefy welds.  This is a project that I bet will get completed.  Nice work, thank you for sharing.


Yes plans for your rotisserie, please.


Yes I build it myself, just got the measurements out of my head hah. Its 135cm wide, 100cm high, bolts where bumpers.


Thanks for the nice words, hopefully I get some stuff ready next week so can share more!

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Long time no see, but here's update whats been going on..


Stich welds + sanding the bottom is now ready and I'm going to drop the car from the rotisserie next week so I can make engine and transmission mounts + mount tilton pedal box.






I bought 5 speed gearbox from my friend last week, also got a set of new H-beam connecting rods for the engine.

I'm travelling to US (Miami FL) to relax for two weeks on new year and there should be some nice stuff waiting for me at the hotel (Technotoy GTX2 control arms and TC rods, technotoy outer tie rods, set a ARP bolts for the engine and ATI damper so we can start to spin it!) 



The block came back from the machining and it's now L19 ! So the cylinders got driller 3mm bigger and I'm going to get forged CP pistons to fill the cylinders.

I will share more stuff about the engine when i get all the parts and we can start to build it.  The target is to get over 200hp from the crank and set the rev limiter to 9k rpm.


I try to post more often, specially now when i got some more interesting stuff to do thant sand the undercoat!



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A weekly post?! What?!


Last night was succesful at the garage.


Made new engine mounts, these are 28mm in height (stock 38mm) so i can add 10mm of nylon on top of them so they will still be stiff but still soften some ripple.



Here's one photo of the L19 added some primer on it so it wont get rusty while waiting for the assembly.



Next time i will drop it on the car with the transmission so i can start to make the transmission mount.


So the car is now back on the jack stands and it will be there till i get to the end of my to do list.



-Fit the transmission

-Fit the pedalbox

-Make new seat holders

-Weld in seat belt holders


After those things i'm ready to paint the bottom, then it's back to suspension building! 


Here's the photo of new tilton pedalbox that i got.






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Hi guys! 


Test fitted Tiltons today, not going to fit into 510. I have to get a different model from them. When assembled the pedalbox as low as possible pedals

were 28cm from the floor. On stock pedals height is 19cm so need to get ones with cylinders facing inside the car.


Florida trip was nice, these came with me back to Finland.



Got all the parts to assemble the block except the pistons, i should be able to buy those by end of the month. Just need to get my trigger wheel drilled to fit

the stock crank pulley.


Also got the Technotoy GTX2 control arm set and toe links.



Got the nylon discs to engine mounts and test fitted the block back to the car. Then got the 5speed behind it.




Today I got R180 diff with 4.875 gear ratio. Assembled it on it's place so now I just need the drive shaft so I can make the transmission mount.



Not much is going to happen this month since I'm just waiting for the parts to arrive and working like a donkey to get some extra money for some new parts.

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Hi guys. 


Not much happened for at least for a month new because been busy in other parts of life. I see that many of you have been interested about the rotisserie i made.

I will take some photos of it and how it mounts next time i go to garage. (Hopefully this weekend)



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This project is looking awesome!  Did you decide on what master cylinders to run?  I had a hard time finding any sizing charts, but I heard you can contact tilton and get their recommendation for what bore you need.

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On 4/14/2019 at 5:04 AM, INDY510 said:

This project is looking awesome!  Did you decide on what master cylinders to run?  I had a hard time finding any sizing charts, but I heard you can contact tilton and get their recommendation for what bore you need.


Thank you! I have not decided the cylinders yet. My friend has chart that you can use to calculate just the right cylinders that i will use when ordering the cylinders.


Here's how the pedalbox is now hanging in there.





It's not ready yet but you get the idea. It's still missing some reinforcement pieces and welds so it wont give up while racing the car.


Then some plans have been changing again, due to almost every company has stopped making 14" semislick so I borrowed some 15" inch wheels that are going 

for my friend 240z and noticed that they are definetly too big for 510 (in my eyes) so im going to buy 13" wheels next. Test fitted 13" racing wheels from my friends 510 and 

they fitted on the rear brakes just perfectly. Now last thing to check is can i fit my Tarox calipers on 13" wheels with smaller disc or do i need to sell them and buy another set of calipers.


Here's the current situation. 



So the wheels are 13x8 offset is around 0. My plan is going to get RS Watanabe type-r in same size (Offset -6) so next thing is to get somekind of flares to 

fit the new wheels. Been looking this photo a lot lately and think that this is the way i wanna go. Anyone know the name of the front air dam?



And many of you have been asking about my rotisserie. Here's some photos and info. 

Front part goes in like a bumper:




Rear part attaches to bumper holes:




and legs are very simple:



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Thank you for the info on the rotisserie. I decided to buy one just no time or equipment to make one, but knowing the attachment points are a big help. Your car is looking good.

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On 4/30/2019 at 2:57 AM, banzai510(hainz) said:

I think you should keep the stock body.NO FLAIRS!!!!!!!!!! make the wheels fit under the car.go + offset


This has been a idea for a while but it's hard to find 13x8 wheels with +offset (i need to go with 235/45 tire to be competitive in the race series that i'm going to drive)

so tire that big is pretty hard to fit under the stock wheel arches. If this would be 100% street car then i would just thorw some 14x7 with +offset and go with smaller tires 

but grip is big thing when you are competing against +250hp bmw m3 etc.


Thank you for all the positive feedback, got a lot of motivation to work on the car, i will try to post something very soon.

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Jeff Hino(icehouse on here races his 510 with a SR20 and his wheels are tucked up nice.

You have a lot of hard to get pieces already I think wheels would be easy to get.


Be honest really hate to see you race this car and it gets smashed.  Not a lot of 510s in Europe.Was never that many anyways

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Been out of budget for a while now so started to test fit all the parts to the car before taking it to the painter.


Cutted dash frame to fit, modified the metal grilles that go on the dash and then modified the dash top pad to fit with the rollcage.



Then tested that the stock cauges so they will fit with the roll cage also, i'm modifying the seat holders so seat is currently on the floor. it will raise like a bit from that picture but the steering wheel felt good on that height so trying to keep the seat as low as possible. I need to make the gear stick a bit more longer to fit my hand better. I'm going to put 3 extra VDO cauges on the center console and replace the heater adjustment panel with diy switch panel. Cant choose should i save some money and make it from ABS plastic or should i buy a piece of carbon and make it more fancy..



Then started to assemble the goods that i got from technotoy tuning while I was in the states this winter, next up is to buy front coilovers and hubs so i can get the car on it's wheels.



Also tested that I can fit my Tarox calipers under 13" wheel with 267mm APracing discs, more of that when i get the coilovers and hubs so i can by the discs and start to plan the caliper brackets!

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