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4 Door 510 from Finland


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Hi guys.


I've been sanding the bottom for the past weeks. The undercoat project is like 95% ready, after that i can sand the trunk ready for the painting and weld new trunk floor in and fit the gas tank in.


Got payday next week so i can order the rollgage, meanwhile im going to do the things that i mentioned earlier so when the rollcage comes i can start to fit it in. After the rollcage is test fitted I will paint the bottom and send suspension parts to sodablasting and powdercoating so they will be ready to bolt in when the bottom is painted. So i can get the car back to on its wheels before the winter.


My deadline to drive the car again was June 2018, im still hoping the get to it but looks like all the things that i wanna do with the car are too expensive. I will be posting some pics next week when i get the undercoat project 100% ready.

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Finally. About 99% of the undercoat is gone and i dont care about that 1% so much so i could say that the bottom of the car is clean now! 

This took me longer that i expected (like a month) but now its done.







Also started to clean the engine bay with deleting the battery & washer tank holder.





New trunk floor is also going in. I used sealant to all the reinforcement welds that i did to the trunk before i started to weld new floor in yesterday. 

Ran out of time so its only 70% fitted but i will finish it next time i go to the garage.




So what's been up? I was ordering the rollcage from UK month ago and they told me that the postage will be 350euros. That rollcage cost 700euros so 50% more because of postage was instant no thanks so i'm using the plan B at the moment. I already ordered a full polybush kit and it will arrive in the beginning of august. My friend hasn't had time to make the rear caliper carriers so I might need to try to do them my self or use another company for that. Ones the carriers are done and i get the rear camber / toe adjustment plates I take all the suspesion parts for sodablasting and powdercoating. When suspension parts are ready i need to drop the car back to its wheels and push the car to Finnish race shop so the can make me a rollcage. When the rollcage is done i need to take the suspesion parts off again and then paint the bottom of the car and put all the suspesion parts back. (atleast i get to testfit them hah) 


At the moment car looks like this.




I also bought some motivation parts (not that i needed anymore motivation but still hah)

Momo Protipo steering wheel and momo hub adapter. I'm in love with that steering wheel.




Also been planning a lot for the future. Hopefully on September i can send a request to JDM distro for RS watanabe wheels. At the moment im thinking for being 14x7 et3 to all corners but i would like to have wider rims on rear. Can someone show me how 7,5" et0 or 8" et-6 fits to 510? Also most of the plans with the engine are ready and I'm going to start building it while the car is at the shop for the rollcage.




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Progress ! 


I hope that someone still reads this topic, here's whats been happening since last post.


Welded new trunk floor in and made place for the tank. Made some mistake with the measurement so the gas outlet is bit short now.

Will make that a bit longer so i can fit the gas line in.




While saving money for the gas line parts ive been sanding the engine bay.




Lots of stuff to do before driving this thing again.. but im hoping to see it on its wheels before the end of the year.

My friend has finally started the rear brake caliper brakets and the superpro polybushes arrived. First thing when i get the rear subframe parts back i will take all suspension parts in for fresh paint and test fit the whole suspension.



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It's been a month since last post and it's been crazy.


I met Finnish guy who races historic with 510. Words cannot describe how amazing hes car is. BRE red/white theme and L18 engine with Weber50 carbs pushing 180hp from the wheels.

He has given me so much tips what to do and how so I can make my car as fast as possible.


And i have also got something done again.

First of all I made the tank fitting allover again the tank is now about 15cm more front than last time and Im also going to pull all the gas lines inside so there's no more holes for AN fittings.




Here's how the car looks at the moment



I took the doors and trunk lid away so i get more space for sanding the car inside. Im waiting for some of the suspension parts to arrive

so I can drop it back on it's wheels and take it to the shop for the rollcage.


As you can see I made strutbrace from 200sx strutbrace. I had to drill the center holes bigger, cut it shorter and lower

so it finally fit the 510 but i got it for free so little work didnt hurt. Also test fitted the new BCracing coilovers.

Still a while to put the on the real test on the track hah!





Then I've been buying some nice stuff.

OSGiken flywheel / clutch set & SSS Speedo / RPM meter




Here's a little update, got so much new plans in my mind. Will share more about those next time!

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Your doing a great job! Nice to know people that's been there and willing to give you the nuances of our cars.

Thank you !


Did you get to drive the little Datsun before starting all of this work? 

Keep up the good work.

Your first drive will be so rewarding!


Yes, I bought it from 350km where I live so that's what I drove when it was stock.

I will, thank you!

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If I haven't told it earlier i'm a wheelholic, so this is not going to be the first set of wheels I buy for this car.



So these are 3piece Volk Rays Mesh with magnesium centers 14x6" ET12. 

I'm going to wrap 185/60 Toyo triple eights on these, perfect track day setup!

Still not sure do I re-paint the centers but I'm going to brush the lips and add clearcoat on them.



Also welded all the "waterholes (?)" and made one more rust fix.



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At the moment I'm in a bit of a rush.


510 is going to rollcage maker in four weeks so that means I have four weeks to get it back on it's wheels. Witch would not be a problem if I would have all the parts.


At the moment I'm waiting for front wheel bearings to arrive and I'm going to order new balljoints tomorrow.

My rear control arms are still at my friends CNC shop because he has been busy while doing other things than my brake caliper brackets.


So in the next 4 weeks I need to:


-Assemble the front & rear suspension

-Weld reinforcement bar under the trunk

-Weld seat fitting bars to passenger side

-Get rest of the suspension parts sodablasted and painted


So here's what been happening.


Got some of the suspension parts from sodablast / paint, they look so good now!


Front subframe & control arms testfitted. All the special spacers will be sodablasted/painted and I'm also going to buy new bolts and nuts.



Box full of parts ready to be assebled.



Swaybar got the "racered" color



Yesterday we welded bars for seat brackets to driver side. I don't know if these are FIA spec but atleast in Finland you need to have these kind of bars

for seat brackets (or fit the seat to OE seat holder) if you want to drive in real race.





So yeah this is how the car looks like at the moment, had to test fit the seat with the pedals and steering wheel so we could get it right at the first time.





That's it for now. Lets see how this turns out in the next four weeks! 


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I made it! 


I'm sorry I forgot to take my camera to garage today so phone pics only but i will post some pics after my vacation but here's what has been happening.


First, you can't get 11mm ball joints from Finland, I didn't have much time so i did some research and found a guy who was selling a set of steering knuckles for 14mm ball joint.

I bought those and ordered 14mm ball joints from my friends car parts store. First problem down.


My friend finally got the rear brake caliper brackets ready and I got my rear control arms back, first thing i did was to take the old bearings off and weld 3mm thick reinforcement plates where the shock bolts in. Next day I took all the rest of the suspension parts to sandblast and powder coat. I have to thank the company who did it they got all the parts ready in 24 hours! 






So then i got all the parts i needed, last Monday i went to the garage and assembled all the front suspension parts. On Wensday I assembled all the rear suspension parts and spend Thursday night welding a reinforcement bar under the trunk. On thursday night at 11pm the car was back on it's wheels and ready to go rollcage shop.





Today me and my dad took the car to roll cage shop and it will be ready in the next two weeks, when i get it back I will take a little "break" from the project because I need to work more so i can save money for the new parts hah. I will do all the "free" stuff on the while. ( new handbrake assembly etc.) 




Now, in the next 10hours I will hop into a plane to Mexico and relax for 2 weeks! Merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone! 

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Happy new year!


Yeah I got the Datsun back from the shop yesterday and i'm stoked to work on it again!


So this it how it looks now.








The guy also fixed twio rust spots under the windshield so i dont have to worry about those either.



While assembling the rear suspension i noticed that my shocks are too short so i need to buy atleast 7cm (3") longer shocks to get the rear high enought. 


I'm not 100% sure what to do next but i'm pretty sure that i know it next week when i go to garage and start to think the next move.

That's it for now!

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Hi Japrnoo. Been following this. Very nice. I have exactly similar car. Same colour, year and happens to be in Finland too........Where did you order parts to your project? Looking for poly bush set and some other bits. Also I noticed that even the interior of your car has same colour as mine. I need new red rear seat and thought what happened to yours? Obviously you do not need it anymore. Would you like to sell it?


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Hi Japrnoo. Been following this. Very nice. I have exactly similar car. Same colour, year and happens to be in Finland too........Where did you order parts to your project? Looking for poly bush set and some other bits. Also I noticed that even the interior of your car has same colour as mine. I need new red rear seat and thought what happened to yours? Obviously you do not need it anymore. Would you like to sell it?




Hi! Thank you. 


I sent you a PM recarding to interior and polybushes.

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Hi guys! 


Not much has happened. Been just welding some reinforcement welds to body and sanding the interior ready for the paint.


I also bought L18 engine with SSS head and short Mikuni intake few weeks back. Ill be posting some photos after next week when i go back to the garage again!

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Hey could you post the dimensions for those rear caliper brackets?? I need to get some made, or could I buy a pair off you or whoever made them?




I can sell a pair. The Price is 350 euros + shipping. 


Really dont want to give the dimension, my friend spend 20+ hours to do those and I paid him over 500 euros for all that.


If you're still interested send me a PM.



What a great build! Hooked!!


Thank you! At the moment money is the only issue to get this forward but I'm trying to get that situation better!

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Something to share..


Hi, not much happened but here's something.


Test fitted new rear brakes and the wheels, 14" wheel clears those 258mm discs nicely. I'm trying to go with 280mm in the front.





Made some reinforcement weldings over the body, still going to do some to wheel wells & frame.





Bought this nice Mikuni intake like I told in the earlier post. There's also the 219 Head wich came with the L18 engine.





Next thing is to get the seat, test fit it to its right place so I can make sure that the steering wheel will be at the good height. After that i will fit the s13 handbrake lever and wires on their places, then i think im ready to paint the bottom of the car and assemble everything back in for the last time.


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