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  1. Page 3 in this topic. Will make a post of the engine with more photos when we get into it.
  2. Short spec list of my engine (will make a post about it later) L18 block re drilled 85mm -> 88mm FJ20 H profile rods (10mm longer than L18 originals) Wiseco 88mm flat tops with valve relief FIA head with large titanium valves + all titanium internals Custom chromo rockers Jenvey 45 ITB + Reverie carbon airbox Custom header with 2,5" -> 2,75" exhaust ATI damper Electric waterpump Kameari racing altenator Competition oil pan + Turbo oil pump Aiming to 200WHP. Got package from Australia. I'm in love ! Also the trunk floor is almost ready, just some finishing left!
  3. Rocker panels done ! Next thing is making the trunk all over again, first I cutted the old shit that I made away and made a frame for the new fuel tank. Then we made new panels for the trunk, next it's time to weld them in and then the trunk is finally complete. One more picture of the future intake assembly. The plan is to get engine build this winter. Some time ago i got the rubber isolators for the intake so installed the Jenvey ITBs.
  4. Hello! Some progress again. Cutted the rocker panels aways and repaired some rust spots from the inside. New left side rocker panel is now in but forgot to take the camera to garage yesterday. Wasn't happy with the pedal box mount i made last time so cutted it away and made a new different style one. Also got the Tilton throttle pedal to match the system. This is something i made earlier this year but forgot to share it with you. My engine has the rear sump oil pan and i just got a custom racing oil pan for it so didn't want to go with the JBC kit so found pictures from online someone swapping full 240z steering system to 510 so decided to go with the same solution. (You can find a picture from relocated tension arms from the upper post) So i got the 260z front subframe from a friend (Will order Apex engineering one soon) then got used 240z steering rack and axle from online and made a new firewall for that. Got the lower steering column from post yesterday so i need to wait for final testing until the rocker panels are in their place and i can take the car down from the rotisserie. Then cutted a huge hole to trunk floor and installed new Pyrotect fuel cell, more of this next time. Sold the Volk wheels last week, will go with 13" but calculated that buying brand new custom ones are much easier and actually cheaper option than buy new lips for the old ones. My other option is to go with 15" but that something i can test when the car is ready.
  5. Here's one photo how the garage looks from outside. I have ordered lots of parts lately, hopefully they arrive soon so I can share some progress with you!
  6. Renowating the new garage was not that easy, so it's still ongoing but heres something that has happened lately. So I moved away from our 120m2 garage to my own 60m2 garage (it might sound good but im also renting a space for my friends BMW for a while to pay the loan) Heres how it looks at the moment, sorry i couldn't take a photo from outside because of a snow storm in May.. So basically the whole 46m2 downstairs is only for fabricating and building the car, then we made 18m2 upstairs for storaging. As you can see it's still ongoing progress but it's getting forward all the time! Then the 510.. We got the right side rear flare installation before i left the old garage. Last week I got the idea of getting rid of the stock steering box and change it to rack and pinion steering. Got myself a 260z front subframe and fitted it in, cutted TC rod mounting points away from the front of the engine bay and installed them to rear just like in the Z. Tomorrow im going to pickup 240z steering rack and column and then I order outer tie rods from Technotoy.
  7. Hi! Life has been busy for a while so I have totally forgot to keep this topic posted ! Lately I've got new job, new garage last Friday and lots of another stuff has kept me busy but I've had some time to work with the 510 also ! Here's couple of Iphone pictures how to car looks like at the moment. I will post up better introduction about last 5months in couple of weeks when we get the renevation of the new garage done !
  8. Hello! Idea of just fitting flares to four door escalated pretty badly, thanks to my friend who made 90% of these. So the body, door and wheelwell was modified to make those flares fit with fully functionable rear door. I think that these came out great, i have anyone else fitting flares to four door like this. It was maybe too much work for just a track day build but these are something to show in the car shows too. I will post photos how they look like when the car is on it's wheel next week when i get new parts to the rear axle. Till next week! -Jarno
  9. I'm not dead ! It's been quiet from my side for past two months but progress have been happening. Fitting the flares to the car is a big project but hopefully we will get the left side ready this saturday so I can share it with you guys! During the time I have made a transmission holder ( actually V1, V1,5) and V2 is now under progress. Will share photos of it on the weekend too! Some stuff for the engine arrived today and my new wheels will arrive in three weeks! Same volk rays mesh that i got now but 13" ! I need to get the crank balanced and then we can build the block! I'm doing the V1 engine with wet sump instead of drysump for two reasons. -Our teams other car got the same setup and it has been running good for the last two years so why it would not work on my engine? -Good wet sump system cost like 700euros compared to good drysump system which is 5000euro + I have bought all the fuel equipment (tanks,pumps, filters, fuel lines and AN fittings) ready so when we get the rear flare installation ready I will start to fit the fuel equipment and do small fitting stuff because soon it's time to move to new carage so dont want to start any other big project before it! Plan is to get the car to the paint shop next summer. Let's hope that i dont have anymore ideas that will ruin that plan hah! This time it was more text than photos but here's one photo from last Thursday when I modified the rear subframe to fit my new 2.5" exhaust.
  10. That was my first idea but assembling them more down could have caused tire to hit the flare when wheels are fully turned in speed. Also in the original BRE race car the rears are flush and the front comes a bit over the the line.
  11. Yeah, i didn't want to go with the flares at the first point but fitting these tires into stock body with that ride height was hopeless.
  12. These are 235/45/13 so they are 9,25" tires and I'm going to go with 240mm wide slicks in the future.
  13. This is a strong maybe, where the car sits now theres 10cm from the rear subframe to ground and 45mm from tire to fender. This is first racer for me so cant be sure is that 45mm enough suspension travel or not. On front theres 65mm from tire to fender but fronts need to turn. Atleast the stance looks good in my opinion but lets see what happens when i get to drive this thing. Yes the car being four door caused extra trouble, hopefully the end result is good when we get this done.
  14. Couple photos, sorry flare haters. rear flares need massive modification, will post pictures when its ready.
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