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  1. Atomic

    4 Door 510 from Finland

    Kehitys kehittyy, edistys edistyy. Hyvää settiä, olisi ollut itselläkin kätevä tuo autogrilli kun pohjaa hoiti kuntoon 👍
  2. Hurrayy, I got the new Wilwood slave sylinder working. The clutch is quite firm and semi hard to press. But to remember that I have a flat flywheel surface and stiffer clutch plate kit so it's fine imo. I will have a winter holiday after one week so then I'll hopefully be able to finish up the intake manifold and build up the exhaust system. We'll see if I get it running by the end of this year or something. No promises yet
  3. Quite expensive kit overall with the modifications. I'll see what I'm able to do with the wilwood one and if that doesn't work, then I just have to try what you have suggested, thanks!
  4. Hmm, yes. But would need to modify for mounting points and such? And the maintenance would be always a pain 😅
  5. Yes, i would need to find a hydraulic fork for there and disassemble the transmission again to insert the pivot point there (same transmission was used with both hydraulic and cable setups). I'm going to try it with the new wilwood slave cylinder. But if that doesn't work then I guess I have no choice.
  6. Is that a good or a bad thing? 😅
  7. The pivot point is on the other side of the gearbox. I ended up using the fork that is used with cable normally. And i have tested the clutch to be working when the engine and tranny were out of the car. And yes, the whole engine is moving 😂
  8. 1000 project pictures posted to the blog with this submission, hurrayy. I bought a new clutch master cylinder: NOS brake master cylinder: New front grillie ornaments: Then I might have a minor problem with the clutch... 😂 I have the slave cylinder attached to the frame of the car due to not having mounting points on the transmission. The clutch doesn't disengage with this travel and I need to start thinking something else then. What came into my mind is to have pull type slave cylinder attached to the side of the motor from willwood forexample. (the slave cylinder is pushing the fork in the gif, so not to get confused here)
  9. I'm bit sceptical of the finger tightening ring over there. I'll probably just have to order some and test them out Just figured that the threaded pipe fitting will tighten down the finger ring also, d'oh! Thanks for the tip!
  10. Was able to find some on ebay but they were looking pretty cheap :I Need to look more into it
  11. Does anyone have an idea what these are in english? You can basically run another port from silicone / rubber hose. I was planning to use something like these to rob a line for the turbo coolant line.
  12. Got a second dashboard for B310, bought the whole dash to get glove box and air vents and such from it: Got also the air vent sheet metal that needs a bit work but it's far better than the ones I had previously from late model B310 with square headlights (had different shaping) Then I was able to get chrome bumper supports also, the need a bit of love and then I need to design new mounting holes for them since I patched the spots where the old ones were I'm glad that I finally got fully functioning air vent system and all the climate control mechanism works and then i was able to insert the glove box also: Then cleaned up the passanger side floor a bit, and hid the main power switch inside of it, it came our really clean looking: In the future I should start molding my own covers for the wires and fuse boxes. Also a carpet and sound damping would be in place soon too.
  13. Above the spark plugs, I need to remake the plenum that I did year ago, going with silicone pipes over the valve cover so the valve cover is accecable
  14. Bought a dremel kit for honing the injector pockets and intake manifold from the inside, it came with really nice adapter that I didn't take a picture of: The small tool under the blue box is what I'm talking about, really handy! And again, with the help of aluminium tape: So the bends are bit wonky due to my inferior taping skills 😄 but I should do a jig to line up all the injector pockets when I'm going to weld the runners to the flanges. Probably going to drill holes to a plate and then use that to align the injector pockets.
  15. Completed the other two bends: And drilled the injector pockets through

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