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  1. I have been waiting for the custom pistons for 2 months now, they're still being made... The oil pump upgrade project needs a new shaft for the gear to settle in. I got some new gauges for the project, they're the same smoke series from autogauge: I haven't had the motivation or time to do the project until I get the damn pistons from the shop so I can take the engine block to machine shop. I also had to work on my daily driven Volvo V40 as it had some rust spots and I wanted to fix them before the winter. I also need to fix the leaky exhaust piping after the catalytic converter. I could do some bodywork on datsun, but I really don't want to dust around the garage as I have all the engine components laying around. I also received the K-type temperature sensor probes for the exhaust manifold and the TinyOS expander board along with some A/D chips. Oh and then I have an adjustable speedsensor package that will get input from VR sensor from the Volvo rear axle. It will then convert the sinusoidal wave into square wave and amplify it so that my current speedometer can get the correct signal in. But I really cannot test these until I get my motor back together. It might turn out that the engine will start again next year. As the winter arrives I don't want to drive it outside nor tune it in cold weather. It's kinda bummer. OH BUT HEY ITS BEEN 7 YEARS MAKING IN PROGRESS, so I would like to thank all of you for your interest and good comments and suggestions. They have really helped me to continue with this project along the year. The blog has over 1.5k pictures and I have been planning to do some wiki entries later for CAD files I have been creating along the build to make custom parts. So next update will be probably when I get the damn pistons, they better be great 😄
  2. Fan is now mounted: Used zipties and rubber washers to tie it down to the rad. Tested it and it pulls air really well through the core, amazing!
  3. No updates in a long time, damn. I finally got myself back in the garage and extended the bracket that's holding the water overflow tank so that it will hold the oil cooler from the other end. Feels sturdy now. The cap can still be rotated and lifted off even when slightly under the oil cooler. The AN10 fitting clears out the rad too. The 9 inch DC fan should do the trick. I need to mount the rad underneath
  4. Could the flares be lower? Or how would that look? Or are we looking for longer suspension travel? The stance would be nice to see with flares lower
  5. Got the injectors from ebay. Turned out they were not Bosch injectors, but some weird brand called Deleen. I had them flow checked and will be picking the best set of 4=: 4,5,6,8. The injectors were also tested with over 5 bar pressure as I asked, having no affect on the spraying as some knockoff injectors I have seen will get stuck for some reason. Also no difference in spray pattern, the shape for spraying was a nice misted cone for each injector. I will be selling the other lot of 4=: 1,2,3,7 but they need to be flow matched by the next user, so they will be quite cheap. PM me if interested, 50 euros for the lot of 4.
  6. The sandwich plate arrived and so did the 90 degree angles for the AN10 tubing: Fits nicely, just needs the mod plate and L-series internals
  7. Or find another set that would look good as well. Those vents cost me around 6 euros total for all of them 😄
  8. I got the hood scoops and put them into couple of different configurations: They don't look terribly bad imo 🤔
  9. Yes, I'm aware of that. But as you mentioned, this mod gives me headroom for the oil jets + cooler + turbo combo at low rpms so that the engine is not starving from oil pressure.
  10. Started to modify the oil pump, so I cut one of the 3 oil pumps that I have to be able to use it as the spacer to accommodate the longer stator part And got the gear finally out, it involved some brutal forcing and I need to take the other gear from another pump due to some teeth braking. I have a better way to take it out next time.. So, I'm guessing almost double the capacity with this modification?
  11. I ordered the TinyIOx board and it seems like I need to build a signal amp (4x ?) for the K-type probes according to this: http://www.msextra.com/doc/ms1extra/MS_Extra_Hardware_Manual.htm#egtnotes
  12. I also bought stainless 1/8 npt weld bungles + K type exhaust temp probes for EGT measurement. I could potentially use those with a CAN mod card with megasquirt to control the ignition timing and fuel spray per cylinder. The documentation can be found here: http://jbperf.com/sequential/index.html
  13. No, to take air in. I don't have space anywhere else in the engine bay for that cooler. And I have been cutting the car quite a lot already, so I don't think one hood is going to do any more bad. I just want to make sure that the vents look superb and fit in nicely
  14. I will put foam perimeter over the oil cooler so it will get the air most likely from least restrictive way, aka the hood vents
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