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  1. Atomic

    WTB, B310 coupe chrome trim

    Time Left: 24 days and 8 hours

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    Looking for B310 coupe chrome trim for windshield, roof lines and on the small windows new or used.


  2. Found a great store on ebay that sells old nissan and toyota parts: http://www.ebay.com/usr/automotomarine_store?_trksid=p2053788.m1543.l2754 bought 2 new lower hinges and 2 upper hinges for the doors, also got a combined shipping for them, saving up to 80 USD.
  3. I got the shifter, the handle feel great, it has soft touch to it. I don't have a picture of it tho because I ended up selling to a friend. I'll be buying another colored one, didn't like the black and red themed that much.
  4. Bought the GT-R and nismo badges, great quality for the price given (2-5USD each) Also started making new injector pockets, will try to find time to weld the intake manifold
  5. bought couple of badges: And I had to buy: Samurai shifter 👹🤭
  6. Had some time to test out aluminium welding, used 120Hz and 65% Balance with 65Amps Welded with filler wire, wall thickness 2mm. Welded without filler metal, 1.5mm thick Another go with 1.5mm without filler metal. Could see some impurities raising to the top of the weld. Gave it another pass, got some impurities away Welded another go on top of the old bead just to see how it behaves Welded with filler metal on top of the old seam without fillerwire Did some crisscross on top of the weld bead, may seem drossy but all the material was quite well at the surface, no drops. Ordered a new gas bottle also. But with these test I'm more confident to weld the intake manifold myself, seems to be much much easier than with MIG
  7. AC/DC Tig tested today, seems to be pretty solid for its price: It came with 0.5kg with each filler wire of: Al Si, Al Mg, Stainless steel, and for mild steel applications. Also with multiple cup sizes and holders and tungstens with gold and red plating for AC and DCEP usage with ranging thicknesses of 1.6-2.0-2.4 mm of each. Kit included a welding mask with all the adjustability you could imagine: And works really great for its price! No more burning my eyes, the ones sold in finnish stores were crap, couldn't even adjust the brightness or the reaction time at all. And this has multiple bands for top of your head and the tightening mechanism is really good and feels comfortable on your head. I put everything in a small trolley so I can move them around. The package included a gas adjuster also. Bottle I had with me from previous things. The Tig itself is a sherman 200A AC/DC Tig, seems to have your basic layout of 'bootleg' Tig welders. It came with torch that you can adjust the current from the handle, feels great on your hands and the length spans to 7.5m, so no need to move the main unit around much. , My first welding of 3mm thick mild steel was pretty good I would say, good penetration with around 70Amps. Nothing bad to say about the Tig so far, it has HF start and 2T/4T functionabilities which work both great. I'm going to test aluminium with AC probably this weekend, I have other stuff that I need to do also. All this with good packaging cost around 740 euros (Inc. VAT 24%) with home delivery from Poland, seemed pretty reasonable for me, thinking about what all came with the package.
  8. I was trying to crank the engine today, but still no oil pressure. I took the oil pump assembly off from the engine only to notice that I have forgotten to put the oil pressure release valve on its place, Do'h! I don't even know where it might be anymore. So I'm planning to either buy a new one or go to the other salvaged A15 motor and yank it out of there. Found couple of oil assemblies pretty cheap on Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/IT-057-140-New-Engine-Oil-Pump-/332613395213?_trksid=p2349526.m4383.l4275.c1#viTabs_0 Also found a new radiator and brake booster for really good price, so I'm asking about their shipping to Finland. The AC/DC Tig should arrive tomorrow and I have all the new parts for remaking the intake manifold system, hurray! Planning to buy a lot more parts also in near future, I want to get the engine running by the end of this year.
  9. Oh wow it has been a long time, glad to see that the forum got upgraded! Anyways, I was at the local car meeting and I was able to buy a D-badge for the front grillie! It only costed 1 euro, but needs some refurbishing. But I'm glad that I have a emblem now. I'm also thinking about putting GT-R badges to the car.. hmmm
  10. Bought some parts, silicone hoses for intercooler and turbo, some weldable injector pockets, and this MAC3 boost solenoid:
  11. Found this old key tag and decided to use it with the project car keys: Also got one of my cars sold, so I get some money to buy the AC DC TIG and full 2.5'' stainless steel exhaust system for B310 B)
  12. The new conrods arrived, they look neat! I also added more fiber glass body filler to the door panel and continued sanding it down, sometimes it feels like I'm doing too fine details and the sanding and body filling takes many hours.
  13. Got a summer job as a mechanical engineer treinee, hurray :thumbup: And also took the fender off so I can modify it a bit more. I'm also planning to do some bodywork on it and to the driver side door:
  14. All the conrods for A15 motors are on sale on ebay, bought a set of forged H-beam 4340 connecting rods with ARP 2000 bolts for 200 euros:

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