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  1. recut? All holes are clean, its just the chips that are hanging to the part as it was still sticky from the cutting fluids. Maybe I should air blast parts before showing anything 😄
  2. Oil pump spacers almost done, I just need to make a re run since the zeroing out changed somehow and thus the locating pins are in completely different spot?? (sorry for leaving some chips still into some of the holes, looks nasty against the backlight) Seems like Y-axis was giving some mumbo jumbo. But next time it will be easy to do in one sitting as the whole program just takes 20 minutes to run anyways...
  3. All adapters are ready: Made the CAM profile for the oil pump spacer: I bought 4.6 mm drill head and some countersunk tooling for the pin locations (notice the CAM picture with undrilled holes still). So I'm still waiting for those to arrive later this week. If the fitment is good (perfect) I will run multiple spacers for sale
  4. Soon all of the adapter blocks are ready! I figured finally the problem with the post processor and linearized arcs. So now I can run 100% feed speeds: After these are done, I'm starting with the oil pump adapters!
  5. Tightened the oilpan: Started lifting the motor back in: The transmission was pain in the ass to haul in by myself, took some heavy lifting before I could insert the jack underneath: I was able to use the DIN 912 M10 bolts now as I threaded the transmission side
  6. Adapters incoming: ' And started to make the jig where I can do the finishing transitions between oval and round:
  7. First set of flanges done: Clean table for adapters that I'm starting off tomorrow
  8. Milled more, got the first pair ready, I'm going to use the first pair to myself with weld on adapters, so the oval holes are bit bigger: Then I'm going to make a Jig from leftovers to house in the intake funnels that transition from oval to round, the jig will be used to machine the transition (see radiuses):
  9. Machining time! I ran to an error first because the block size in the CNC control was limited to 9999 blocks, and I had to go through 99999 blocks. So: I fixed that with some piece of code that resets the counter everytime it reatches 9999 blocks, it starts again from 0...1...2...3.. etc. After that was fixed, everything went smoothly: Except when I had some errands to run... So I stopped the machine and calculated that I was somewhere around 58k blocks down the line... But of course that block would be 8k something as the resetti
  10. Got the holders finally in right size: Made the oil pump spacer, will do a 3D SLA print to try out how it fits before machining one out of aluminum: Also planning to do multiple intake flanges (also for sale):
  11. Finally on holiday, feels good! Bought some cork gasket and made new oil pan seals: Also wondered if the oil thrower disc is necessary? I hear that oil might leak from the front seal if the seal is worn or something. The problem was that I couldn't find the thrower disc anywhere, even the other donor motor didn't have one? Anyways assembled some screws on: The other question that bothered me is that what sealant should be used with paper gaskets? I have heard that some use grease to make them easy to peel off later on and the ga
  12. I'll be having 3 weeks holiday soon, hopefully I can machine some Datsun parts and drop the engine in the engine bay again! Painted some more parts during the weekend:
  13. If I had the time, almost in a middle of a burnout
  14. Quite long time since last update... I finally had time and will to paint some parts:
  15. It has been mostly raining for a week now: So I have just been prepping other parts for paint, I did a pretty shitty welding on the cam trigger so I used some filler to make the transition smoother:
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