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  1. I will order some aluminum stock so I can start making the new intake manifold system. This time I will machine these intake trumpets so I can use them as adapters for the round 90 degree aluminum pipes for easy weld on. So first these will be welded on to the 90 degree intake pipes, and then to the flange for easy manufacturability:
  2. And can you spot where other girdles are the thinnest? Look at the bolt hole sections: Plus some other ''thin'' walled sections: I'm very confident that mine will do its job
  3. Who said it's aluminum? 😄 lol It's 1.4307 Stainless steel Plus are we really going to pretend it's going to snap there? Maybe my engine needs some other attention if that breaks.
  4. God damn, it took a long time to finish the piece 😄 I did some rookie mistakes and could have been more efficient, but all in all happy with the result, here are some pictures of the 4 days journey: I should have shaped the outer edges of the workpiece first and also face milled the top and bottom too. Oh well, you live, machine and learn. I still have a stock for another girdle which I'm about to sell in the future
  5. Broke my edge finder as I was about to adjust the positioning of the stainless stock, f***... Need to wait till Monday earliest to get a replacement one.
  6. The girdle is quite troublesome in size, so I had to cut the stock 750 mm long piece from the middle: And I have to rethink the final positioning of the stock piece as the holders I have at the moment couldn't reach that well into the workpiece if it was inserted way back in the machine (thats why there is one broken edge I just snapped in the end by twisting and pulling the other half apart, cleaned later with a file). Overall this operation went pretty well, the use of cutting fluid was definitely improved also surface finish. The carbide tool has a small wear section 1 mm higher than the cutting edges. Not sure if there was a chip stuck or something. Otherwise the end mill bit is super sharp still. I will use more planning before doing the "final" machining and taking the stock into final shape. So the girdle postpones to tomorrow
  7. Today is the day, I'm quite nervous. I bought cutting liquid for the pump, cleaned the work area, made the G-code for cutting the girdle. Lets see how it went at the end of the day, yikes! (fingers crossed)
  8. Took me long enough to realize that my oil pickup tube was bent like crazy, that's why all the clearance issues with the girdle, D'oh! I made a smaller print section to confirm that the hole will clear out the stock oil pickup tube. Now the girdle should support stock oil pan + oil pickup tube:
  9. No. He's European but I will keep his identity away from the forums as I don't want this thread to turn into some hate post. Doesn't matter for me where the person is from or what's his/hers background, zero tolerance for stealing.
  10. Someone stole 6 set of tyres from us, feels bad man. (they were in a hidden shed deep in our yard, so someone must have browsed through the land and search for them) We have one suspect on our mind who came and bought a car trailer from us and said that they're going to take it outside from Finland I will start to machine some parts during next week as I have holiday for 2 weeks o/ wop wop
  11. Got the indexing setup: Time to make some own gears and pulleys 😛
  12. Bought a cheap chinese parallel block kit, seems to be within 0.01-0.02 mm or so. I say It's quite bang for the buck as for starters. The end taps should be here this week also. I'll try to do some machining with aluminum first. I also bought a big blank of AISI 304 for the girdle, I'll be saving 70 euros by doing it myself with the CNC.
  13. Yeah, mine have belt drive to save some space with overall assembly as they are retrofitted some time ago
  14. Haven't heard ball screws to whine, only to crunch and rattle. And this whine is cyclic not constant
  15. Spent another 6 hours with figuring out machine parameters for XYZ axis configurations as the cartesian coordinates were upside down, which made the post processing little too tricky with fusion 360. But after a while I got everything figured out and decided to do first air guitar demo: I might start uploading videos every time I machine something with this setup. Now I just need those damn taps to start penetrating some materials 😄 And yes, I need to check the squeaky belt on X-axis, it has been bothering me a bit. Hopefully nothing serious
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