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  1. I think I don't have a choke heater even on the wiring harness on that one so I should be fine then.
  2. Ach. I hope I haven't damaged anything too much. I was running an alternator like the diagram above and I might have damaged the alternator, oopsie.. I need to do the wiring adjustment per wiki site suggests. I still had the external regulator place plug in the wiring harness for the coupe.
  3. I'm a bit confused, is this wiring setup with external regulator? Could someone chime in and help
  4. The oil plate split adapter that I have has thermo-switch yes. So once a temperature is reached, the oil starts to circulate through the cooler.
  5. Oil pump spacer done: It even spins! Turned out alright in my opinion. I have ordered longer dowel pins so I can match the whole stack together when assembling.
  6. Sent out an inquiry for the pricing of the intake manifold. More argon gas should arrive by Wednesday. I could assemble the exhaust manifold meanwhile and make the oil pump spacer ready so I can make the tubings ready for the oil cooler and back to the turbo and the oilpan.
  7. Did a 3D printout from the ''old'' ''new'' manifold design to just see how it fits over the valve cover etc. It measures 5 mm lower than the old one so I should be fine with the hood clearance plus able to get the valve cap open, huzzah! And then I'm just doodling the new intake manifold in CAD, o-ring sealings on mating surfaces: And thread M6 inserts implemented for the pockets:
  8. Starting to piece the intake manifold together: Made some 3D printed jigs: And after cleaning some horrible welds as it took some time again to get know how to handle aluminum, oof:
  9. @slowlearnerOh shit it has been a while. I'll be having a holiday starting in 1 week so that's when I will start to make the intake manifold V2. Got the oil pump spacer almost all holes dialed in, tolerances just right for whole assembly to turn. Got myself a lathe now too and bought another CNC machine. Waiting for little more money to come in to buy a kiln.
  10. recut? All holes are clean, its just the chips that are hanging to the part as it was still sticky from the cutting fluids. Maybe I should air blast parts before showing anything 😄
  11. Oil pump spacers almost done, I just need to make a re run since the zeroing out changed somehow and thus the locating pins are in completely different spot?? (sorry for leaving some chips still into some of the holes, looks nasty against the backlight) Seems like Y-axis was giving some mumbo jumbo. But next time it will be easy to do in one sitting as the whole program just takes 20 minutes to run anyways...
  12. All adapters are ready: Made the CAM profile for the oil pump spacer: I bought 4.6 mm drill head and some countersunk tooling for the pin locations (notice the CAM picture with undrilled holes still). So I'm still waiting for those to arrive later this week. If the fitment is good (perfect) I will run multiple spacers for sale
  13. Soon all of the adapter blocks are ready! I figured finally the problem with the post processor and linearized arcs. So now I can run 100% feed speeds: After these are done, I'm starting with the oil pump adapters!
  14. Tightened the oilpan: Started lifting the motor back in: The transmission was pain in the ass to haul in by myself, took some heavy lifting before I could insert the jack underneath: I was able to use the DIN 912 M10 bolts now as I threaded the transmission side
  15. Adapters incoming: ' And started to make the jig where I can do the finishing transitions between oval and round:
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