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  1. As above, does anyone know the original selling prices? Specifically for a 76 long bed l20b, califodnia model I found this website but I can't access it from the UK! https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.nadaguides.com/Cars/1975/nissan-datsun/620/pickup/values&ved=2ahUKEwjYpZeVntrsAhWNgVwKHTVUB9IQFjAXegQIHhAC&usg=AOvVaw1pKnOG_S57HuFXjb-Ve2nV&cshid=1603989420373 Cheers
  2. Time Left: 9 days and 18 hours

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    Hi guys, Does anyone have a spare metal brake master cylinder reservoir cap? Not sure if there are different types? It doesn't have a thread as such, just twists on


  3. This is a good write up but just two chuck in my two cents. I didnt bother about the 90 deg or 180 deg light pattern. Nor did I remove any lenses. Just bought the right leds and put them in and all fitted great. I did trim the heater bulbs to fit but they are made of resin so no bother trimming the lens bit
  4. Seems I have the transistorised ignition which I think is stock for the 76 California trucks. Can't find any pics of the coil ballast though so will investigate when I get the whole loom out It's all working well so I am not going to touch it, just maybe move it to a tidier place. Still not sure if the smaller box with the same Hiatchi logo on is part of the same circuit
  5. Time Left: 8 days and 15 hours

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    A set of 620 beauty rings for the headlights wanted 🙂 Thanks


  6. I think the little box connected to my dizzy could be a remote ignitor box maybe. I'll open the dizzy tonight and get a picture. Thanks for info on voltage regulator. Maybe the other small box is the flasher unit? I'm going to investigate further tonight.
  7. Hi guys, so the situation is I have weird wiring issues, damaged wires and wires that go nowhere. I figured I might try a full rewire with a couple of simple fuse/relay setups. I know it isn't really needed but I like a project and it will help me learn and hopefully not be scared of wiring any more. So with that said, I have some basic, stupid and ridiculous questions incoming to help get me started. Go easy on me...... Ignoring my old jap coke can decoration, my first question is about the resistor(?) next to the coil. most pics i have see. have two wires coming off, why does mine have so many? What is this attached to my dizzy? Which one of these is the voltage regulator and what is the other one? Cheers guys
  8. Cheers for the info guys. I'll try that Mike. Not even sure my vac feed will cut it anyway so will try it out. Hopefully itll be on the road in the next few months
  9. Hi guys, Quick question, with an after market pedal box with its own master cylinders, you obviously dont run the stock booster right? So surely the effort is a lot more? I have a 620 with drums all around and currently the booster interferes a but with my r1 carbs. Cheers, Frank
  10. Sorry Mike, this is my truck. I'm still struggling with embedding images! Or do you mean that's what it's from? I'm a bit confused with mine because I think we have discussed before how my 76 truck shouldn't have an l20b in it. And when I turned over the coil bracket, it says 510 on it. It's working now anyway 🙂
  11. 9 years later this helped my diagnose my non starting issue in 10 mins! The only screw which I didnt replace was the hardest to get to and the one that had crumbled away! I have this setup for reference although I think it might be from a 510? https://imgur.com/gallery/7ucWsyv
  12. Not 100% but it is on my to check list. I'll get the fuses changed, and the bulbs and see how it is
  13. Thanks Mike I will be doing all of this. The 8w bulbs are expensive over here but I have a new set. 5w are mich more common. Once I've got it all working nice US spec, I'm going to convert to UK spec. Flashing side repeaters and no flashing rear brake lights etc
  14. Just need a bit of help of where to start with this because I dont know what's normal and not. Here are the symptoms: When I turn the right turn signal on there is a 5 second delay then it starts working but seems slow to me. The hazard lights are also slow and a bit sporadic. The left wing mounted light doesnt work so I guess that might have something to do with it? When the headlights are on, the signal lights are much dimmer. Finally.... how do you put full beam on!?
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