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  1. Just in case anyone visits this page as I have, 3/8" flare is the correct size. I tried metric, bsp, bspt sizes and none were right. 3/8 flare fit like a glove
  2. frank88

    Recommended Killswitch

    I'm about to fit a fuel pump by the tank so am going to hide a little switch somewhere behind the seat or under dash
  3. Very good points. Be sure to post a pic when its done. Mine currently has a tie dye sheet thrown over it!
  4. This is mine. Fairly sure it's an original seat (not to my truck)
  5. Good info for when its underseal time!
  6. So much amazingness in this thread
  7. Pretty sure there are at least 2 established, tried and tested sellers on here already
  8. Cheers wayno. I'll crack on as normal and see what happens but will keep an eye out for another mani. Chances are slim though!
  9. Def a W58 head yea. Interesting info. So okay I'll concede, I dont need to plug the holes! I would love a simple l16/18 non smog manifold but I certainly wont be finding one here in the UK so just going to bolt the plate on and use the one I have. Am I the only one that finds it odd that the intake is held on with two bolts on top and none underneath!?
  10. Ah no I wasnt going to use the tapered ones. Should I? They require a smaller than 11.6mm pilot so I'd be looking at drilling it out to over 12.5mm for the next size up. I was planning on running the tap in so far and trying the plug just until its flush/just past flush. Then use ptfe tape or lsx gel when I put it in. It's only hot water after all so plumbing stuff should be fine right!?
  11. Cheers for all the input guys, really appreciated. So the coolant holes are 11.6mm so I'm going to drill to 11.8mm and tap it to 1/4 BSP and fit a plug. I like the idea of it being done so no leaks. As in fitting the r1 carbs, and mine was a cali model I'm ditching all emissions stuff for better or worse so going to get a catch can for the block and cam cover breathes. Shame the block vent is so huge
  12. Couple more questions, how do I go about plugging the coolant holes in the head and what is the big tube and can i/how do I plug it? Also is there a good trick for getting the studs out of the manifold where it attaches to the downpipe? Thanks
  13. Right, I've gotten a bit further. Is this manifold of any use? One of the studs in that cover plate has sheared which is annoying. If not, what are my options? https://imgur.com/gallery/KQYVyP1 Also, any tips on getting the three nut off to free the bottom of the manifold from the exhaust?
  14. Been catching up recently, really enjoying the videos as usual. The colour scheme works so well. Congrats mate. Looking forward to the future content
  15. This is why I love Ratsun, outrage that no one has responded in 10 hours despite the time difference 😂😂 Thanks for all the help guys. So moving forward, I'm going to remove the fuel pump and sort out a blank. Bit confused about what to leave or delete in terms of coolant hoses but I'll get some better pics and sort that out in this thread later. I'll try and get a spare thermostat but in the meantime I'll leave as is for now. Mike, mine is a cali model but a 74. Was searching through my manual for that bit and the altitude thing was the closest I could get but didn't look right. Either way it's now gone!
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