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  1. frank88

    My 1jz 620

    Someone help the man! There are about 10 photos on imgur, I need to see more!
  2. frank88

    More or less legroom with bench seat?

    Cheers guys. Sounds like the bench seat would be worth a go if I can actually purchase the one I've found. The seats I have now aren't currently mounted so I've been playing around with positions. I don't have a centre consol nor will I be able to source one so in that respect the bench would be ideal. Ill keep people informed when I eventually make a build thread
  3. frank88

    More or less legroom with bench seat?

    Thanks for your input. Yea I know it's a silly question because it depends on the seat, the miata seats have a fairly small back to them but the fact they hit the window limits room unless the seat is bolt upright. Does anyone have a good side shot of a bench seat so I can see the rake on it?
  4. frank88

    More or less legroom with bench seat?

    Quick question, do you think there is more or less legroom with the standard bench seat in a single cab compared to using a fixed seat? It's very difficult to get hold of a bench seat in the UK but I might have tracked one down. I want to know if it's worth buying. I bought some mx5 (miata) seats but even they seem to put me too close to the pedals. I'm 6ft. Cheers
  5. frank88

    From France to USA : help please!

    Its funny how big a difference it makes. Was it just an eBay one you bought?
  6. frank88

    Not a 510, 620

    Great thread, following your progress
  7. frank88

    1979 620 build in Utah

    Cheers mate. I haven't started restoring mine yet, it's been sat in the garage a year but this year it is getting some attention. I'm going to take the manifold off and try to measure the pitch so I can order online. Will post on here when I have the numbers. Following this thread with interest, keep up the good work!
  8. frank88

    1979 620 build in Utah

    Loving this thread, not sure how I haven't seen it before! If i can half emulate your progress ill be a happy man! Do you have the details to hand of the bolts required to fill the holes in the mani? Thanks
  9. frank88

    Grill emblem

    I'd like to do mine mostly white, or maybe a faded red/blue for the stripes
  10. frank88

    Datsun 620 Door Mirror Template

  11. frank88

    R1 Carbs, Smog Clean Up

    I emailed them in September and the price is £190+vat so £228 gbp. plus whatever carriage is. Should work out cheap for you guys at the moment? There was a news article the other day which said somewhere was trading £1 to $1 which is mad for us.
  12. frank88

    Rusted Hope v2? 76' long bed 620

    Thanks. It is clean, just a few bits to sort plus I'm doing an r1 carb swap. My battery tray has also gone but not sure I'll be doing the number plate mod 😉
  13. frank88

    Rusted Hope v2? 76' long bed 620

    This is a great thread and really good read. Your truck is similar to mine so good to get inspiration from! How do you find legroom with the bench? Mine came with some random seats in and I bought miata seats but they are a bit big without modifications.
  14. frank88

    From France to USA : help please!

    Let me know how you find the shocks. Which model did you go for? Looks like your truck is at a nice height at the rear now.
  15. frank88

    R1 Carbs, Smog Clean Up

    Yea they are daisy chained across all 4. Mine should arrive on Wednesday so I'll check mine. I'm not sure what the markings are on the carbs but I know from 98-99 The R1 was the 4XV model and from 99-01 it was the 5JJ model over here but no one seems to know if the carbs themselves are different

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