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  1. frank88


    I use this site and can compare to your current wheels. Then can use a ruler to visually see: https://www.willtheyfit.com
  2. frank88

    R1 Carbs (lots of pics)

    Does anyone know if the yamaha yzf1000 thunderrace carbs are the same as the r1 ones? Link here: http://lnmotorcyclebreakers.co.uk/store-detail.php?cat=4&ID=36
  3. frank88

    Greece 620 restoration

    This is great, very inspirational
  4. frank88

    Datsun 510 2 door sedan "SHAKOTN"

    Congratulations on speedhunters article. Thought I recognised the car! Great read
  5. frank88

    From France to USA : help please!

    UK ones not cheaper?
  6. frank88

    From France to USA : help please!

    Sounds like youve nearly got it sorted. I'd go longer and cut down to size personally. I'm sure you don't need to buy from usa for u bolts though! There will be places in France that sell them. EBay, Amazon, hardware stores
  7. frank88

    From France to USA : help please!

    There are hundreds on eBay. Why not take the blocks out and see how the truck sits. If it's fine then use a ruler and measure the size of u bolt you need. It you need a 1" block then buy of of those ford ones you linked to before or even take one of your blocks to a machine shop and cut it in half!
  8. frank88

    Under car workshop lights

    Ah yea I see. I do have lights like that and they are good I was just wondering if there were alternatives at the flick of a switch. I guess I'm over complicating it!
  9. frank88

    Under car workshop lights

    What's that? Like a normal light on the end of a cable? I am planning on putting a double socket on the roof beam above the engine compartment for a battery charger and could easily be for a light too
  10. I'm currently fitting plug sockets and lighting in my garage and was thinking about under car lights. I was going to lay 2 strips of leds under the car on the floor and have a separate switch for them. Only problem is getting caught on them when on a trolley etc. Has anyone done this or have any other suggestions? I thought it would be so nice when you need to get under the car to be easily able to see what your doing
  11. frank88

    4 Door 510 from Finland

    This is an unbelievable build! Following for sure
  12. frank88

    L20b manifold options

    Thanks Mike. So I could use an l16/18 cast iron manifold if I can find one? I think l16s and l18s came to the UK but l20s didn't. I have an l20 with w58 head but as said I have all the smog.
  13. frank88

    L20b manifold options

    Hi all, In order to fit a carb/carbs I'm going to need to get a new inlet and exhaust manifold as I have the California smog versions. I'd then like to clean up the bay. As I'm very limited in what I can find in the UK, what exhaust manifolds would fit? Obviously the non smog l20 mani but if i cant find one are there others? Are there exhaust flanges available to buy to then make your own? Or a cad file to get one made? Thanks
  14. frank88

    R1 Carbs (lots of pics)

    Thanks for that, not sure how I missed it before!
  15. frank88

    R1 Carbs (lots of pics)

    I've been reading all 55 pages this week and thank you to all who have contributed. Great thread. I'm pretty keen on giving this a go bit my main question is about vac lines. It seems there have been good results with vac advance when all the runners have been tapped but then what to do with the brake booster? Has anyone tapped the runners AND tapped into the number 1 runner for the booster? Anyone run an electric vac pump for booster or just delete it all together? I know there has been talk of this in this thread but limited confirmations or reports back. I'm trying to put a shopping list together for a reliable build.

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