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  1. frank88

    What lowering blocks?

    Thanks for all in info here, gives me something to think about. Not sure how low it needs to go yet until I think about wheels
  2. frank88

    What lowering blocks?

    Where would I get those from? The Oreilly ones come with a shim and are $40 (cheers Ben). They need to be picked up from store though 😴 In short, why is this a bad idea: (Pic stolen from Oukippy) Or are you saying i could just flip my leafs over and get them dearched which in itself drops me an inch or so, plus a 2 or 3 inch block and job done? Sorry, I'm very new to leaf springs, they are quite different to coilovers!
  3. frank88

    From France to USA : help please!

    Looks awesome. And if you decide to get rid of the bench seat let me know!
  4. frank88

    What lowering blocks?

    Will do, need to get it running properly first. Haven't touched it this year, been renovating the house.
  5. frank88

    What lowering blocks?

    Sweet, cheers for your input both. I'll make my own then
  6. frank88

    What lowering blocks?

    My Mum is travelling to the US in a months time and I was going to get her to bring me back some lowering blocks as they are hard to get here. Does anyone have a link to some 3" blocks they've used? Thanks.
  7. frank88

    620 vr38dett swap

    Lots of pics thoughout please!
  8. frank88

    From France to USA : help please!

    Have you recieved it yet!?
  9. frank88

    New user. Hi. That kind of thing.

    That's also the inspiration photo that for me to ship a 620 to the UK!
  10. frank88

    Tach, cluster lid and tailgate questions

    That looks great!
  11. frank88

    Greetings! Intro/build thread

    Look a sweet. What did you use to paint it, just rattle cans?
  12. frank88

    Tach, cluster lid and tailgate questions

    Okay so cluster cover thing is 62cm wide by 14cm high. The letters on the back are about 16cm wide and 9cm high each. And the tacho looks more like 3.5" to.me but I'd wait until you get the truck!
  13. frank88

    Tach, cluster lid and tailgate questions

    When I get home this evening I'll measure all 3 things for you and let you know
  14. frank88

    L20b tune up guide?

    Thanks guys that's great I'll write the list up in the garage and crack on.
  15. frank88

    L20b tune up guide?

    Hi guys, Is there a simple tune up guide somewhere for the l20b engine. Just basic starting and idling, hot and cold starts. I have a haynes manual but it's suggests a big over hall and my truck starts with a squirt of fuel in the intake and does idles when hot so just needs some tweaks. Cheers.

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