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  1. This is why I love Ratsun, outrage that no one has responded in 10 hours despite the time difference 😂😂 Thanks for all the help guys. So moving forward, I'm going to remove the fuel pump and sort out a blank. Bit confused about what to leave or delete in terms of coolant hoses but I'll get some better pics and sort that out in this thread later. I'll try and get a spare thermostat but in the meantime I'll leave as is for now. Mike, mine is a cali model but a 74. Was searching through my manual for that bit and the altitude thing was the closest I could get but didn't look right. Either way it's now gone!
  2. Hi guys, I have a few questions about my l20b, as I prepare to fit my R1 carbs. As I'm in the UK, and it's a classic vehicle I can remove all the emissions stuff so I'm doing that at the same time. I've removed this now but is this the 'Altitude correction compressor'? Presumably this is a fuel pressure regulator? I'm going to run a motorbike pump or a pump and regulator near the tank so I want to remove this. Why is it attached to the block? Can I just blank it off? Also I know I'm going to sort that copper pipe! I'm going to remove the carb, Inlet and exhaust manifold, is the thermostat attached to that setup and hence why you have to drain the coolant first? Can I block the pipes that come from the thermostat apart from the one to the rad obviously? Sorry, this is the most amature question! Finally, van I remove the smog pump with the rad still in place? Thanks, Frank
  3. frank88

    The 620-z

    Following this for sure. Is this up to date now? Can't remember if this is the truck I've seen on facebook. You based in the UK?
  4. Change my master to which type? Surely the vacuum canister would only be used for vacuum advance and not for the booster as well so wouldn't solve the problem? Cheers
  5. Thanks for this. Electric vac pump is mentioned a couple of pages back for the brake booster so you can run vac lines from inlet runners just for the advance
  6. I'm getting close to having everything I need now to start putting it all together but have some dumb questions for you all: On the carbs, do I just need to run a fuel inlet and that's it? I hear the breather tubes can be left alone but can I block them or put a small filter on them etc? Looking to tidy it up. Is there a fuel outlet and does that need attention? I'm going to run an electric vac line to the brake booster and so I'm right to get vac ports on every inlet port for the advance yea? Finally, have you guys mounted your fuel pumps near the tank or in the bay as I've heard bike pumps prefer to push rather than suck if that makes sense. Thanks
  7. Such a quality build, really enjoying it
  8. He did sell on Ebay but it wont let me search from the UK. I had this problem before. His user I.d is piyamasshop99. There is a version 1 to 4 all specifically for the 620 and also a front lip. They look great
  9. Yea was going to say, search on Ebay. There is a seller in Thailand and he does about four versions of flares. They look great
  10. So so happy I've picked up an original bench seat. It just fits perfectly

  11. I went to pick up a bench seat last night and ended up getting some euro light lenses and having a conversation about the conversion. He said to run new wires from the indicator switch under the dash to the indicators at the back. And then unplug the flashing module from the tail lamps. I did see a post saying your truck was on the road so maybe you sorted it?
  12. Do you have a Haynes manual? Mine has wiring diagrams in of UK models and also usa models so you could find the colours and try to adapt. That's what I'm going to do. I'm assuming you need indicator, stop lamp, tail lamp and reverse instead of stop and turn, tail stop and turn, tail and reverse. Edit, what year is your truck? I could scan it in if you want
  13. I'm sorry I cant help your search but am very interested in your led research. Any chance you could post up here the specs of the leds you have used? Sounds like a great, reliable cheap mod
  14. frank88

    Gas tank questions

    I've just removed the gas tank in my truck to clean it and replace some crusty lines and I have some questions regarding which pipes do what. Is this right? I'm fitting R1 carbs which don't have a fuel return, so do i simply block off number 3 in my diagram? Can i remove the evaporation canister thing and just run a line from the stock point at the top of the filler hose to number 1 on my picture? Also, this cap is vented right? Thanks, Frank
  15. frank88

    Tacho help

    It says for 4, 6 or 8 cylinder and it's currently set and been used on 4 already apparently. Thanks though
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