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Another Datsun website


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And a nice feature,is the OP of an ad,can lock thread once item is sold




Seems like the same 5-6 people selling in the last 3 months and 4-5 buying. Regulars can lock their own posts but one time sellers/buyers? I think ours automatically time out and close in case they can't be bothered, which is mostly the case..

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i haven't seen too much activity since i found it.  it does have some cool stuff on it.   http://nwdatsuns.com

this is what happened when someone got pissed of at ratsun rules 

it was very active at first then petered out 

it does have some great tit pics over there though 

and someones  ex girlfriend pics I cant seem to find now  :devil:  :devil:  :devil:  :devil:

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It seems to me that once one of the ads here scrolls off of the Home page, that they might as well be closed.


Seven pages total for everything.


Six pages just in Datsun parts.


If you break Datsun Parts down into one of it's 8 sections only Engine and Body/Interior are more than on page.

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DM is jelly because he is not the self proclaimed King and tyrannical ruler of the website..... :rofl:

I think DM would be happy to not babysit threads to keep dickhead remarks and asshole posts in line 

GO MIKE  :devil:  :devil:  :devil:  :devil:  :devil:

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