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  1. Hey Joe, is this still available? I'm interested. Please send a message. Thanks!
  2. DUDE. Exactly. Me and a few of my local buddies have done things that are supposedly "impossible" to the internet experts. I've come to realize that the majority of people on the Ratsun FB group acting like experts have zero to little hands-on experience. It's mind blowing.
  3. Nah, I didn't mean to come off as getting worked up. I curse a lot. I have the mouth of a sailor and the intelligence of an 11th grader.
  4. The A10 xmemer WILL bolt into a 1979-1981 210 / B310. It will NOT bolt into a B210 or a 1200. The B210 is very unique. I call them the "medium" width xmembers. The 1200 is "narrow". Everything else is wide. ... 510, 610, 710, 810, 910, maxima, A10, S11 200SX and are interchangeable to some degree.
  5. FALSE. A10 / Stanza DOES NOT fit into a B210!!!!! -- It does, however, bolt into a B310 / 210. This is NOT even related to the B210 other than the fact it has an A-series engine. Cmon folks. Stop spreading false information. So tired of people on the internet pretending they know shit.
  6. It's kinda ironic you posted this because when I was doing an L swap on my B I'm pretty sure either you or ggzilla both said it should bolt in.
  7. I do not recommend this swap what so ever if you don't know how to weld or have swap experience. As easy as it may appear, this is a relatively difficult swap that doesn't produce much of a result other that the cool factor. Huge cool factor, but still slow. How is this thread even posted? Are you aware there's a post literally titled "Definitive B210 Swap" .......... Here, take a bite. I'll feed you:
  8. Never realized it, but we work right next to each other. Saw your car the other day on a test drive. I'm at the Toyota dealer on the corner.
  9. Updates please!!!
  10. I do, however, still have my 320. I have sold off everything Datsun related other than my 320 stuff. check out that thread here:
  11. Definitely could have. But, behind the scenes of Ratsun, I have spent way too much time and money into (after all..) a 4dr B210. I was starting to feel a bit guilty. I've got a young kiddo. She needs a college fund more than dad needs a B210 race car.
  12. I've ran several L engines without them. Even a mild LZ23. No issues at all with not running.
  13. They really don't though. The vehicles that came with front drums won't need more than that unless they are being used competitively.
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