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  1. Christ almighty. It fucking sold. I would have sold you mine for "a little" more.
  2. That seller wants $3K for that car.... You're F'n nuts if you even pay half of that. $600 car.
  3. I can't seem to figure out why I don't get notifications for new replys to threads I follow...?

    1. Crashtd420


      Try checking your spam mail folder.... half of my notifications have been going there....

  4. Please, tell me more. I'm either excited if you can do this right, or excited to laugh at some jerry-rigged bullshit. Pics now!
  5. Edit: That is one fucking ugly engine in the pic.
  6. Seems you have confusion ......... Engine in pic is not an L28, but instead a Z24. People are retarded and call these "Z Engines" because they have "Nissan Z" on the valve cover. Reality, the engine is NAPS-Z, which stands for Nissan Anti-Pollution System "Z" (because there was infact Nissan Anti Pollution System "X"). I think Nissan boasted the "Z" nomenclature on the valve cover to piggy back on the legendary Z-cars. Any way, to answer your question -- The NAPS-Z (Z24) in the photo is relatively identical to the L20b in overall size. It has the same engine mounts and will "bolt in" into any vehicle that has an L20b given you have the correct oil pan layout. The L16, L18, L20b, KA24E, KA24DE, Z20, Z20E, Z22S, Z22, Z24 and Z24i engines are all in the same family and can be interchangeable. They all share the same bellhousing, but early engines (L series) sit at a 12 deg angle compared to the later Z and KA engines. This can be corrected by the bellhousing swap or transmission choice. My best advice.... read more and educate your self. All of this info is HEAVILY documented. Stay away from Facebook idiots and read here and datsun1200.com
  7. Ill be there.
  8. I personally know the guy with an F10 in Orting, WA. I'll tell him to contact you.
  9. Crewdog, have you "snipped" the two blue wires at the MSD box? On the newer 6A and 6AL boxes, there are two blue looped wires. Leave them in loop for 8 cylinders. cut 1 loop for 6 cyl and then cut both loops for 4 cylinder engines. Edit: After re-reading your post, It got me thinking... did you wire it up correctly? Use the vehicle's "black with white stripe" wire as your Key-On power to the box. This B/W (key-on power) wire will tie into the SMALL red wire -- this is also the power supply to the distributor. The LARGE black and red wires go DIRECTLY to the battery, this is imperative. The orange wire is your POS to ign coil. small black wire is NEG to ign coil. white wire goes to NEG side of DIST. Think of the white wire as the trigger wire. On topic of not "needing" an MSD..? Who cares. It's your car. I love the product. I have one on my built LZ23 in my B210. Goes slicker than snot.
  10. I have a flywheel from a B210 A14 but I do not have the bolts. ... Figure out if they're the same. If so I will sell it. I'm located in Tacoma, WA about 35 mins south of Seattle. I can ship worldwide.
  11. 100% Fact. Ratsun has several posts about how an L series will bolt right into a B210. This is complete bullshit. There are several modifications you have to do to even make the L series marginally fit... If I could do it again, I wouldn't have chose an L series. Would have went straight to SR20. I have recently picked up a S14 NA SR20 to swap this winter into my B.
  12. Just my two cents ..... I've got a built LZ23 with dual 45 webers, making approximately 125 whp. Believe me when I say that 125whp is borderline too much power for a B210 street car. It makes PLENTY of power to be wreckless and dangerous.
  13. CAREFUL! I was ripped off $650 USD from a cunt in Malaysia for some B210 bumpers!!! Edit: To answer your question, NO. There are no physical dimensional differences in B210 and 120Y bumpers, including sedan and coupe. Coupe and sedan front bumpers are the same, but the rear is different. The coupe rear bumper has reflectors in the lower corners whereas the sedan does not. I have 120Y coupe bumpers on my 4dr sedan. Edit: That smaller bumper in your pic is probably for a 1200.
  14. LZ23 is coming out. Non-turbo SR20DE with VVT is going in.
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