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  1. mhub91

    Just another(LOOK AT ME!!!) 69 DIME build thread.

    That's an odd way to resurface a flywheel. Personally, I don't like it. Video of a better method that produces a non-directional finish. ...but who am I to say anything.
  2. mhub91

    Just another(LOOK AT ME!!!) 69 DIME build thread.

    All those issues and im sure this thing still cost a fortune...
  3. mhub91

    521 front end conversion

    Not that I agree or disagree, but how come?
  4. RIP Dave... You were a fucking goon.

  5. mhub91

    RIP Dave aka Pumpkin210

    Dave was the first person I ever met that was into Datsuns. What a shame. Dude went above and beyond to help people.
  6. Time Left: 4 days and 1 hour

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Final Price drop to $1200... Please make reasonable offers. Unfortunately this thing has to go to pay bills.Extraordinarily rare Cony 360 Wide. One of only a few survivors left in the world. Very similar to a Subaru Sambar, this vintage kei truck is equipped with a 354cc, 4 stroke, 2 cylinder air cooled engine producing 18hp. It has a 4 speed manual. Cony originally built military equipment for Japan but after World War II they were purchased by Nissan and developed the A series engine and the Datsun 1200, among others. This Cony is believed to be a local car since new. It was a grounds service vehicle for the city of Seattle in it's former life. Please understand this Cony is complete, however it does not run and DOES NOT have a title. The engine has compression and spins over. It will probably fire off it was asked nicely. I would like $1200 obo. I can deliver, too.


  7. mhub91

    carburetor options for the J13

    Good idea, thank you.
  8. mhub91

    carburetor options for the J13

    Just picked up a 32/36 for my '65 320. Any recommendations on jetting, air corrector and emulsion tubes? Little 1200cc but I highly doubt a 32/36 is too much carb if setup correctly.
  9. Whats with Datzenmike's display picture? Been here for years and I've never questioned it until now haha

    1. datzenmike


      It's been about 12 years? Don't remember if NWDE had avatars. Hmmm I just liked it for those incredible brown eyes, Mona Lisa smile and the almost elf like ear showing and 'tried it on' and then couldn't be bothered changing it to something else, then she became like an old comfortable pair of shoes. I get older but she stays the same. Speaking of age, my profile shows I'm just over 20, so more to the point... what with that???



    2. mhub91


      Haha. You're an odd duck, but I like and admire you. 

  10. mhub91

    1967(?) Cony 360 Wide Kei/Micro Truck ... Nissan?

    Surprisingly, I fit well. No progress with it running. Have to sort out a faulty starter issue first.
  11. Hey man I just picked up a cony, too. Glad I'm not the only one on here. I have the truck version.
  12. Picked up this older Cony 360 Wide. It's thought to be a '67. Odd ball little thing... opposed (flat) 2 cylinder, dry sump, air cooled, 354cc with a whopping 18bhp. Cony engineered and produced military vehicles including aircraft for Japan, but after the war they began making Kei cars and engineering small engines. Nissan purchased Cony in late 1960s. Cony designed and built the A series engines (copy-cat of BMC engines) for Nissan used in the 1200 / Sunny cars. This little Cony was used as a grounds vehicle for city of Seattle in it's former life. What am I going to do? No idea. First plan is to get it to turn over. Good news, it has compression and spins freely.
  13. Yeah, thats what it seems.
  14. You're really hung up on me drilling a 1/2" hole in a used cap arent you? This is a trick all racers use. I'm sure you know this. Drill a hole and view with a timing light. Helpful trick I learned when I was working at Blood Enterprises - a hotrod fabrication and tuning shop in Auburn, WA. When I take my B210 / LZ23 project to Blood Enterprises for tuning, they'll most likely remove distributor and spin it up on the old Sun Distributor machine and correct the timing curve. And without doubt he'll check rotor phase anyway. I just have to make it run good enough to idle.

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