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  1. I do, however, still have my 320. I have sold off everything Datsun related other than my 320 stuff. check out that thread here:
  2. Definitely could have. But, behind the scenes of Ratsun, I have spent way too much time and money into (after all..) a 4dr B210. I was starting to feel a bit guilty. I've got a young kiddo. She needs a college fund more than dad needs a B210 race car.
  3. I've ran several L engines without them. Even a mild LZ23. No issues at all with not running.
  4. mhub91

    3.0L V6 L320

    Any update????
  5. mhub91

    ka24de info

  6. They really don't though. The vehicles that came with front drums won't need more than that unless they are being used competitively.
  7. Throttle cable / accelerator pedal or carb linkage is sticking. K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid. (not insulting you). Carefully look over the entire throttle system. You'll find it. PS. Do you have a throttle return spring on the carb?
  8. What exactly do you need explained? As Datzenmike said, all Datuns cars 68+ in USA had front disc brakes... What's confusing? What do you need to know? All brake parts for B210 are readily available. I know the ins and outs of the B210 very well... I spent 2 years building and modifying mine to a very fun street machine.
  9. I'm running an MSD 6A box with blaster 2 coil. I'm happy with results.
  10. Check out Pertronix. You can also buy a refurbish matchbox setup form a local parts store or rockauto, but you will sill need the EI distributor's pedestal.
  11. NO. It will not fit. The B110 (1200) and B210 along with the sunny truck is unique. They have a smaller splined shaft in the column. They're only interchangeable between each other. All other Z, ZX, trucks (except 320?) And cars are interchangeable 68-83(?)
  12. Is there any chance you could post some pictures of the G engine? I've only read about them but can't even find info online. Thanks.
  13. Not one white person in sight.
  14. Due to the cock sucking nature of WA State governor, Jay Inslee, I have been laid off of work since March 14... Car has been totally parted out and sold off. Got about a 75% return on money invested and the shell went to a hood home.
  15. Come to my house, I'll do it I'm in the north end of tacoma.
  16. My B210 was a prime example of this. Way back when I had a 32/36 but wanted dual 45s. Jesus what a mistake.
  17. It's just my opinion, man. Don't let me keep you from doing what you want.
  18. Here's the deal.... hard core, old timer datsun guys and Japanese racers always prefer Mikunis. The truth is there is more people running webers and a lot more support for them. It's all preference, IMO. 45 dcoe on an L16? I'll tell you this -- a Weber 32/36 smokes grey/black under wide open throttle on an L16 right out of the box (too rich). Don't expect great results from a 45 on an L16. You'll most likely (guaranteed) need smaller chokes and different jets.
  19. Yes, Mark. I believe the last time we spoke in person was at canby years ago about my A10 with KA24DE swap. You have got to give these a try. It's (fucking) crazy how well things are coming together. It's like Toyota built this seat to swap into a 510. (just kidding..😄)
  20. I'd really like to try out a lynx manifold with a single 40 dcoe.
  21. 100% accurate. Also, they sneeze and pop at low engine speed if under load. While they look cool, sound cool and will woo folks at car shows/meets, dual DCOE is just so impractical. Seriously, use a damn 32/36 and fall in love with how easy it is to drive.
  22. Large cam = lower vacuum signal, which = poor low engine speed performance/idle quality... Sounds crazy, but it's true. The dynamic(?) compression ratio is diminished when you have more overlap from a big cam. In a race car scenario, guys who run big cams also run higher static compression ratio to compensate. My point is that unless you're high rpm and WOT a larger cam will not improve normal daily driving.
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